Yesterday I showed you how to make fabric liners for the galvanized pails I purchased from Lowe’s.IMG_1132They were still looking a little stark and industrial for me.  So I decided to make some labels for them using magnet paper and my Silhouette machine.  I saw the idea on the Silhouette blog.

Using the software that came with my Silhouette machine I designed some labels to coordinate with the color of the console table.  One of the pails will be used for all things that need to leave my house (returns, library books, sippy cups, extra diapers and wipes) and the other pail will have stuff that needs to be put away in my house (receipts, papers from pre-school, etc).Pail Labels I printed out the labels on my inkjet printer onto the magnet paper.IMG_1135 Then I ran the printed images through my Silhouette machine to cut them out.IMG_1136 Then I popped them into place on the galvanized metal pails.  IMG_1137

So cuuuuute and super easy.IMG_1144 IMG_1138 IMG_1140 I know I gotta tackle that first top shelf.  What do you think?  Maybe a stack of books?  I would love any ideas you might have.

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  1. I'm lovin' the progress! I think on the top shelf that two shallow rectangular baskets side by side working like drawers would be great if you could find them the right size.

  2. Love the magnets! Very clever to make them magnets instead of stickers…

    I agree with Ann Marie on the top shelf basket solution. I think that would be cute and functional.

  3. I think it needs a silhouette or two. It would sort of mimic the lines around the magnets on the pails and you could make it red instead of black and white (although I think that would look great, too). I would set it off center to the bowl of pumpkins. It seems a little too symmetrical to me right now. You need something to not be quite so exact. That said, I think it looks great, the slow going is really working. I think I need to do that more often at my house!

  4. Great job! They turned out so cute. I'm hosting We're Organized Wednesday tomorrow and would love for you to join the party if you get the chance.

  5. I still can't get over the fact that you transformed that from an old tv console! How about several mini sized galvanized buckets on the shelf?

  6. Love these! I used galvanized pails for our wedding and still have several in two different sizes, so I'm eying these up big time. Now, to convince my hubby that I need a Silhouette AND a serger for Christmas…

  7. Super cute. I covet a silhouette!

    May not be super-functional, but I think a whole row straight across of short (height-wise, not page-wise, lol) novels would look so cozy! And would still be subdued enough to not detract from your awesome lamps and sweet buckets. Good luck! Whatever you choose will look great, I'm sure.

  8. I would nix the book idea. You have a lot of hard textures in there, so I'd suggest a soft textile of some sort. Would it make sense to have two identical throw blankets in that location of the house? If so, try it out and see how it looks!

  9. i saw something at Restoration Hardware that can make your book idea work, but still make it look "soft." They took a few paper-backed books of the same size, ripped off the covers, stacked them with some spines out, some spines in, and wrapped them with twine. a cute little bundle.

    Totally impractical, but cozy and sweet. (and cheap!!)

  10. Um…. super awesome! Love them! I had considered using these buckets for some storage in the great room redo we are doing, and now I have a pattern for a liner…. I do not have a Silhouette (wow… I'm sure that's really bad spelling, but I'm not checking right now), but love these labels. (btw…. I bought the same fabric you used for the liner when it was on sale.) : )

  11. HA! Just checked and my spelling was spot on! Who knew I could spell that word this early in the morning! : ) Obviously no me! Gotta have more confidence in myself I guess!

  12. Love that idea! I'm planning to make some magnets for halloween to use as a gift for "you've been booed" for my neighbor using the same concept! – Karen

  13. Beckie, this space has come together absolutely beautifully! I cannot believe that shelf started out as an old TV. You are my hero!

  14. Oh smart! I'm beginning to think I may need one of those Silhouette doohickies. 😉 I could label tons of things and then maybe everything would be returned to its rightful place when we're finished with it.

  15. What about a little row of apple shaped candles? The shelf is narrow, so you don't have lots of room. . .

  16. Well, I tried this yesterday, but couldn't get my comment to work on here. So, here goes again! 🙂 I think a pretty throw or quilt would look great on the shelf, maybe even hanging down a little.

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