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On our trip to Atlanta in May we stopped at the Ballard Designs Backroom.   I purchased a Charleston Mirror in the Fruitwood finish for $40. It was on closeout because it was being discontinued.   Out with the old in with the new! I love the classic cathedral style to the mirror.   It originally sold for $249 so at $40 it was quite the discount.

To the left is the original Ballard Designs Fruit finish and to the right is mine all painted in Dutch Boy’s Lamp Champlain with a black glaze over the top.

ballard designs charleston mirror

There were a few scratches but nothing a little wood filler and paint wouldn’t hide.   So I scooped it up and hauled it back to Indianapolis with me.

ballard design charleston mirror (2)

ballard design charleston mirror (3)

I removed all the screws on the back and removed the mirror.   Then I used some wood filler and filled in all the imperfections and then I buffed the entire frame with a fine tooth 3M sanding sponge.

ballard design charleston mirror (21)

ballard design charleston mirror (23)

ballard design charleston mirror (24)

Then I spray primed and painted the entire piece with my paint sprayer.

ballard design charleston mirror (28)

After it was dry I mixed up some Ralph Lauren glaze with some Behr Black Suede paint at a ratio of 1:3.   Then I glazed the entire piece to match my Vintage TV to Console Table.





I love how substantial this piece is in relation to the console shelf.   It seems to fill up the wall a bit more than the quatrefoil mirror I made for that space.   It is amazing how changing out one thing seems to change the look of a whole space, making it completely new again and catching me off guard when I pass by it.

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