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Do you like the 2013 PANTONE Universe’s Color of the Year, Emerald Green? Well if you do it is available exclusively at Lowe’s in the Valspar Signature Paint. I must say, the more pops of emerald I see in decor the more it is growing on me.  I am never one to be a trend setter.  Usually I am a late adopter, how about you? When Lowes challenged me to bring a pop of emerald into my home I racked my brain trying to figure out where it could go.

Painted Sheet Metal frame

I had this blank spot on the wall as you walked up the stairs to our second story. I always told myself I would add pictures there one day.  I figured a pop of emerald right there would fit in well – as you could also see that space from my studio which has similar shades of green in it.


3’ x 24” aluminum sheet metal


emerald paint

7/16-in x 1-1/8-in x 8-ft White Polystyrene Drip Cap Moulding

Scotch 3M Strips

miter box and saw

measuring tape

Liquid Nails

In the metal section at Lowes they have these awesome metal grates with cool patterns on them. They are 2’ x 3’. The one I chose had a pattern of triangles but they also have ones that have a quatrefoil pattern that is pretty cool too.

aluminum grate

When painted they offer a nice backdrop for artwork or picture frames.  In fact, you wouldn’t need anything if you just wanted to use it as art on your walls.  It kind of brought some cohesiveness, as well as color, to the picture frames.

emerald green metal art

1.  Start by priming and painting your sheet metal.  I used Rust-Oleum spray primer and then I thinned some Valspar Signature Paint in Emerald Green and added it to my spray gun and gave it a quick, even coat.

pantone emerald green project

2.  Next I cut some polystyrene drip cap molding to fit around it to act as a frame.  I used Liquid Nails and clamps to adhere that to the painted sheet metal.

painted aluminum grate with frame

liquid nails

3.  Once dry I used my 3M Command Strips on the back to adhere it to the wall.  Then I just lined my pictures up in the middle and used a nail through the sheet metal into the wall to hang my pictures.

3m Commands Strips

emerald green artwork

emerald green art

It looks like art doesn’t it?  The fun part is the color of your walls pop through as well adding a little more depth of color to it.  Fun, fun!  This would be great to group in threes to cover a large wall space.

aluminum grate painted emerald green

emerald green color of the year

If you want to see more Emerald Green projects check out this month’s Lowes Creative Ideas Magazine.  It is available free on your Iphone or Ipad in the digital version or you can sign up here for it to be delivered directly to your mailbox.

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*Disclosure: I was provided a gift card by Lowes to complete this project.  All opinions belong to me though.

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  1. Great idea! I’ve always loved those grates, but never would have thought to use them this way. I think I have a chippy old frame calling my name now.

  2. Beckie I have loved those sheet metal pieces forever even though I don’t have radiator covers (their true designated use). Now you’ve got me thinking about cabinet door insets??

  3. one smart DIY really!!!! I used the color on a high chair the idea put your porch and place plants….or use as intended…afraid a color that some do not get….may have to reduce and loose my costs and efforts or readdress…I think on a small piece great but big Hmmmmm

  4. Clever idea! I was wondering if since it is metal, you could use little magnetic pins and use it like a bulletin board? It certainly looks more interesting than cork! Your project looks wonderful.

  5. Oh. my. gosh. You have seriously just answered the biggest dilemma I’ve had in a project. I have been trying to find the perfect storage for necklaces (and I’ve looked at EVERYTHING). While reading this, I thought, “BAM! Take one of these, paint it, and use magnets that look like the tops of push pins to hand the necklaces (or bracelets)!” They can be moved around, it will be sturdy, it will hang easily….oh, man, you are my best friend for today only (the job is actually filled by Patti, my bff since 1985)…but you are the GIRL today!!!! Yes! #stoppingatlowesonwayhomefromwork

  6. This just gave me the idea I’ve been looking for. My son wants some kind of funky industrial looking headboard and I think these would be perfect! Now to see if my Lowes store carries them.

  7. I just wanted to tell you in case no one else has – the link from your next post to Tatertots and Jello’s google+ page actually links to yours, as does yours.

    I do love this ^ project, though! And emerald green rocks!

  8. Anyone else having an issue with a giant ad covering up the post & not being able to view most of the post? I use my iPad & iPhone to read this blog. There is no X to close the ad!

  9. Okay, the magnets didn’t work well because the screen stuff isn’t magnetized. It’s awfully cute, though! I could have magnetized it, but I was worried it would lose its magnetism (like movie stars sometimes do), so I decided to go with the little Command hooks. I’ll let you know if that works…

    Oh, and I actually found a great supply of the screens at Home Depot, too. They were on a rack at the end of a row almost in lumber. There were maybe eight different styles to choose from. If we have them (I live in Texas where radiators are as rare as basements), everyone has them…

  10. Bummer about the magnets. Thanks for letting me know. Eight designs? Oolala! I’d love to see how yours came out!

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