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I have been searching high and low for outdoor pillows that I love.  This isn’t an easy task when you are picky and have a certain color scheme in mind.  I finally found some fabric I adored online and was able to go see it in person at Calico Corners. At $27.99 a yard I bought just enough for three pillow fronts only. I know I am a cheapskate!


The fabric is from P. Kaufmann it is the indoor/outdoor fabric called Silsila in Poolside.


Then I ran to Joann Fabrics and picked up a half of a yard of Solarium Outdoor Canvas in Fiera Spa for $6 to back the pillows.

I also got 2/3 of a yard a lime décor fabric (receipt says “PK L Mirror Image Green Tea) to coordinate and made six pillows for my outdoor furniture.  The pillows are the perfect pop for this outdoor space.



I also added a gray indoor/outdoor rug from Home Depot that The East Coast Creative girls posted about. My next step is to stencil the rug to complete my space.




My outdoor living space is shaping up quite nicely.  I feel like it is such a pretty oasis.  Now if only the heat wouldn’t be so unbearable here we could enjoy it a bit more.

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  1. Everything you have done is beautiful! I could just imagine sipping iced tea while listening to the crickets at dusk. Enjoy!

  2. Really pretty pillows! Your space looks fab. 🙂 I have to agree about the heat–we haven’t been outside except for playing at the pool down the street. Too hot! Such a shame when you want to enjoy your space!

  3. They look fantastic! I like how you were able to save some money by only using the pricey fabric on the front. That whole space is beautiful. Megan

  4. They are fab Beckie! I’m never brave enough to pick out such bold patterns but I really love how they look against a more neutral background. I really must conquer my color phobia! You’re space is really turning out beautiful!

  5. Hi Beckie,

    Have you ever considered shade cloth to shade your outside area? I just bought some from Amazon (Colaroo 6′ x 15′, wheat colored) that I used for indoor shade coverings for my skylights, and it made such a difference! It filters out the sun and lets the light in (if that makes any sense, lol!).

    Thought maybe you’d want to check it out. It was about $37.00 or so – w/free shipping – if I remember correctly.


  6. My awning actually does that but the cover got jacked in a bad rain storm and I need to replace it. I keep meaning to call the company and i forget, thanks for the reminder.

  7. That is always my problem. I can never find fabric I like unless I make them myself. Or if I do find something it is after I make the pillows.

  8. Perfect pillows to go with that picture perfect seating area! Cheer up, Autumn will be here soon and we can sit outside then!

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