Do you ever take personality quizzes?  I am a sucker for them and am always fascinated to learn about myself.  So when Home Goods asked me if I wanted to learn my style through their Style Scope quiz and then shop based upon my style I wholeheartedly said “absolutely.”

If you know my personality well then it is probably no surprise that my style personality is pretty similar.

I am Vegas Baby with a little bit of sassy.  HA!  ROFL…so meeeee! I literally laughed when it popped up.  So what does that mean? Besides the fact that I like to be the center of attention?  Hmmmm… It means I love glitz and glam and lots of fun.  So armed with this knowledge, I went to my nearest Home Goods and shopped Vegas Baby Sassy style.  Here are a few things that caught my eye…


The good part, and I suppose the bad for some, about Home Goods is that their inventory constantly changes.  So there are always new trends and the latest styles to shop, but you have to grab them fast because they might not be there the next time you shop there.

I found this gorgeously shaped table in the clearance section for $65!  After a little chalk paint the color fit my pallet.  I love the shape of the legs and the bottom drawer.  I have been looking for a table to put between my two black and white damask chairs for a while now.  This was perfect.

before and afterhomegoods-stylescope

I also couldn’t pass up this silver blingy tray to set on top.  They also had it in gold too.


I grabbed a mercury glass candle vase with a three pack of those flameless battery operated candles to set inside.  Whoever invented those are brilliant!  Ambiance without the fire hazard!


And to finish off the tablescape I added a turquoise shell frame with my favorite recent picture of my kiddos.  It reminds me of the beach for some reason.

Lastly, I added some metallic sequined pillows.  I love the bronze sparkle in the middle.  Aren’t they gorgeous?


Cost breakdown:

Table $65

Silver Tray $14.99

Mercury Glass Vase $12.99

3 pack of candles $12.99

Turquiose frame: $9.99

Sequinned pillows $19.99 each

And here is this little area all Vegas Babied out…


Do you want to find out your Style personality?  Visit Home Goods and in one minute you can find out.  Also up for grabs is two $50 gift cards to Home Goods below.

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