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So, how ironic is it that my big project this week was repairing my fire pit…when there is both a heat wave and a fire ban happening in my corner of the world?  Hilarious!  I have to admit that I’m looking forward to the cooler temperatures of fall, when it will really be fun to get outside and enjoy firelit nights on our newly refinished deck.  I’m really excited to have our firepit back in working order.  One of my favorite of life’s simple pleasures is spending time around a crackling fire with people I love.  There’s just something about a fire, isn’t there?  Until that fire ban is lifted and the nights get cool again, I’ll just have to collect a few ideas for the yummy things we can make over one of those fires.  I’m not stopping at marshmallows, either.  Dream with me–here are 5 Ways to Make a Fireside Treat.

1.  Campfire Eclairs

Make delectable filled pastries over a fire?  Count me in!  I’d never heard of this campfire treat, but when I found this outdoor-friendly recipe from Bigler’s Best Belly Pleasers, I knew it would be worth saving.

2.  Woofums

Have you heard?  These little cup-like treats are the latest camping sensation.  All it requires to make a woofum is a special roasting stick (made of wooden dowels), some dough, and lots of culinary creativity (for filling up the pastry cups).   Learn all about how to make this fun fireside dessert at The Greenwoods.

3.  Banana Boats

Rhubarb and Venison reminds us of a campfire classic with this recipe for Banana Boats.  Have you ever had one of these?  Chocolate, marshmallows, and coconut get all melty and wonderful stuffed inside a roasted banana.  Mmmm…pure outdoor food bliss!

4.  Dough Boys

This fireside treat from BB&B sounds both simple and delicious:  wrap cresent roll dough around a stick, cook over an open flame, and enjoy topped with butter and honey.

5.  Campfire Orange Rolls

Okay, this looks almost too pretty to eat, but I probably will because my mouth is watering at the thought of orange-infused cinnamon rolls.  You’ll find the easy-to-follow instructions for this gourmet camp treat at Oleander and Palm.

Do you have a favorite fireside tradition or treat?  Please share it with me!
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  1. Thanks for the wonderful post, now I’m really hungry! Especially the campfire eclaires, I had someone tell me about having them at their son’s cubscouts, but they didn’t remember the name or specifics – I’ve been wanting to know how to make them for a long time now. And that orange looks absolutely delicious!

  2. Amazing idea’s. I can’t wait to try. Our favorite campfire treats are made using the pie irons. Butter 2 pieces of bread and fill with your favorite pie filling. Our favorite is blackberry. Put in fire until bread is golden brown. Immediately put on plate of sugar and flip to coat. Enjoy.

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