Mint Night Kiss Icebreakers

DIY these cute New Year’s Eve “Mint-Night Kiss” Favors with my free printables.

Every year we have a New Year’s Eve party with some close friends and about 40 million children – at least that is what it sounds like from the roar in my house.

I love letting my guests leave with something after being in my home.  Call it hospitality extraordinaire!

This year we have the same mint-night theme but used some circular Icebreakers containers.  Both of them are super cute and are available to print for free for you – cuz I love you like that!

New Years Eve Mint Night Kiss


What is the origin of Party Favors?

The origins of party favors are difficult to pinpoint since different cultures throughout history have had their own traditions of giving out small tokens to guests at special occasions.

So my bet is that it is likely that the idea of providing party favor gifts has been around for thousands of years, with evidence dating back to Ancient Egyptian and Greek cultures.

Why Do we Give Favors in New Year’s Eve?

One of the most popular customs associated with New Year’s Eve is giving and receiving favors. Normally as a gesture of goodwill or friendship.

These days, and given the budgets being stretched more and more for many, going nice and cheap is a must.

Most people give away candy or chocolates. Or even meaningful and often free, gifts, like the ones related to the 5 senses.

In any case, favors are a fun way to celebrate the coming new year and kick off the holiday season!

How To Make New Year’s Eve “Mint-Night Kiss” Favor

I love using Printables for nearly everything so here it is this “Mint-Night Kiss” that you can Download for free in the link below.

There is the video as well although not much to learn from it. This is so easy!

Step 1

Download the Mint Night Kiss Icebreakers and print them in full color ideally on white cardstock.

But I have done it in normal paper too and is fine.

canon pixma printer

Step 2

Use a hole punch or simply break out those scissors and cut out your circles.

Adhere them to the top or bottom (whichever you prefer) of your Icebreakers mints and pass them out to your guests.

new years eve printable favor
new years eve favor

Just a cute way to up the flavor of your New Year’s Eve party. And really cheap and affordable.

There are so many varieties of ICE BREAKERS in the market now! All sort of flavors to choose from.

This year I have gone with Ice Breakers Duo, they smell delicious!

Ice Breakers Duo

Check out the behind the scenes here:

Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


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  1. Your printables are amazing and I’m like you, my guests always have to leave with a small token of my appreciation. I’m loving this one! Thanks.

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