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As I am working on my son’s bedroom makeover I wanted to give a glimpse back at some of the projects I did for his room in our old house since he wants the exact same room in our new house.  This was originally posted in August of 2013.

This command center is the perfect place to keep track of the school calendar, awards and coupons won from school, some basic school supplies, birthday invites, etc.  We are really trying hard to continue to give Isaac more responsibility when it comes to his knowing his schedule so this seemed like a good step in that direction.

pottery barn kids stanton collection

But what spurned this on was the invite to participate in three Krylon Mystery Box campaign.  I love a good challenge and most of the time enjoy the process to create something great out of nothing.  This is what I received in the mystery box.


I have to admit I freaked out a bit.  What can I possibly make that is cute out of this random stuff?  So I started thinking and I always try to find a need in my home before I start any project.  I had a blank wall in Isaac’s bedroom that I knew would be a good place for a command center / organization bulletin board.  And that is when this idea was born.  I have always loved the Pottery Barn Kids mix and match Stanton Collection or the Pottery Barn Teen Tile collection and knew I could use the items to make my own version.


1/4” plywood (some time called luan)

1” x 2”

miter saw

nail gun or small nails

2 d- rings

Krylon ColorMaster Gloss Emerald Green Spray Paint

Krylon ColorMaster Gloss Black Spray paint

Dollar Tree clipboard


Krylon Spray Adhesive

Wood Glue

Minwax Special Walnut stain

Pre-wood conditioner

Galvanized Metal

Krylon Chalkboard paint


Krylon Mystery Box Contents:

12” cork tile

Paper Clips




Shoe Rack

Plastic Containers

1.  Since I wanted to have 3 rows by 2 columns and the 12” cork tile in the Krylon Mystery Box dictated how large each square would be, I cut out a piece of 1/4” plywood to 37 1/2 by 25 1/2”.  Then I cut four 12” square pieces as well. Those pieces would become the chalkboard painted tile, the green and white clipboard tile, the green tile with the magnetic rods in the middle and the patterned magnetic sheet.  The other two pieces were both cork.  Since I am a hoarder crafter I actually had another tile sheet in my stash in addition to the one Krylon sent me.


2.  I primed the four 12” plywood pieces.

3.  While that was drying I used spray adhesive to attach some fabric (HGTV HOME Jigsaw Malachite) to one of the cork sheets.

4.  I also found a black and white magnetic frame 90% off at a discount store a few months back.  So I removed the magnetic sheet from it and then used a straight edge and a utility knife to cut the magnetic metal sheet down to a 12” square .  Then I used some wood glue to attach that magnetic sheet to one of the 12” pieces of plywood.

5.  After the primer was dry I taped off some stripes and spray painted it Krylon Emerald Green.  After that was dry I retaped and spray painted the other stripes Krylon Gloss Black.

6.  I also painted one of the plywood tiles with the Krylon chalkboard spray paint.  And another one the Emerald Green.


7.  I was pleasantly surprised when I learned the rods on the shoe rack where galvanized. Galvanized means magnetized.  So I decided to cut those down to 4” pieces and glued them in the middle of the green painted tile to give me a small magnetic area.


8.  I removed the clip from a Dollar Tree clipboard to reuse on the striped board.


9.  After all the tiles were dry I cut my 1 x 2s to size (one 37 1/2” and four 12”).  I used some pre-wood conditioner followed by Minwax Special Walnut stain.

10.  Once dry, I laid everything out and glued all the tiles and wood pieces down using wood glue.  I put another sheet of plywood on top of that with some heavy paint cans so everything would dry nicely.


11. I then flipped everything over and nailed my frame in place with my air nailer.


12.  Then I added some picture hanging rings to the back and hung it on Isaac’s wall.


I used drywall screws to hang it from the hanging rings.


To make sure I used 5 of the 7 items they sent me I spray painted the puzzles pieces and added some glue onto tacks to make puzzle thumbtacks.

puzzle-piece-tacks DSC_0187

I grabbed a couple of magnets and added them to the metal and stuck some of the paper clips on it.


I used a magnetic wire pencil holder and added the pencils, ruler and a few other miscellaneous school supplies.


The shoe rack rod magnetic board has some coupons Isaac earned in school.


The chalkboard is where we keep track of our football practice schedule…


I love the wood separating the tiles.  I think it makes it look more cohesive with the room and matches the hanging beds.



Pottery Barn Version:


IC Version:


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  1. You rocked this one! I don’t even like the PB version, but we might need some of these! Pinning to my ‘workload’!

  2. This is such a great idea! I really need to make one for my daughter’s room. I love it – and your board is definitely much cuter. Good job putting that mystery box to use.

  3. That’s brilliant Beckie, you did an awesome job using everything! It turned out really cool 🙂 We had to do a similar challenge at the Evo Conference two years ago in the Lowes session, it was fun!

  4. Yours looks so much better than the PB one! Very creative, especially in figuring out how to use th shoe rack.

  5. I know everyone else has said this too, but I have to chime in and say that yours is WAY cuter than the PBK version! Love the colors!

  6. So cute! I saw it on Pinterest and loved it. I am always so weary about framing but your did and awesome job. I need to get one of those nifty nail guns, I’m slowly working up to more power tools.

  7. It really is easy. I love framing stuff with 1″ x 2″s it really brings the whole piece together.

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