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While at SNAP (a creative blogger conference in Utah) I got the privilege of attending a knitted scarf workshop taught by Ashley, from Lil Blue Boo – the queen of upcycled, recycled and newly cycled 🙂 kids clothes.  She taught us how to make these really cute knitted infinity scarves.  At the end of the class there were tons of extra knitted fabric and she said we could grab a few extra to make at home.  Well I grabbed more than a few (I hope that is okay Ashley 😉 in hopes to make some more scarves.


I was reading Ashley’s blog and looked at her recommendation for a serger.  I have been wanting a serger forever.  She recommended the Brother 1034D from Amazon.  Not only did she give a good recommendation for it, it was also highly rated on Amazon.  So I ordered it…three months ago. There it sat in the box because I was sceeeeered to open it and thread the darn thing.  Isn’t it funny how little fears hold us back from trying something new?


How appropriate that as I was putting away the fabric from the class the screen print Ashley made on one of the knits said “Fear Will Not Rule.â€Â  Immediately I laughed and thought to myself “Girl get out the serger and stop being such a wuss!â€Â  And let me tell you, opening it was harder than sewing with it!


So I took it out and starting reading the manual and labeling all the parts – because I am a huge dork like that. (used Brother P-touch Labeler).



Within an hour I had made my first knitted skirt for Kayla (full tutorial coming next week).  While threading the machine does take practice, the possibilities for cool upcycled clothes is worth the pain of learning how to thread the darn thing.


And I kicked fear in the teeth! Boom!

What small little fear holds you back from trying something new?

Happy Friday ya’ll.  Have a fearless weekend!

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  1. My serger has been sitting in the corner for 10 years… maybe I should pull it out!

    What a super cute skirt! I’m all for kicking fear in the teeth…

  2. I love the way you put together that skirt! It is so funky! And may I say that you need to be “treat bullied” by me and have you eat a dozen or so of my Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies. My oh my, girl you are so thin! I really admire your perseverance. You look amazing and you kicked that monster in the teeth, hey?

  3. Too funny! I have the same serger and mine sat in the box for ages as well. Just thinking about threading it filled me with dread. Oh what a waste of time in NOT using it! Easy to thread and use. I now use it all the time, sits right next to regular sewing machine! Great job!

  4. Oh stop now! You are making me blush! I don’t know how much bullying it would take. I’ve got a mad sweet tooth! Ha!

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