DIY Vintage Bread Bin Transformation

Are you looking to add a touch of vintage charm to your kitchen? This DIY Vintage Bread Bin Transformation is the answer.

Transform an old bread bin (or perhaps a thrift store one?) into a stylish and unique piece that complements your décor. Imagine having a corner built-in bread box that not only serves its purpose but also becomes a statement piece in your kitchen.

I have been wanting one of those corner built in bread boxes in my kitchen for a while. Since it isn’t a high priority on my spending list I thought I would make do with what I could. So I was thrilled when I got this breadbox for $2 at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago.


DIY Bread Box Makeover

Picture this: an old bread box, but with potential. By taking it apart, cleaning it thoroughly, and sanding the surfaces, you can create a smooth canvas ready to turn into a beautiful bread box.

I chose a dark red color to infuse my kitchen counter with vibrant energy and provide eye-catching contrast against black cabinets and robin’s egg blue walls.


To make and upcycle the bread box even more functional and stylish, let’s add a label. Instead of ordering expensive vinyl letters, we’ll guide you through an affordable and creative approach. Not even need for silhouette or cricut machine this time.

With a printed word, a stencil and a spray, you’ll be able to transfer and hand-paint the label onto the bread box, adding a personal touch and making it clear what’s inside.


Once all the steps are complete, a bit of wood glue, reassemble it and display in the countertop proudly. You’ll have a unique vintage piece that not only holds your bread but also becomes a conversation starter and a focal point.

So, let’s embark on this DIY project for beginners and transform that neglected $2 yard sale find into a stunning vintage bread bin that will bring joy and character to your kitchen space.

Step-By-Step Instructions DIY Vintage Bread Bin

1 – Preparation

Start by finding an old bread bin that you’d like to transform into a vintage piece. Look for one that has character, even if it appears dirty or greasy.

To begin, disassemble the bread bin and clean all its parts thoroughly. Use a scrub brush and soap to remove any dirt or grime.


2 – Surface Preparation

Once cleaned, use 120-grit sandpaper to sand down all the surfaces of the bread bin. This will help create a smooth and paint-ready surface.

3 – Choosing the Color

Depending your color scheme, consider adding pops of color to your kitchen for a vibrant touch. Red can complement black cabinets and walls in robin’s egg blue.

Select a dark red paint color that matches your kitchen’s aesthetic. This will be the main color for your vintage bread bin.

I recommend chalk paint for a guaranteed vintage look .

4 – Painting

4 – Painting

Since you’ve prepped the surface well, there’s no need for primer. Begin spraying the bread bin with the chosen color to your tastes, covering all the surfaces evenly.

Allow the paint to dry completely according to the instructions on the paint can. Apply additional coats if necessary to achieve full coverage.

5 – Changing the Knob

Consider replacing the old wooden knob with a crystal one to add a vintage touch. Look for Oval-O knobs from Eclectic Cabinet Knobs and Decor or similar options that have a vintage and fun feel.

I have also bought stylish and cheap knobs from the hardware store for other diy projects.

Remove the old knob and install the new one in its place. You might need to drill a little as screws could be a different size. Make sure it’s securely fastened.


6 – Adding Labels To The Box

Create a label for the bread bin to make it clear what it contains. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to order vinyl letters or French bakery stencils, you can paint them yourself.

Print out the word “Bread” (or anything you like: Boulangerie, Bakery, HomeMade..) on a piece of paper. Then, using a pencil, heavily scribble on the backside of the paper.


Position the printed word on the bread bin and trace the letters with a pencil. The graphite on the back of the paper will transfer the letters onto the wood.

  DSC05748DSC05745With a small paintbrush and steady hand, carefully hand paint the traced letters on the bread bin using a contrasting color.


7 – Final Bread Box Assembly

Once the paint and lettering have dried completely, reassemble the bread bin, ensuring all the parts fit together properly.


Place your loaves of bread inside the transformed own diy bread box and enjoy the new look it brings to your kitchen.

The process involves cleaning, sanding, painting, changing the knob, adding labels, and reassembling. Nothing too complicated.


With a bit of creativity and attention to detail, you’ll have a beautiful vintage bread bin that adds a pop of color to your kitchen decor.

Enjoy the process and the end result of this Vintage bread box makeover!


Is it worth having a bread bin?

The decision of whether to have a bread bin in your kitchen ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs. A bread bin can help maintain the freshness and extend the shelf life of bread, while also providing a designated spot for countertop organization.

Additionally, it can contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, with various styles and designs available. A bread bin can also offer protection against pests and help keep your bread secure. 

What is the best way to keep bread fresh longer? 

To keep bread fresh longer, there are a few effective methods. One approach is storing bread in a cool, dark, and dry place, such as a bread bin or a pantry. It’s important to keep it away from direct sunlight, heat, or moisture, as these can accelerate staling or promote mold growth. 

Another option is to store bread in airtight containers or resealable bags to create a barrier against air, which helps maintain moisture levels and prevents staleness. 

Freezing bread is also a popular method, where you can slice the loaf before freezing and thaw individual slices as needed. 

Do metal bread bins keep bread fresh? 

Yes, metal bread bins can help in keeping bread fresh, but there are some considerations to keep in mind. They typically provide a cool and dark environment, which helps slow down the staling process and maintain the bread’s freshness for a longer time compared to storing bread in the open. 

Metal bins with tight-fitting lids also offer some protection against moisture and pests, which can help preserve the bread’s quality.

However, it’s worth noting that metal bread bins may not provide an airtight seal, allowing some air circulation. This slight airflow can have pros and cons. 

On the positive side, it can help prevent moisture buildup that could lead to mold growth. On the downside, it may allow some level of moisture exchange, potentially affecting the bread’s texture over time.

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  10. OOOOOh I LOVE that red!!! It's adorable!! I have a corner garage/cabinet (you know this) but don't have room for the bread in there and I see these things all the time at Goodwill and pass them by…just saw one today. I may have to go back now! (Of course, now it will be gone and it will be months before I see another one.)

  11. I LOVE your bread box and the red is the perfect color. Funny how what is old is new again. We use to have a metal bread box and of course they became a thing of the past and now here they are again.

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  16. Yay! I love the red, but I really love that you handlettered it! It's just darling!

  17. Yay! I love the red, but I really love that you handlettered it! It's just darling!

  18. Yay! I love the red, but I really love that you handlettered it! It's just darling!

  19. Yay! I love the red, but I really love that you handlettered it! It's just darling!

  20. Such a cute project t Beckie. I love that knob you used too. Red is my favorite color!


  21. You are so clever …. I just love your bread box. And the red is fantastic and the cute vintage knob! Beautiful job!

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  23. I love this! My grandma had a bread box when I was younger so it makes me feel very nostalgic. I think the red looks fab!

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