Painted Bread Box

I have been wanting one of those corner built in bread boxes in my kitchen for a while.  Since it isn’t a high priority on my spending list I thought I would make do with what I could.  So I was thrilled when I got this breadbox for $2 at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago.DSC05717

I lived with it for about a week just to make sure that I do indeed like it.  I have been known to think things are cool, remake it, only to never use it.  My husband loves to tease me about this so I try hard not to give him another reason to joke at my expense (since I already give him enough material).DSC05718 I have also been wanting to bring more punches of red throughout my kitchen.  I love the robin’s egg blue walls with my black cabinets.  I also love adding pops of color and what better color to do it with than RED. LOVES ME SOME RED!

This bread box looked like it had been loved.  It was all dirty and greasy.  Ugh!  I took the entire thing apart and sanded it all down with 120 grit sandpaper.  Then I scrubbed the thing clean. DSC05742I didn’t bother to primer this since I prepped the surface well and I was going to a dark red color. I just sprayed away.DSC05744Of course I had to change out the old wood knob for a crystal one.  I love these Oval-O knobs from Eclectic Cabinet Knobs and Decor.  They are all vintage and fun.DSC05756Since you could never guess what is inside the box (ha!) I decided to label it.  Since I am too cheap and too impatient to order vinyl letters I decided to paint them myself.

I printed out the word “Bread” on paper.  Next I scribbled with pencil over the back of the paper really heavy handed. DSC05746DSC05747 Then I laid it on my bread box and traced the letters with a pencil.  It transferred the letters perfectly to the wood.  DSC05748DSC05745 Then with a small paintbrush I hand painted the letters.  All it takes is a steady hand, paint and a small paintbrush.DSC05750 I put the entire box back together and added my bread.  Speaking of bread did you try those Arnold/Brownberry Sandwich Thins?  I got hooked on them when they were a sponsor at the Blissdom Conference. Yum-o.  Sorry…rabbit trail.DSC05751 Okay back on the right path…DSC05753DSC05754 Don’t forget to visit the CSI Project tomorrow.  It is opening day and our first challenge is paint, we’d love to have you participate.