I am a sucker for hidden storage.  And anything that has dual purpose has me wrapped around its finger.  When I saw the Chest R Desk I was like “I want four one!”

Do you need a gift idea for your kids or grandkids?  What your kids need more of is probably not toys but more storage for toys, huh?  An innovative new product hit the market this year called Chest R Desk.  It is a storage chest which converts into a desk.  I thought this was brilliant and will be receiving one later this month for a full review and giveaway.  However, I know you are making your Christmas lists now so I thought I would show you this product ahead of time. Check out the 1 minute video below to see it in action.


It is designed for kids ages 3-12 and that combines a storage unit, chair and desk into one piece of furniture.

It is $59.95 + shipping and is now available for purchase.


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