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While enjoying your outdoor space, the last thing you want is an alligator joining you for an afternoon outside. Alligators have found their way into various people’s backyards with ease, so knowing how to keep them out of your yard is crucial. Installing fencing is the best option to keep alligators at bay and give you peace of mind. There are certain types of fencing that alligators can maneuver, so many people wonder if alligators can climb wooden fences. 

While alligators have actually been observed climbing chain link fences up to 4 feet, they cannot climb wooden privacy fences if they are tall enough. The main reason that alligators can climb certain fences is that they have something they can grab onto, like a chain link. Wooden fences typically do not provide alligators with easy access because there is nothing for them to grasp onto to pull themselves over the fence. Having a taller wooden fence will keep alligators away for good.

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In this article, we will dive into what types of fences are best to keep alligators out and steps to take to keep your property safe. 

Can Alligators Climb Wooden Fences

Alligators are an unwelcome site in your backyard, and one of the main steps people take is to install fences in their yard to keep alligators and other wild animals out. 

Wooden fences keep alligators out if they are installed correctly. The main aspect to pay attention to when installing a wooden fence is to ensure that you have dug far enough down. If you don’t bury your posts deep enough, alligators can dig under your fence with ease.

Alligators have no problem climbing fences that are under five feet and have easy places for them to hold onto. Typically wooden fences are over five feet tall and don’t have enough places for them to latch onto. 

How High Can Alligators Climb

Alligators can typically climb fences around five to six feet tall. Along with the height of the fence, it also will matter what your fence is made out of. A short chain link fence is easily scaled by an alligator looking for food. 

What Type Of Fence Keeps Alligators Out

When it comes to fencing to keep your backyard and surrounding areas safe, there are a variety of options you have. When you think about fencing, you need to think about how an alligator would traverse it.

They will need something to grab onto in order to scale any type of fencing design. For example, if your fencing is chain link, alligators can easily grab hold of the metal and climb right over. 

Chain link fencing is not a great option to keep alligators out of your property. If you have a chain-link fence, you have the option of creating a fence that has an overhang to keep alligators out. 

The alligator may be able to get up part of the chain link, but once it reaches the overhang will encounter a problem. Adding an overhang will allow you to use your chain link fence and simply add an extra part to it. 

Electric Fence

One of the most effective ways to keep alligators out of your property is by utilizing an electric fence. Electric fences have voltage running through them and will keep alligators and other wild animals away from your property. They are also a great solution to save time and money because they are easy to install. 

Electric fences are typically more effective and easier to install than wood fences. The main downside of electric fences is that if you have one installed in your backyard, you have to make sure your pets and kids don’t get near it. 

When installing an electric fence to keep alligators out, you should install a single strand electric fence within a few inches of the ground. By installing it so low, it will prevent alligators from digging under your fence or initially begin their climb. 

Wood Fencing

Wood fences are another great option to install around your property, but they absolutely must be installed correctly. With the proper installation and style of a wood fence, it will keep wild animals off of your property. 

While Wood fencing takes more effort and money to install, they create a safe perimeter around your property compared to an electric fence with kids and pets. The reason wood fences are not climbed by alligators is that they are usually a smooth surface that provides no traction for the gators.

It also can add value to your property

How to Keep Alligators Off of Your Property 

More times than not alligators will try to get onto your property for a variety of reasons.

One major reason an alligator may try to wander onto your property is in search of some type of food source. If food is scarce in their natural habitat or they get a strong smell of food in your garbage, they become curious and head your way. You can combat this by making sure to dispose of any garbage properly and get rid of any food smells that may linger. 

Another reason alligators will come onto your property is to try and get to your swimming pool. Even a pool cover is likely to not keep alligators away from your enticing swimming pool so installing a fence is your best option. 

When it is mating season, alligators will become more adventurous and aggressive, increasing the chances of them wandering out of their natural habitat. They are usually on a mission to find a mate and will do whatever it takes to find one…even it means scaling a chain-link fence. Ensuring that you protect your property the mating season comes around. 

The shelter is one of the last reasons alligators may venture onto your land. If you have areas of your yard that have tall grasses or cover, an alligator may find a perfect space to hide without you even knowing they are there. 


Alligators are incredible creatures but are not ones you want to have to greet you in your backyard. They are incredibly powerful creatures that are strong and can cause serious damage, so knowing how to protect your outdoor space is imperative. 

When it comes down to it, many people wonder if alligators can climb fences and if so if they can climb wooden fences. Alligators can only climb fences that give them a place to grab on and give them traction to pull themselves over.

A 6-foot wooden fence with a smooth surface ensures no alligators will be able to climb over your fence. If you do have a wooden fence, always make sure that your posts are buried deep enough so they cannot crawl under. 

There are a variety of fences that you can have around your outdoor space that will keep alligators away. One fence we don’t recommend for keeping gators away is a chain-link fence with no overhang. You can combat this issue by installing an electric fence near the bottom of your fence or attaching an overhang. Vinyl fences with a smooth surface are also a great idea to keep alligators away. 

No matter where you live if alligators are nearby, you should always take steps to keep you and your family safe. One major step you can take is to install a fence that alligators cannot easily get over or under. 

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