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How do you make a homemade Lego table? Well, there are infinite ways, as many as your creativity can handle!

You can start from scratch if you are good at woodwork OR just go for this awesome and quick way that I am about to show you.

Are DIY Lego tables worth it?

In my opinion yes, 100%, a totally evergreen “toy”. Their storage allows to get the pieces tidy and everything is located in the same place. If you have the space, it is a no brainer.

The good news is that you don’t really need to build a table from scratch as there are many options for upcycling or even recycling an outdated unit.

Or even transform an existing storage cubes shelf into an awesome Lego table.

A bunch of the Home Right brand ambassadors where challenged to create something out of a ClosetMaid 6 Espresso Laminate Storage Cubes, Valspar Chalky Finish Paint, and the Home Right Paint Sprayer. 

For those of you who don’t know, you can actually use chalk paint in the Home Right Finish Max so putting the chalky finish paint into the Home Right paint sprayer is a-okay. 

You may remember the last Home Right hack with an IKEA bookshelf I did a few months back. I turned an IKEA bookshelf into a small dresser for my studio, and I won! Thank you for voting! I now have a new challenge.

And you can totally make this one with the famous Ikea Kallax as well, of course.


DIY Lego Table with Custom Lego Knobs Tutorial

My son has been asking me to bring his 80’s Parquet Transformed Lego table up to his bedroom.  Unfortunately, his room in our new house is smaller than his other room in Indiana. 

So we have kept the table in the playroom.  I thought using this shelf would be a great option for him to have some of his Legos up in his room.  I hope I don’t regret that decision. 

I mean, one can only take so many Lego messes in one house.

Step 1 – Building the Lego Table drawers

So I started out building drawers out of 3/4″ plywood scraps.  You can see the drawer making process here

While they look like drawers they function more like baskets since you can remove them completely.

lego drawers
lego dresser

Step 2 – Painting the drawers

I used the Valspar chalky finish paint in the color Kid Gloves in the Home Right Finish Max as a basecoat for the drawer fronts.

lego table with drawers

Step 3 – Spray paint them

Once dry I gave the drawer fronts several light coats of spray paint.

lego table paint

Step 4 – Raising the Shelf

I wanted to raise the shelf up a little bit.  I didn’t want the expense of legs so I just used 2×4’s. 

I glued and clamped them together and once dry I ran them through my table saw and cut each side to 2.5″.

lego table legs
lego table feet

Step 5 – Sanding and Conditioning

Once sanded I used pre-wood conditioner and some Java stain on them to match the shelf.

lego table build

Step 6 – Glue the Legs

I just used Gorilla Glue construction adhesive to adhere them to the bottom of the shelf. 

I added two supports in the middle as well since the bookshelf is made of thin particle board.

lego legs

Step 7 – How to Make the Lego Baseplates

I purchased two sets of knock-off Lego baseplates from Amazon and cut them with my table saw to size. 

Use the leftover pieces to piece in on the sides as well.  I sanded the cut edge smooth and used the construction adhesive to glue those to the top as well.

lego table baseplate

Step 8 – Add weights to the Top of The Lego table

I added weights for one hour to let the glue set.

making a lego table

Step 9 – Making the Lego Custom Knobs

I cut some Lego baseplates from to make some custom Lego knobs.

They were thinner than the knock off baseplates I purchased.

These baseplates were leftover from my other Lego table transformation.  I sanded them smooth.

making lego knobs

I used E6000 adhesive to glue to baseplates to the DIY bases from D. Lawless Hardware.  I let them dry overnight.

lego drawer pulls

lego table knobs

Step 10 – Add the Knobs to the Unit

Next I drilled holes into the drawers fronts and through the drawers. 

Then I screwed my knobs in place and added Legos to it. 

The Legos can be removed and switched out for a new design at any time.

knobs made of legos
DIY lego knobs

Lastly I just slid the drawers into place.  You can slide the drawers out a bit to get out some Legos or pull the drawer entirely out like a basket to scour for that certain piece.

lego pieces drawers
lego table DIY

Since it is less than 12″ wide it is nice to push against a wall and have space to build.

DIY lego dresser
DIY lego table

My Lego loving son is grateful to have a spot in his room to hang out and build.

lego table handmade

I swear Legos are such a universal toy. 

Boys, girls, young and old love to build.  Just get my father-in-law in the room and he will attest to it.

building legos table
lego table with drawers

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