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I made mention when I posted my huge alphabet wall that I would show you the playroom in its entirety.  This room has been a work in progress for like six years and I am sure I could use another six to make it perfect.  But I am to the place where I feel like form, function and friggin awesome have finally come together.  At least enough to show it on my blog. 😉 So here is the room where fashion shows, coloring pictures, Nerf gun battles, Ninja warriors, Teenage Mutant Turtles and video games are played. This room has big shoes to fill in my home.

Playroom Organization and Decor Ideas

So the way this post will work is I will be linking to many products and old projects I have done in the past.  The links are blue and will take you on a “Choose Your Own Adventure†tour should you click on them.  Do you remember those books growing up?  I used to love those.  Sorry rabbit trail.  I digress.

Let’s keep in mind this is a playroom.  Toys are often ugly so to decorate around it can prove challenging. Just as a reminder that my kiddos are 5 and 8.  The main objectives of this room are HIDDEN storage out of the yin yang, a place for art, Barbies, video games and make believe.  After many failed systems and storage woes I have found what works for our family.  Hopefully some of these ideas might inspire you.

Here is the view from when you walk in the front door.  I used to be really anal about this being clean since it was the first room you saw when you entered my home.  I have long given up that battle.  HA!  And just for you, this is the most clean it will ever be – I guarantee you that!

playroom decor

And here are some views as we walk around the room.

playroom decoration ideas

The hallway to the left leads to the family room and kitchen.  You can also see the kitchen from the right side as well.


Below is the view standing in the kitchen.  It is really nice to be able to cook and prepare meals and have the kiddos right in the room next to me, but not in the room I am in.  HA!  Even though the room is supposed to be a sitting room and dining room I am a firm believer in making the space work for your family and not using rooms for their intended purpose if it doesn’t work.

decorating a playroom

Here is the view from the hallway just inside the front door.

playroom organization and decor

The room started out a big, blank awkward L shaped room.  Like I said, it was supposed to be half dining room and half sitting room.  I painted huge vertical yellow and cream stripes on the walls to make the room one large cohesive space.  Then I made some tie-up shades for the windows.  That set the primary color pallet for the room.  Which basically means – any color goes in this room.

colorful playroom

The main storage area is the Expedit 5 x 5 cubby from IKEA (no longer sold) for $200.  It was pricey but worth every penny to have something that big for the expanse of that wall.

IKEA expedit for playroom

organizations for a playroom

The polka dot bins came from Target and the Chartreuse and Aqua ones were the Drona boxes from IKEA ($5.99).  I scored the pink DRONA boxes on Craiglist for $2.50 each.  I used 3M Super 77 adesive spray to attach Identa-Labels to the front of the boxes.  I didn’t get fancy – I just used the labels and wrote with a Sharpie pen on the cardstock that came with them.  Since what is contained in the bins are ever changing I thought I wouldn’t go fancy on cute labels to have to swap them out the next week.  Another great find was the Sterilite plastic flat locking containers I picked them up from Wal-Mart for around $2-$3.  This helps corral board game pieces that otherwise would be gone by now.

storing board games

The PLAY letters are just wood letters painted and glued onto painted canvas.  They are super easy to make and a simple way to add a decent sized art piece to the walls.

playroom letter art

The cute plastic table and chairs are the Mammut collection from IKEA.  We have had this for years.  It is very functional, easy to clean and perfect for the kids to use for art.  The gigantic “I heart you†alphabet wall I made a few weeks back and it really added punch to that wall.

playroom alpabet art

Also on the wall kiddie corner from that we have the magnetic wall.  Each of the kids have their own area to showcase art and school papers they are proud of.  This area has made it really easy when the hoarders, pack rats, kids say they want to save a paper.  I always ask them if it is good enough to make the board.  It allows them the decision to take something off the board to put a new paper up.  I can’t tell you how many arguments this has saved us.

magnetic wall in playroom

We also have a small area for Kayla to play Barbies.  I haven’t gotten cute with her area at all.  We just make her put all her Barbies in the white bin.  When it overflows it is time to declutter.  The pictures hanging above are some Andy Warhol inspired pictures I made of my kiddos four years ago.

organizing barbies

playroom storage

The big blue Wii Cabinet is an old armoire I bought for $7 at a yard sale that I made over to make some awesome sleeves for Wii games and movies (check out the post).  The organization system has worked as well as I hoped it would.  My only rule is the doors remain closed when not in use and Isaac does as great job of keeping that up.

playroom decor

The oldest project in the room is the snack shop.  It was a Roadkill Rescue project I did with an old hutch.  It remains one of the best projects to encourage imagination.  Many a kid has cooked and served “food†from back there.  It has also served as a puppet and Barbie stage.  I repainted it last week and added some vinyl letters to the front.  I should have used lighter vinyl than the dark blue. #projectfail.  I might fix it, I probably won’t.

snack shop for kids

Another great find from IKEA is the pull down Trones shoe boxes that I have on either side of the big cubby.  I have 9 of them in my laundry room (I will show you that soon) and two in here.  They are great for storing coloring books and sticker books. And again, HIDDEN storage is my favorite.

IKEA trones

To make corralling stuffed animals easier I turned a hope chest my father-in-law made for me into a Pottery Barn inspired open toy chest and painted it red.  It makes cleaning up a basketball game as the kids launch the stuffies across the room into the toy box.

pottery barn turner toy box

The wall that you see when you first walk into my house is where the Pottery Barn inspired oversized flash card art I made resides.  Also I made the Weathered Gray Bench from Ana White’s The Handbuilt Home to go below it.

playroom decor ideas

Since I pride my home in being the hub – this room has plenty of wear and tear daily.  There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t have kids in our house.  While it is often the messiest place in my home it is also the happiest.

messy playroom

playroom in use

Thanks for joining my playroom tour.  You are welcome to come over and see it in person anytime you want.  I mean it!

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  1. Fun! I love the tubs you used for your game boxes…our boxes are failing quickly! And your pictures at the end are of course my favorite…we love being a hub home too. 🙂 ~Sarah

  2. Oh…you may be getting visitors! Of course, they have to help with clean up, right? I love what you did. The playroom is a room where you just have to go with the colors. I really enjoyed our first playroom which worked so well. I had a dress up corner with peg racks to hold princess dresses and such, a huge bucket for the shoes and hats, gloves and socks—oh yes, we had quite the outfit combos! We had a reading corner with a low bookshelf and two huge pillows. We had the art desk and splat mat…ahh, the memories. I just went with the colors and it was in our “dining room” right off the kitchen. When the girls were a bit older and we had a different home I upped the “sophistication” a bit and softened the colors. Wicker baskets with liners…again it was in our dining room. 🙂 Now, they are 11 and 14 and they have a bedroom they use as the “craft room”. It has computers, crafts–older girl stuff. I sit directly accross from them in my craft room (a bedroom and not nearly as cool as your craft room!). I love what you did and the huge open space is so wonderful!! They are lucky kids! 🙂

  3. It sounds like your girls have also had wonderful creative spaces fostered by their mama! 🙂 It is definitely hard to disguise color in a playroom. I am a color-loving gal though so it works for me.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this concept, Beckie. We moved into our current place about two years ago and I’ve been really struggling to like it because I feel like the whole house ends up being a playroom – toys spread out ALL. OVER. THE. HOUSE. Instead of trying to corral the toys into the rec room (downstairs and significantly separated from our main living) I think I’m going to re-work the layout of our house to make the living room into the “playroom” and shift the focus of our rec room into a more adult-geared space. Hopefully doing this will encourage more fun and eventually our home will become a play hub for my son and his friends.

    You’ve inspired and encouraged me! Thanks so much!!

  5. You are so welcome, Candace! We loved this set-up in our old house and also wanted to be the “hub” of the neighborhood where all the kids would want to come and play. I am so glad you were inspired and wish you the best in designing a space that works for your family.

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