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I am slightly obsessed with painting fabric.  I just feel so free that I am unlimited by color or pattern when I have paint laying around.  I also love screen printing and have made several screen printed pillows prior.  I love snowflakes.  I think they are so intricate, delicate and feminine.  So why not make up a few and give them as gifts matching the Christmas décor of the recipient?


Martha Stewart Crafts has a new line of adhesive screens for the holidays. They are meant to be used on glass but work just as perfect on fabric if you use their fabric medium and craft paint with it.


Martha Stewart Crafts Fabric Medium

Martha Stewart Crafts Metallic Paint, Champagne

Martha Stewart Adhesive Silkscreen: Snowflake Set

Martha Stewart Squeegees


sewing machine with coordinate thread

rotary cutter/matt


pillow form

disposable cup

1.  Cut your fabric 1†larger than your pillow form.  I had a 14†pillow form so I cut out a 15†square of red fabric.

2.  Cut apart your snowflake screens so that they are separate from each other.

3.  Mix one parts fabric medium with two parts paint into a disposable cup.  I used 1 tablespoon of paint with a 1/2 tablespoon of fabric medium.


4.  Lay your screen on your fabric and press down.  The screens have a slight adhesive on the back.  Load your squeegee with paint and then drag it across your screen.  Do not press your squeegee into the screen or you will end up with bleeding.  Here is a one minute video showing you what I mean.


Tip: Taping your stencil down is optional.  I did at the beginning to learn how to press and load paint but didn’t do it on my second pillow and it turned out better than the first one.


5.  Remove and rinse screen.


6.  Repeat until your entire fabric is stenciled the way you like.


7.  With a press cloth over your dried snowflake pillow press to set the paint.

8.  Cut two pieces of fabric 15†x 12†and then fold under the long end twice and sew a hem on both pieces of fabric.  With right sides together and the two back pieces overlapping pin and sew your envelope style pillow.

9.  Stuff your pillow form into the pillowcase.

Do you want to see more holiday projects using the Martha Stewart Craft line?

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  1. Your video was so helpful. I used the stencils for another project and it was very smeared because i wasn’t doing it correctly. Your images are wonderfully crisp and the pillows are beautiful!

  2. These are lovely, Beckie! I will definitely give the screen prints a try to make my own snowflake pillows. I love the bright colors you chose- perfect to brighten up the house all winter long!

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