Countdown to Candy Giveaway!

We want to help you get to the fun stuff faster…CRAFTING!

Kids love changing the numbers on this as they anticipate the big day of SUGAR OVERLOAD and costumes!

We are giving 3 of these kits away to 1 lucky reader!

3 Count Down to Candy Kits!!!!


We sold these on last week and they were gone in 3 days so we contacted headquarters and got a few more rolling!

If you don’t win, don’t worry because we made extra! You have plenty of time before Halloween to plan a productive girls’ night out with your friends – if you get at least 9, you can buy the kits for $10.00 less – all together you’ll save $100.00!

Take out the trip to the hardware store($12), the trip to the craft store($14), the order of the vinyl lettering($10), the ribbon store ($14), the cutting of the wood($?), the sanding($?), the tweezing($), the paper cutting ($), the pain($$).

These will be delivered right your door…and the shipping is FREE! YAY…who doesn’t love FREE shipping?!?!

We are only offering this for one week. We need your order by next Thursday, September 16,2010 (unless we sell out) so we can get them shipped to you on time.

Count down to Candy Kit includes:

  • 2 Small blocks sanded
  • 1 Large block sanded
  • 14 pre-cut small squares of paper (As seen in the picture below…it’s cute:)
  • 1 large pre-cut rectangle paper
  • 1 pre-cut piece of wired ribbon
  • "Count Down to Candy" vinyl
  • Vinyl numbers for the count down
  • Instructions sent to you so you can complete it.
  • Free Shipping!! 
  • All you’ll need is:
  • Mod podge
  • Stain or a stamp pad distresser
  • Foam brush
  • Sand paper, if desired
  • maybe a little treat

You can get yours at the Crafts KITS Store

Have fun crafting with no stress!

Craft KITS Store

Since we are giving away 3 sets to one lucky winner you have three different ways to enter …

1.  In the comments, tell me who you would share the two other kits with

2.  “Like Me” on Facebook and then leave me a comment telling me.

3.  Follow my blog (on sidebar) and then leave a comment telling me.