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You know how you have something in your head (Upcycling a Dresser?) that you want and you won’t settle until you find exactly that? 

You see some replicas and think it may work but deep in your heart you know you won’t be happy with that purchases unless you buy the one in your mind? 

Then you try and get it at a good price and it is to no avail. 

So, in a week moment, out of sheer frustration of trying to find what you want at the price you want, you decide to just splurge and buy it? 

Enter my new antique serpentine dresser.

curvy serpentine dresser

I have stalked Craigslist and antique stores for probably 6 months and the serpentine dressers were always over $300. 

I just couldn’t justify spending that much when I knew I could find something I like for under $50 and strip it and refinish it to make it my own. 

But I finally found one I liked that was in pretty decent condition. 

The only problem – it was $250. There is no way I could do it. I mean, sure I could afford it, but $250 on a dresser seems ludicrous (in my cheapskate school of though). 

So I talked the guy down to $150 and decided to buy it. Yes, it was definitely more than I wanted to spend. But in the end I am so happy with it and justified the splurge since it is an antique.

seprentine dresser before

It wasn’t in perfect condition so I decided to give it a coat of Restor-A-Finish in Walnut. 

I had seen Kate from Centsational Girl use it in the past and it seemed like a great option since the wood was in great condition with just a few scratches and nicks. 

My biggest concern was a ring it had on the top. 

And while the Restor-A-Finish did great on everything else it enhanced the ring. Boo!

water ring on dresser

So I ended up sanding the top down completely and then adding the Restor-a-Finish again.

It still had a few nicks and scratches that shows its character but the ring disappeared.


I followed that up with the product they recommend called Feed-N-Wax over the entire piece. It is basically a blend of beeswax, carnauba wax, and orange oil.

It enhances the natural beauty and depth of grain in finished and unfinished wood, especially oak. 

I then used some Brasso brass cleaner to freshen up the brass knobs and put them back on.

serpentine dresser drawer

This piece went in my guest room – which is almost complete! 

Look at the curvy top and the amazing grain of the oak.  Swoon!

restored antique

Now you know I loves me some painted pieces but there is something so charming and right about an old antique piece restored to their natural beauty.

seepentine dresser knobs

I added the coral lamp to the dresser. It probably won’t stay there but it was perfect for styling. 

And I got that oil painting for $3 at a yard sale this past weekend and I thought it would go nicely in the room. 

FYI: Hubby is still unsure about it.

restor-a-finish dresser

Some fresh flowers and a little clearance cutie from Target and I am styled.  It is no Better Homes and Gardens but I am slowly learning.

serpentine dresser styled

What do you think?  Was it worth the splurge?

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