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For the past several months I have been working with Krylon on their mystery boxes. Basically they send me a box of random goodies and I have to think “outside-of-the-box” to create something fabulous. This Christmas Floral Centerpiece!

I did a Back-to-School one and a Halloween one. This last box is a Christmas themed one. 

And let me tell you…this was difficult. Talk about a box of randomness. Whoa nelly!


So I thought, and thought and thought some more.  I even brought in my daughter to look at the stuff and give me her opinion. 

After she said “you can put this in that, and that is those and paint that over there,” I had an idea…a brilliant idea.


What if I broke the stand off the back of the frame and spray painted it in Krylon Metallic Gold?


And then what if I crunched up the candy canes and embedded them in resin to make a mini tray?


Would Krylon Looking Glass spray paint in a mercury glass finish on the vase be fabulous?


And what about wrapping the bells in wire and making them floral picks to add to my arrangement?


And to finish it off evergreen, holly, carnations and a daisy centerpiece?


Would that look good…like say on a table for a centerpiece?


I think so!

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Krylon, the leader in color when it comes to spray paint  All ideas belong to Infarrantly Creative – hey, that’s me!

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  1. Well of course! That idea would have come to mind immediately!! ;0 I love how you used the candy cane in the mirror!! You are so stinkin’ clever–SERIOUSLY! And it looks good to boot!

  2. You crazy talented girl!!! I would have never in a million years come up with any of that and I can’t believe you thought of the candy cane tray. I didn’t have a clue that was real candy canes until I read it. It turned out fabulous.

    Have a fun weekend…Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

  3. The candy cane tray – totally outside the box! LOVE it! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  4. Hey I just watched you on the tv!!! You are famous!!!! and girl, you should be famous ~ this candycane tray is unbelievable!!! and the holiday floral arrangement is GORGEOUS!!! AND, the mercury glass finish on the vase turned out beautifully! (I know, that was alot of ands, and alot of exclamation points, but I was excited to see one of my fav bloggers on tv)

  5. Thank you, Tracy! I was pretty unsure when I opened that box but am loving how it all came together. All it takes is a 4-year-old to get your creative juices flowing! 😉

  6. Such a cute idea with the crushed candy canes, love the jingle bells too!

    PS stopping by from East Coast Creative, I’m their new blog assistant! 🙂

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