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Whether you are having twins, a second baby close in age to a previous one, or a combined baby shower with a bestie, a “Pea In A Pod” baby shower idea is a super adorable way to welcome the new additions to the family.

Having an all-green theme is also particularly useful if you are having a boy and a girl or want to keep the party gender-neutral. 

One of the best parts of a Pea in a Pod baby shower theme is seeing a bunch of adorable green faces nestled together in pods. Keep your color scheme various shades of green with touches of white. Use phrases like “sweet pea” and “two to love” to add to the joy of having two to celebrate. 

Baby showers are among the most joyous of occasions. Filled with the hopes and dreams of generations and brimming with the cutest of clothing and accessories, the “oo’s” and “aahs” from the guests barely begin to articulate the happy emotions that are felt by all present.

If there is more than one baby to celebrate at your baby shower, you might consider using the theme “Pea in a Pod.” 

Pea In A Pod Baby Shower Ideas: Decorations

The decorations are the first part of any party to be designed. They are the framework of how the event will look and feel.

For a stunning Pea in a Pod baby shower, go with various shades of green and add white to the mix for a splash of brightness. 

If you are having girls, you may like to add hot or baby pink splashes to the color scheme, but this is entirely your choice. 


Since peas are round, the decorations you select will need to mimic the shape of the peas and the pod itself.

Green lanterns

We love using round paper lanterns since they are cost-effective and easy to purchase in bulk. You can buy packs of green lanterns in various sizes to add a festive pea-infused look to your décor.

To use your paper lanterns, hang some from the ceiling at different heights. You can also create peas in pods by tying two together in green crepe paper, net, or other thin fabric.

Add cute faces to the peas in the pods. We love having a sleepy one here and there for extra cute points. 

Paper Green Lanterns
Paper Green Lanterns

Green balloons

If the budget allows, consider having a green balloon arch. How about a few bags of green balloons if you are on a tight budget?

Blow them up and strew them on the floor. Like the paper lanterns, you can create peas in pods by tying some together and adding cute faces. These make lovely table decorations, and decorating the fronts could even be a party game.

Green Balloons
Green Balloons

Green Table Décor

If you don’t have green tablecloths, consider using white ones and draping green crepe paper, tissue paper, or plastic tablecloths as overlays.

You can hitch your tablecloths up at the corners with green tear ribbon and curl it like you would on a gift. Pea plants have curly stems, so adding curls to ribbons fits the theme perfectly.

PEA IN A POD baby shower
PEA IN A POD baby shower

You cannot go wrong with making green paper circles for hanging displays. Attach them to cotton, fishing line, or twine and let them hang in a strategic spot.

Be sure to measure the room’s height from ceiling to floor before making the strands so that you make them long enough. Still, attaching ten circles to each strand, with about two inches between each circle, should ensure you have long-enough strands. 

Your paper cups and plates should match the theme. Luckily, green and white spotted paper goods are typically easy enough to find in stores and will match the theme perfectly.

If you cannot find such perfectly matching pieces, try plain green or plain white, and add a splash of color with green or white napkins. (The opposite color of the plates and cups.)


Print out peas in pods and create icons to glue onto paper cups and straws and to place on the tables. You can also add them to your party favors and thank you notes.

Consider using one or two main images to pull the theme together and keep it looking sleek throughout. 

Lastly, consider adding fun plays on words as signs around the baby shower. Fun signs will give guests something to read and chat about in quiet moments. Fun signs could include some of the following:

  • Sweet peas
  • You want a “peas” of me?
  • Two cute
  • Don’t worry, “pea” happy
  • One hap” pea” family
  • Double the blessings
  • Double the fun
  • Twice blessed
  • Two peas in a pod

Pea In A Pod Baby Shower Ideas: Refreshments

It can be so much fun planning a baby shower’s décor, but did you know that the theme can also be continued throughout the refreshments?

That’s right, we have ideas for you to continue your “Pea in a Pod” baby shower theme into the refreshments.

Let’s jump to the big one, the cake. Your cake should be the centerpiece of the party. Whether you choose to have one large cake or a display of cupcakes, be sure to make it into the theme of the party. 


It may not be too appetizing for the guests or you to eat a green cake. We suggest choosing a white cake with “pea in a pod” decorations.

Be sure to add lots of curly swirls, twirls, and cute elements, including the babies’ names, if you are disclosing them before birth. 

If you have used a particular image throughout the venue’s décor, you may consider adding it to the cake to complete the aesthetic. 

The baby shower refreshments can also include some or all of the following “pea in the pod” ideas:

  • Green jellybeans
  • Green smarties
  • Green cake pops
  • Green and white cupcakes with “peas in a pod” toppers
  • Green sherbet
  • Pea salad
  • Round sugar cookies with green frosting
  • Fresh peas in pods and a dip
  • Green olives on toothpicks
  • Crackers and cheese board. Add green pesto to help the cheeses fit the theme.  
PEA IN A POD drink
PEA IN A POD drink

For drinks, serve crème soda to match the green color scheme, but this is one area we feel you can slack a tad, especially since your cups will be perfectly fitting. 

Pea In A Pod Baby Shower Ideas: Games

Baby showers are notorious for bringing family and friends together in awkward games and activities.

Make your “Peas in a Pod” baby shower stand out with entertaining games, fit the theme and get your guests laughing.

Here are our top picks to match this theme:

  • Print out branded “pea in a pod” pages for each guest to write advice for the new parents. You can DOWNLOAD some them here.
  • Pair the socks: place a massive pile of baby socks in the center of the room. Guests are timed and whoever makes the most pairs in thirty seconds wins a prize. 
Pea In A Pod Baby Shower Worksheet
Pea In A Pod Baby Shower Worksheet
  • Twin diaper team: guests are put into partners. Each gets two dolls, two cloth diapers, and four safety pins. They have three minutes to diaper both dolls but are only allowed to use one hand each. It gets hilarious. 
  • Decorate the peas in the pods… blindfolded: Do you remember the balloon “peas in the pods” we mentioned earlier as table decorations? They can come in handy as games, too. Blindfold those who which to play and hand them a marker. They draw cute baby faces onto the peas and, when time is up, remove the blindfold to reveal their masterpieces. 

Be sure to have fun prizes for your guests, no matter how well or terribly they perform in the games. The idea is for everyone to have fun and celebrate with you.

Pea In A Pod Baby Shower Ideas: Party Favors

Party favors are a lovely way to show your guests that you appreciate them spending the day with you. 

Any party favor can become a “Pea in a Pod” favor if you add the same branding as the rest of the baby shower.

Consider using the exact images you used in your décor to create a label and thank you note. Add baked goods, a brooch, bath salts, or other appropriate gifts. 

Should you wish to send your guests home with party favors that are specifically matched to your theme, you may like one of the following ideas:

  • Seeds for your guests to grow their own seed plants. Gift it with a small plant pot.
  • Peapod cookie cutters
  • Peas in pod earrings (you can make this yourself with polymer clay)
  • Peas in pod keychains (use polymer clay if you wish)
  • Silver peas in a pod pendant
  • Peas in pod sweets in a wrapper (You can make this yourself using green mints and crepe or tissue paper.)


The super cute “Pea in a Pod” baby shower theme is the best for those having twins or more, a baby similar in age to a previous baby, or having a combined baby shower with a sister or BFF.

Use the green color scheme to bring in different shades of this vibrant color and liven up your venue with touches of white, too.

Bring in twirls and cute peas with faces wherever you can. Consider using one or two set images throughout the theme, from the invitations and décor to the games and party favors.

It will pull everything together and keep the theme alive in the memory of your guests for years to come. 


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  1. Ok those cupcakes are completely sweet. I really wish you were one of my RL friends!

    I'm off to find some oreos to make oreo pops …a big ask since oreos are a little like hen's teeth here …we only get the regular ones.

    Thanks so much for putting that suggestion in my brain ! I can hear the oreos calling me and they will not be silenced.

  2. Thanks for all your help sweet friend!! Can't believe how hard it is to find green airheads. So glad I gave the fondant a shot. It was much easier than I thought and kind of fun!! It was interesting painting it with the shimmer mixed with mint extract.

  3. Ugh… the creativity that flows on this blog is sick! : )

    Too cute. I've only ever seen fondant on "Cake Boss" (which I LOVE!), but never given it a shot of my own… even though I am my family's official cake decorator. : )

  4. We did a theme baby shower when Jessica had Mabry and since she wanted to get her started on a library of children's books, we based our theme and menu off this. I bought Golden Books like: Chicken Little and place chicken salad sandwiches in front of the book etc: Also our centerpieces were a book and then items related to the book that Jessica could take for Mabry, such as: Rub-A-Dub-Dub with a rubber duck, baby wash cloth etc: Lots of fun but really makes your brain hurt coming up with things, but well worth it.

  5. I had never thought of doing a "Pea in A Pod" theme for a baby shower – I love your ideas! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  6. It's just to hard to pick one thing I like. I guess that's the point of a theme party. They are all just the cutest ideas. Pea Pickin Cute, ha-ha!!! Great job ladies.

    Hugs…Tracy 🙂

  7. love this! especially the cupcakes and centerpieces. having the cards with the clever titles in front of all the food is a great idea–really ties it all together 🙂

  8. oh can you share the oreo pops? I have never heard of them. I am thinking they would be awesome for my daughter's party.

  9. That is so cute! I love a good theme!

    I am actually hosting a party planning package giveaway next week with a couple other mommy bloggers if you woud like to join us!

  10. ADORABLE! I love the details and the cute theme! You rawk lady!


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