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I admit I am a late blomer when it comes to trends.  Most of the time it takes a while for me to warm up to a new idea.  Then by the time I love it the fad is over.  So I am finally jumping on the chevron bandwagon…about 6 months late.  I decided a yard sale trash can needed a little zigzag inspiration on it.  I know I went through all this work for a trash can but that is what I do.  I can’t help it, it is in my DNA to spray paint everything in site. Introducing my new Chevron painted trash can…

chevron trash can (1)

{SQUUUUEAL!!!} Oh the power of a can of spray paint!


Nasty Ghetto Trash Can

Krylon Peacock Blue spray paint

Krylon Metallic Silver spray paint

Krylon Gloss White spray paint

Rustoleum Clean Metal Primer

Silhouette machine

Chevron pattern purchased from the Silhouette store.

I found this trash can at a yard sale for $.50.  I know I can’t believe I actually purchased someone’s trash can.  Ewwwww! Gross! I couldn’t help it.  It was cheap and I loved the shape of it.  And of course after fumigating it with some spray paint I knew it would be sanitized and beautiful {snicker}.


1.  I cleaned the can first with some soap and water and let it dry.

2.  Then I took the can apart from the wire based and sprayed them both with Rustoleum Clean Metal Primer.

3.  Then I sprayed the can part with Krylon White and the wire part Krylon Metallic Silver.

4.  Then I used my Silhouette machine with the purchased chevron pattern from the Silhouette store and cut it out with some Silhouette vinyl. 


5.  I didn’t use transfer tape.  I found it was easier to apply them by hand.  I burnished them in place to make sure they were adhered well.

chevron trash can (2)

6.  Then I tape off the top with some Scotch Tape with the plastic sheeting attached.  Then I blasted it with some Krylon Peacock Blue spray paint.

7.  While the paint was still wet I pulled off the vinyl.  That is the key to getting clean, crisp lines.

chevron trash can (11)

chevron trash can (13)

I had a few touch ups to do and then I connected the base with the can.

chevron trash can (19)

Trashy is now in style!  I can now upgrade my Dollar Tree wicker basket in my bathroom with this new beauty.

chevron trash can (1)

chevron trash can (34)

chevron trash can (36)

chevron trash can (38)

So am I over the top? Do you love it? Hate it? Think I am crazy for going through all that for a trash can?

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  1. I absolutely love it. Those little spike details are to die for precious! I never would have thought to buy that icky trashcan, so thanks for a little trashy inspiration.

  2. That looks amazing. I already thought it was incredible but when I saw the before shot – wow … what a transformation! And I love that you did all that work for a trash can.

  3. You know what they say about one person’s trash {can} being another’s treasure! What an AMAZING transformation… fueled by your awesome creative vision. Great job! Nasty ghetto trash can no more! 😉

  4. I LOVE it! It is a lot of work to go through for a trash can but hey us DIY-ers enjoy the work and ultimately, that’s what it is about – making you happy!

  5. Wow, that is really cute! I love anything chevron and the edginess the wire part brings to it. Awesome!

  6. that is awesome-what a neat shape with those pointy spear parts. i just love how you said you are a late bloomer to things…me too! scarves as accessories-totally late to that party. jason mraz’s i’m yours. overplayed, but now i loooove it!

  7. Giggle….yah someone who can relate. I am just now getting over damask. And I just finally bought boots this winter.

  8. {giggle} and mess with your prized possession, are you kidding me? That is like asking a beginning seamstress to make a wedding dress. I wouldn’t touch them I would certainly screw them up.

  9. Super cute!! Great job. I have a question – how do you touch up spray paint? I tried spraying it into a tray then using a foam brush to fix something and it brought all the paint back up and I was semi losing my mind. Noticed in your post you said you had a few touch ups to do so was curious. And btw I haven’t got on the chevron bandwagon yet either but I’m getting super close – just love it

  10. LOVE IT! Great work! Very inspiring…although I don’t think I’d even THINK of taking on a trash can 🙂

  11. Never thought I’d say this… but that’s a pretty cool/unique trash can! Cute, Beckie! Nice job! Not surprised AT ALL that you painted a trashcan either. ; )

  12. Well hello there Meredith. I haven’t come to say hi to you in a while. I am heading to Heardmont right now. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. it looks good! But I don’t know if I could touch someone else’s garbage can! mostly mental, but still! haha

  14. Time was totally justified – ha! You’re a girl after my own heart. Why is it the small projects take for-evah and the big un’s just flow together? Love the chevron. Haven’t done it yet, but you’ve inspired me. I like it on an accent piece – that’s how stylish you are, Beckie. you’re trash can is an accent piece 😀 – the stripes don’t overwhelm a space that way.

    Happy 4th of July!

  15. We are alike! I’m also slow on the trends, too slow I missed the quatrefoil fad. But I also gave a trash can a makeover, but mine was actually a laundry bucket, so not even a real trash can. Yours looks great. Love the vinyl idea to make it easier. There should be a “I even decorate my trash can” club, we’d be among friends I’m sure.

  16. Hi,
    I love this trashcan! I don’t think I would love it as much on a regularly shaped can, but this one is so unique! Good eye!

    I have a question. I’ve always wanted some sort of machine like the silhouette. I tried researching them on my own, but I got a little discouraged. Do you recommend the one you have? Can you tell me which kind it is so I can read about it? Thanks so much!

  17. Amazing! I haven’t jumped on the chevron bandwagon yet. I have to have a use or need for a project to try it, but a trash can- now that’s useful!

  18. Definitely one of the prettiest trash cans I’ve ever seen! Great job! Found you on Thrifty Treasures…

  19. I stumbled on your site while looking for DIY inspiration. Great work, but why call the trash can ghetto?

  20. Your can looks great! (My husband saw the picture and said that he liked it better than ours.). Thanks for visiting and commenting on my own little chevron trash can.

  21. HAHA well thank you to your husband. It was a pain to do but I have enjoyed it for almost a year now and it still looks great.

  22. Great redo!! I found a trash container JUST LIKE YOURS @ Goodwill at least a year ago and its been sitting in my garage waiting WAITING for a makeover!! Yours turned out fantastic enough to get me started … I’m thinking dots though for some reason love your chevron totally shows off what ever it was that made us like that funny trash can in the first place! Ha I’m so glad to see this makeover you totally ROCK!

  23. Dots I don’t know!….now that I am studying your photos of the majic trash can makeover..I’m really thinking to make the chevron look…gosh it looks so complicated….but it totally goes with the arrow type look of the case doesn’t it….oh my!

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