Do you want to see what she ended up looking like?

DSC05607Click here for all the details, including how I made the hardware look like they were antique silver (and it did not include spray painting them).

I interrupt this normally creative blog to give you a dose of a day in the life of IC.  It has become a running joke that whenever I leave town without my husband something insane happens.  Usually it involves my car breaking down in some sketchy part of town.  Click here to read that one.  But yesterday was unique in the fact that it didn’t have anything to do MY CAR.

If you follow me on twitter then you already know I was trapped in standstill traffic on my way back from Chicago for an hour and twelve minutes. I am not talking crawling, creeping, slow traffic.  I am talking about turn-your-car-off, people-hanging-out-on-the-freeway-getting-to-know-each-other kind of standstill. Add two small kids into that equation and that is the recipe for crazy town.

DSC05736My socialite son was going from car to car introducing himself but only after he dropped his pants and peed on the side of the median.  Did I mention it was windy and he decided to pee into the wind?

DSC05737 Then there was my daughter who wanted to show her newly learned skill of running.  So between chasing my daughter and making sure my son kept his pants on I was fried after an hour. 

Luckily my mom was there to help me corral the monkeys and try to entertain them.  We got home an hour and a half past my kids naptime and listened to Kayla scream for about the last hour. 

Who wants to come with me on my next road trip?

DSC05731 A truck hit a semi right at the diesel tank and the gas poured all over the freeway leaving traffic backed up for miles.