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I don’t even know if it is called drywalling. Maybe it is called “doing drywall”. See? I am a newbie.

But I wanted to learn, even if I never use the skill again, how to hang, mud and sand drywall. I figured my bathroom and laundry room was the perfect small project to learn this skill.  And let me tell you, drywall experts do not get paid enough!

It is a hard, messy, dusty job. And I am super grateful for those people out there who do it on a daily basis. You amaze me.

I am sure, as with anything, you get better the more you do it. So these tips are definitely from a newbie.

How to Hang Drywall

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I decided to convert an oversized guest bathroom into a small bathroom and a laundry room.

Here was the wall I built to separate the two rooms. Next up, drywall.


Hanging drywall isn’t the most difficult part.

Actually none of it is hard if you are a DIYer. You can do it if you want to. And anyone who has ever drywalled will probably tell you that.

The hardest part of hanging drywall is the math for all the outlet, switch, and any-other-obstacle cut outs.

I had a drywall expert named Mike teach me how to do all this.

So if this is the wrong way to do it blame Mike. Mike can take it {giggle}, he is a big dude.


Now this isn’t super necessary but something that is super helpful for cutting obstacles out of drywall is this handy Roto-Zip.

If not you will use a drywall knife (the Fat Max one is awesome!).

Both work but a Roto-ZipRoto-Zip makes it so fast.

If you have a big project and want to add a tool to your arsenal I recommend this one.

roto zip

Also you will need a drywall t-square and a pencil to mark your lines.

A simple box knife with a new blade and a t-square will give you a nice clean edge.

You will have to score it down your sheet of drywall several times.

Then use 1 1/4″ drywall screws and a cordless drill to hang it making sure you countersink the screws just a bit so that they don’t pop out.

Also you want enough screws to hold the drywall up but don’t go overboard because you have to mud all those screws.


You can use paper tape to cover your seams but we used mesh tape and plastic corner beads for ours.

You can see the yellow mesh tape in the pictures below.

That just sticks to the wall and then you mud right over it.


You definitely want to mix your mud well so it will go on smoothly.

Mike had this awesome paddle bit he attached to his electric drill to mix it up.

drywall paddle

The seams and the screw holes are easy to mud.

The corners and edges get tricky. I found numerous thin coats are better than thick coats.

If you need to build the mud up, do it over multiple coats rather than just slopping it on.

Tools you need for mudding is a large taping knife, a mud pan, and a 6″ taping knife.

I also found having like a 2″ wide knife was nice (but not necessary) around tight spots.

tools for drywalling

The seams and screw holes can be mudded and sanded smooth in 2-3 coats.

If you have areas that you are building up the mud it might take a couple more than that. But I learned everything can be blended.

You will put mud on there and think there is no way this will smooth out, but it does. Be patient and just do thin coats.

Then comes the dreaded sanding. It ain’t pretty people.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.18.09 AM

That picture was actually taken when I patched an area of the ceiling.

Yes, wear a breathing mask and goggles when sanding.

This probably took me a solid 2 weeks to complete.

Your arm will get tired from sanding and you will need to take mental breaks.

Another tip I learned is don’t push hard on the drywall sander. Just go over it lightly and let the drywall screen sandpaper do the job.

Oh and if you purchase no other tool the drywall sander that you attach to your shopvac is worth its weight in gold. You will have a lot of drywall dust but this cuts the dust down like 80%.


91B9r bqZ6L._SL1500_



I was so proud of myself that I learned a new skill.

I am not sure I will do it again. But I can!


This is just pictures of the laundry room but I obviously hung drywall in the bathroom too.

And then I primed and painted the entire area as well. Next up is flooring!

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  1. SOO inspired! Just finished hanging the drywall (no picnic in this very very uneven old house!) and am about to skim coat – what good luck I saw this right before I went in! Thanks so much for the post, you’re amazing. <3 <3 It looks perfect!

  2. I completely agree. Drywall professionals don’t get paid enough. We knocked out a wall in our living dining area to make an open space before Paul installed wood floors. What a job! Yours is looking great so far!

  3. You should keep your nose and mouth covered. My husband’s uncle died before his house was finished because he inhaled too much drywall dust!

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