I Pledge of allegiance sign

DIY Patriotic Sign “I Pledge of Allegiance”. The 4th of July is right around the corner. We add a few patriotic decorations to our house. I bust out my President’s Day Pillow and my “God Bless America” Button frame.

Throughout your school years, how many times did you recite “the pledge”? It’s safe to say that you uttered it thousands of times, undoubtedly becoming a familiar ritual.

Curiosity arises as to whether the recitation of “the pledge” still takes place in public schools. While it remains uncertain whether it is still practiced, what is certain is that I have chosen to display it on my walls. This serves as a constant reminder of the incredible nation in which I reside and the flag that symbolizes its values and ideals.

By having “the pledge” prominently showcased, I am able to reflect upon the greatness of my country and the sense of unity it represents. It serves as a visual testament to the remarkable nation I call home and evokes a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the privileges and freedoms that come with being a part of it.


subway art patriotic sign


  • 1” x 12” x 6’ board cut to 34” (Lowes cut it down for me)
  • Valspar sample paint in La Fonda Geranium Red and Indigo Cloth
  • White spray primer
  • Silhouette machine
  • Vinyl
  • Transfer Tape
  • Stick pin
  • 3M sanding sponge
  • Paintbrush
  • Pouncing sponge or foam brush
  • Saw tooth hanger & hammer
  • Optional: fabric tape or washi tape

How To Make A DIY Patriotic Sign

Step 1 – The Board

The board was a 1″ x 12″ by 6′ from Lowes and cut down to 34″. I also got sample pots of Valspar paint, specifically the colors Indigo Cloth and La Fonda Geranium Red.

valspar sample paint

Step 2 – The Paint

Paint the board (I used the blue paint – Indigo Cloth) and allow to dry. Then, use a 3M sanding sponge and 100 grit sandpaper to obtain the distress look.

i pledge of allegiance sign

patriotic sign

Step 3 – “I Pledge of Allegiance”

Using various fonts in the Silhouette Studio program, the subway art “pledge of allegiance” was designed. Cut out the design onto vinyl to serve as a stencil.

To facilitate this process, remove the vinyl letters to enable painting in the areas where the letters were taken off. Transfer the vinyl stencil to the board.

Step 4 – Colors

To achieve the desired effect of red and white fonts, cover the sections intended for red with leftover transfer tape. Paint the white letters using spray primer.


i pledge of allegiance

Following that, remove the transfer tape and use a sponge dauber to dab on the red paint (La Fonda Geranium Red).

Remember to do this with wet paint.

pledge of allegiance

painting patriotic sign

Step 5 – Vinyls

While the paint is still wet, it’s time to carefully peel off the vinyl to unveil the words. Pay extra attention to smaller vinyl pieces nestled within the letter centers, like “o” and “d.” For their removal, a stick pin proves handy and precise.

Step 6 – Final Touches (covering mistakes)

In order to rectify the vinyl size miscalculation, which led to additional space at the top and bottom of the board, I had to come up with a clever solution.

Adding red and white striped fabric tape artfully, serving as a charming embellishment and offering visual flair.

patriotic art

Step 7 – Hang it

Fix a saw-tooth hanger to the back of the board using a hammer.

pledge of allegiance subway art

pledge of allegiance subway art

Click over to see another similar sign I made using the same technique.


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  1. Love it. Great use of color and I love the tape.

    You wouldn’t happen to share Silhouette files do you? I love it if you do.
    You have inspired me.

  2. I love it! With the sanding that you did it made it appear as if there is fireworks in the background (probably from the knots). One is behind United States and the other behind invisibile.

  3. I absolutely love this! It makes me really want to get a Silhouette machine even more!! Maybe you should make them and sell them (hint, hint 😉 )

  4. This is just gorgeous- it looks like something to buy at a store! You should sell them:)

  5. Just beautiful. I like the addition of the ribbon — always like happy “accidents.” You should consider selling the vinyl for this one for those of us who haven’t bought a Silhouette yet!
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ha! I am getting that message from a lot of these comments. 😉 I do highly recommend the Silhouette though. I use it all the time and LOVE it!

  7. i want you t make this for me and i will buy from you. i abolutely love it!

  8. Thanks! I am actually pretty happy about my little “oops” now too. You can check out the signs from Chippy Paint Designs following the link in the post. They sell them.

  9. Oh I just love this subway art sign. I have a Cameo and would so love to have the file if possible. Thanks so much for this wonderful tutorial as well. Thanks Melissa

  10. LOVE this idea! I have been thinking about making some sort of meaningful patriotic decor with subway art and this is just the thing. My husband wants to hang the Declaration which I think is great, but that’s a bit too wordy for subway art!

  11. This is abosolutely beautiful! I love it! Thank you for
    sharing the tutorial!

  12. I love this project! I’m moving to a new classroom in August and plan to decorate it with as many unique decorations as possible. I would love to copy this but I don’t have a Silhouette. Sounds like a perfect excuse to buy one to me!

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