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We have lived in our current house in Columbus, Ohio for almost 18 months now. While I have made some serious progress with the outdated beast; there still is a long way to go.

When we first moved into this house there were two laundry areas. One was in the mudroom and the other was in the basement. I knew for sure I would hate doing laundry in the mudroom so I immediately converted that to the best use of space ever with the built-in lockers and IKEA Trones bins (my obsession).

It rivals my craft studio as my favorite space in my house. So the other alternative was laundry in the basement. While this wasn’t ideal, I knew it would be slightly better than the mudroom option.

But ultimately, I wanted to somehow move it upstairs. After talking to a friend of ours who used to be a contractor, and looking at all of our options, I decided to take our gigantic 11” x 11” guest bathroom and take 1/3 of it for the laundry room.

The goal was to make a smaller bathroom minus the huge soaker tub that was currently in it.

As as well as, take 1/3 of the space for a walk-in small laundry room with barn doors coming in from the hallway. Only problem:  I don’t plumb, I have never built a wall or dry walled before. So let’s get started shall we?  HA!

Here is the current bathroom. You can see we sprayed all the trim in the house and didn’t bother taping off the rest of the wall.

I knew I would repaint this terrible peach color eventually so I didn’t bother.



Fully functional and very dated it has served our guests well. Except guess what? Nada one of them have used the soaker tub.

I mean really. “Hey Beckie thanks for letting us stay in your house, don’t mind me, I am just going to go take a long bath.”

Yah never happened. I hate wasted space. So out she went. The new wall would go in between the old shower and bathtub.


I am always of the mentality of “If I can’t do this I will hire someone who can.”

So the week after Thanksgiving I decided to demo the bathroom. That I could do. So my assistant and I spent two days attacking it.  Man that is back-breaking work.

My back was on fire after two days of that! It was a hot mess with lots of bags of drywall and tile going into the trash.


Supplies needed for demo:


Large Heavy Duty Garbage Bags

Rockwell Sonicrafter with End Cut Blade Attachment

Crow bar


Push broom

Large Dustpan


Face Mask

Protection Goggles

I was able to donate the old shower, bath tub and vanity to Habitat for Humanity Restore.

They even came and picked it up for me. The worst part of the demo was the floor.

There was tile, then plywood, then laminate, then plywood that all had to be pulled up. Ugh!  Glad that is over.


The next step was to frame a wall.

Since the room isn’t very big we had to build the wall in the bathroom.

So we used pocketholes with my Kreg Jig to frame it out.

When I say “we”, I asked my friend Mike to help me since I had never done it before. It really is super easy.

I totally could have done it by myself knowing what goes into it now.

But it is was nice to have a friend hold my hand since I had never built one before.

Click here to see the construction of the wall.

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  2. looking forward to see your progress. What a big bathroom! Our master is tiny and need of a redo, thanks for the inspiration.

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