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So last I left you off I ripped up my guest bathroom removing the old vanity, shower and soaker tub.

Did I mention I did this in December?

You know, the busiest month of the year. My husband wasn’t thrilled but he has learned to roll with my craziness.


So when you normally frame a wall you build it somewhere flat and then hoist it up and screw it in place.

Since we didn’t have space in this small bathroom to do that we opted for using pocketholes with my Kreg Jig and building it in the room.

So we attached a 2×4 at the ceiling and the floor and then added our 2×4 studs spacing them 16″ apart on center and using pockethole screws to secure it.


You can see in this picture where the new shower will go.

Currently the above picture is being taken from the doorway into the bathroom. And the new wall separates the laundry room and the now smaller bathroom.

After the wall was up I ended up hiring a plumber/electrician to come move the plumbing, add a 220 volt outlet for the dryer, move and install new can lights, etc.

There was no way I wanted to attempt plumbing. I will say it isn’t super fun having to rely on other people to get a job done.

I definitely like the pressure on myself but I also can recognize when the end of my skillset is.

Next up was knocking down the wall into the hallway for the laundry room opening. We also added a header above the door to give extra support to the barn wood door that will slide along there.

This view is from the upstairs hallway.


And here is the header. You can see there are two 2 x 12″ and some added 2 x 4″ on the side to hold it up.

I learned that the term for adding another stud in place is called a jack stud.


The plumbing and electric work took about a month to complete.

Throw in traveling for Christmas for a week, a week in China and a few other things and it is already February! Yikes.

Next up is drywall and mudding, another new skill I am learning in this adventure.

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