The Rise of the Laundry Room

This is the best remodel project ever!!!!  Come take a peek into our master bathroom…DSC05847

What is in the closet you say?  We moved our laundry room from the first floor to the second floor.  Can I tell you how awesome it is to strip down naked and just throw my clothes in the wash?  Sorry for the visual, but it ROCKS!!DSC05842DSC05843Ok right now it is not beautiful, but it is functional and wonderful!!!  Oh my stars I am in LOOOOOOVE!

I am just getting used to it to try and figure out exactly what I want to do with it.  I am thinking a drop down folding table would be DEEEVINE.

It is a 7” x 10” room so it is a nice size for a laundry room.  I took down all the wire shelving from the two sides and kept one side.  As I take the laundry out I will hang it and then take it to the appropriate bedrooms. Underneath is the dirties.DSC05845 However, I would love to build/make/find something to stack the laundry baskets on to the right of the dryer….DSC05843 I keep vacillating between making this pretty or just keeping it functional.  I am the only one who will see it.  What do you think?

Do you have any must have’s in your laundry room?  Are you a first floor or a second floor laundry room person?