Dropcloth Curtains

The curtains are hung.  I ended up using painter’s drop cloths for the curtains.  I love the natural organic look of them and they have little flecks of darker brown in them.  They turned out just the way I envisioned and created the look I wanted for the room.
I started out by purchasing a 9′ x 12′ heavy duty drop cloth that I found at Menards for $12. I was able to use one drop cloth to do two windows (4 panels).   Each panel is about 90″ x 33″.  If I would have purchased material for this project I would have needed a total of 15 yards.  Even at a super deal of $5 a yard for home dec fabric that would have cost me $75 at least.  The 6 panels and 3 windows cost me $18.

I got the rods on sale at Joann Fabrics for $12 each.  They are a black “wrought iron”.  I really love the shape of the finials.

So all in all it was about $54 with leftover fabric for another project. That is a pretty sweet deal for window treatments. I have seen a few bloggers use those cafe clips and just clip them on. Although it would have been easier it would have added at least $30 to this project. So I had to sew them the old fashioned way in order to stay within my budget.

However, they turned out perfect and were the right size and the right price.

And if you ask me they don’t look that much different from Ballard Designs Cotton Twill Curtains in Khaki…

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