best diy project of 2012

I debated on whether or not to write a wrap up post.  I am always lazy at the end of the year and going through my posts and writing this bad boy up takes forevs!  So I asked you on Facebook, and while some of you said will glaze over it, most of you were really interested in it.  So for you glazers I will say hello and Happy New Year now since this will be all you read.  Smile Here goes the best of IC 2012.


#1 Printable Blogger Planner


So by far the most viewed post 0f 2012 was my printable blog planner.  If you are a creative blogger and don’t have a system yet I recommend printing out my free pages and giving it a whirl.  It has helped me immensely!

#2 Crutches Floor Lamp

crutches floor lamp

This was one of my favorite projects of 2012 even though my pageviews on it didn’t agree.  I just thought it was fun and a great conversation piece.  I smile every time I turn it on.

#3 Reupholstered Painted Headboard


If you read my blog consistently you know I have a love affair with stencils and painting fabric.  My stenciled painted upholstered headboard really made my guest room room, especially against the wall of molding behind it.

#4 Stacked End Table Shelf


Who knew you’d love this project so much?  I got this end table from my grandparents.  Being the old sentimental fool I am, while I had no place for it my home, I had to think of another use.  Instant mini shelf for my guest room.

#5 Organizing Measuring Cups and Spoons


This project sure has given me a lot of mileage.  It is actually a 2011 project and it still continues to bring me crazy amounts traffic!  It scares the crap out of people when they open the cabinet door (but I love it!) since I haven’t added felt strips but I still love the organization of it and how my measuring cups are all in one place.  Since I instituted this system I haven’t lost one measuring cup or spoon.  I would say that is success and deserves a second in the spotlight.

#6 Laundry Basket Dresser

laundry basket square

Inspired by an Ana White plan, I create a vertical rendition of this for the space to the right of my washer and dryer.  It is definitely a space saver and a nice way to fold up the laundry and transport it to the bedroom it belongs.

#7 Birdseed Wreath


I have created a truckload of wreaths this year but your favorite, according to my analytics, is my birdseed wreath.  This would be a fun project to make with your kiddos on winter break and it is so incredibly simple.

#8 Hanging Jewelry Organizer Paint Stick Project


Apparently new uses for paint sticks are in since two of my top posts involved paint sticks.  This was more out of necessity than anything.  I have a lot of jewelry and plenty of wasted space in my bathroom closet so I solved both of the dilemmas with this project.

#9. How to Paint Stripes on Curtains

how to paint curtains

I love how these painted striped curtains made a huge impact in my family room.  You will be seeing more of my family room this week.  I am completely changing my color palette and I love the new gray, aqua and yellow color scheme.

#10 How to Make Felt FlowersRuffle Ribbon Flowers


rolled ribbon-flowers

Apparently making flowers is not going out of style anytime soon because I constantly get traffic on both of these posts. I apparently have amazing SEO (search engine optimization) on this bad boy and apparently a lot of people like felt flowers because it is my #2 ranked Google search (only because “What does Infarrantly Mean?” is number one…haha!  If you have that question to, click here to figure out the mystery).

So there you have it.  I hope you have enjoyed reading IC in 2012 and will join me in 2013.  The best is yet to come.  Happy New Year!

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  1. That was fun! Thanks for sharing these again. I hadn’t even seen your measuring cup door; what a great idea!

  2. I love when you paint fabric too. I wish I had the patience to do it. I have tried your flowers though they were fabulous. I love that you posted the crutches lamp. I’ve never seen that one. It made me smile:)

  3. Loved the wrap-up; I just recently found your blog, so many of these were new to me–great ideas and I have already pinned some. Thanks!

  4. I never saw the measuring cup door either! Deff will be doing that one. Also the crutch lamp, was just given a stack of them. Thanks for giving us an end of year run down. I try not to miss anything from you, but, life happens 🙂

  5. I have seen that measuring door all over buzzfeed as ways to organize in 2013! I actually have seen it in a bunch of places that are about organizing. It is a good idea. One I will never do, but it’s good! 🙂

  6. Your posts are so amazing…I love the bird feeder wreath and your measuring organization is so creative! I sometimes have to look in my Joy of Cooking book to find out what measurement is equal to which measurement. That door takes away all the guesswork!
    Debbie 🙂

  7. Awww thanks Debbie. I had that little darn measurement conversion printed on a piece of paper forever, so I can totally relate.

  8. Thanks Liz. I think each of us has to do what works for them for sure. I am kind of an organizing junkie. I am definitely not great at it but I am always on a quest to find the perfect system.

  9. After looking at your blog i’d say you do a great job organizing! 🙂 I don’t think i could ever get a system to look as nice as your measuring cups so that would be disappointing and why i probably wouldn’t do it! Plus it’s hard enough to get the hubby to put the measuring cups in the new spot they live! ha! happy new year!

  10. Oksy so I listed myself as a scanner but so glad I took the time to read and reread your posts. I love the measuring cup ideas. When is your next craft location and date?

  11. Sylvia,
    I am not going to be doing Indy Style this year. I just have too much on my plate with blogging and I had to let a few things go. 🙁

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