Eclectic Office 5 Ways Collage

Saying that your decorating style is “eclectic” means that you get your ideas, style, or taste from a broad range of sources.  Which is a perfect way to describe a room that wasn’t put together in a furniture showroom.  Eclectic rooms are not cookie-cutter, matchy-matchy, or predictable.  This office is a terrific example of eclectic style.  Designed by Four Chairs Furniture and photographed by Hiya Papaya, it’s colorful and surprisingly fun for an office.

Colorful Office

One of the reasons I like this room and eclectic design is because it’s so easy to get look on a budget.  The very fact that all of the furniture is different gives the impression that the elements of the room were collected over time–which, for most of us, is a reality when we are furnishing homes on a budget.  The trick to doing eclectic design well is to be thoughtful about what you are using and how you are using it in the room, and to find ways to tie the different styles of furniture and accessories together, so the room won’t look like a thoughtless jumble.  In the case of this office, it’s a color pallet of jewel tones:  ruby red, emerald green, and turquoise.

5 Ways Colorful Office

There’s lots to admire in this eclectic office.  If you love it, I don’t think it would be hard to get this look for less.  To get you started, I found five similar elements that have successfully been put together by do-it-yourselfers.  Check out these 5 Ways to Get This Look for Less.

Eclectic Office 5 Ways Collage

1.  Wire Basket Pendant Light


A while back, I shared this fantastic Anthropologie inspired pendant light by Under the Sycamore over at Knock Off Decor.  It was made from a former toy basket!

2.  Patterned Lamp Shade


Lamps from the big box stores are often pretty predictable.  See Matthew Meade’s tutorial for recovering a lampshade with patterned paper at Brooklyn Limestone.

3.  Weathered Green Desk


The weathered green finish on the desk in my inspiration photo is really unusual for office furniture.  If you have or found an office desk in a less exciting hue, you could achieve a similar look by following the steps The 36th Avenue took to refinish this green end table.

4.  Glass Front Cabinet


A glass front cabinet is an unexpected organization tool in this office.  Ikea offers a somewhat similar glass-front cabinet in their Hemnes line.  You could repaint it in the color of your choice, or leave the red finish as is and dress up the back of the cabinet like this one at RedWhiteBride.

5.  Black and White “Wallpaper”


The black and white patterned wallpaper in my inspiration room is stunning.  Unfortunately, designer wallcoverings can be expensive!  Shannon Berrey Design came up with a cost effective alternative, using Sharpie markers to draw on the wall.  (Definitely click over and check out how this faux paper looked after birds were painted onto it–totally gorgeous!)

I hope you were as inspired by this eclectic space as I was!  Do you have an office in your home?  Do you have any plans to decorate it, or does it already look just the way you want?  What does your dream office space look like?

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