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So on our 16-hour-turned-22-hour trip to Florida we listened to a lot of music to keep the kids happy.  Isaac and his buddy Andrew begged for us to play “I’m the Man” by Aloe Blacc and to roll down the windows while they sung it loudly.  I think we listened to this song at least 15 times.  Watching the boys get that “I’m the Man” look on their face and groove and dance in their seats was definitely a memory that is ingrained into my head whenever I think of our Florida trip.  I thought it would be fun to make the boys a shirt as a memento.  The both love the shirts (as do all the boys in our neighborhood). In fact Isaac is on day three in a row of wearing it.  I keep reminding him it is beneficial to wash it – he isn’t convinced.  

i'm the man screenprinted tshirt

DIY screenprinted tshirt

I used my Simply Screen screenprinting kit because I wanted to have the screen in order to make numerous shirts (I have a feeling my friends are going to beg me for one!) but if you have a Silhouette machine you could make a stencil out of vinyl instead.



Simply Screen

Simply Screen Ink

I’m the Man PDF file or Silhouette File

masking tape

Martha Stewart squeegees or another hard plastic to scrap the ink over the screen


1.  I made two screens – one for the front and one for the back.  All I did was print it out in black and white from a regular laser jet or an inkjet printer.  Then I cut it in half to make the two screens.

i'm the man tshirt

Next press the blue screen (sticky side touching the printer ink) on top.  For more details on how to make screens using Simply Screen check out this, this, this and this post that I have been in the past.

2.  The key to quality screenprints using the Simply Screen is to use a piece of glass (one from a picture frame works great!) on top while exposing it to the light. This holds it in place giving it a deep impression.

simply screen

3.  Put it under the light for exactly 25 minutes.  Not a minute less or a minute more.  Then soak it under warm water.  Scrub the screen gently with a sponge while running warm water over it the whole time until you wash away all the screen to expose your letters.

making a screenprint

4.  Now you are ready to make shirts.

i'm the man screenprint

5.  Position the screen where you want it and tape it down with masking tape.  It is also probably smart to put cardboard in between the front and the back of the shirt just in case there is bleed through.

DIY screenprinted tshirts

6.  Then gently drag the paint over screen.  I used Bippity Boppity Blue and Milk White and mixed them to get a few different shades.  I did the same with OMG Pink and Milk White on the back.

simply screen screenprinted shirt

7.  I usually wait a minute and do 2-3 drags over the shirt especially if you are doing light ink with a darker t-shirt.

screenprinted shirts diy

8.  Remove screen gently, set it down again if there are any parts that need more paint.

screenprint a shirt

i'm the man aloe blacc tshirt

9.  Let it dry for 24 hours.  Then with a press cloth heat set it with an iron.


Then watch two very happy and crazy boys go wild over their new t-shirts!  #boypower

i'm the man

back of screenprinted tshirt

i'm the man tshirt

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  1. I love this! I have never seen such a machine!!! I think it seems a little time consuming (in my book–all my free time goes to sewing) but it is so cool. My daughter went from cutting up t-shirts (fail) to stenciling them. She did a couple that turned out really cute–and her friends loved them. Even did one with a monogram on the pocket and not one person had a clue she had painted it on–ha! She may think this is cool…. Love the pics of the boys. Too sweet. AND I have no clue what song you are talking about! I’ll have to ask my girls (sorry starting to giggle after our last conversation)–my daughters if they know the song.

  2. Did you click on the YouTube link at the beginning of my post? It’s a pretty catchy song. Sounds like your daughter has quite the crafty gene. I love painting on fabric too! 🙂

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