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Do you know what always surprises me?  Technology.  The fast pace it evolves blows my freakin’ mind.  If you told me 5 years ago my Iphone would be my third arm I wouldn’t believe you.  If you told me I would be able to stream video via Netflix or Amazon onto my home TV I would have gasped.  And now I can actually print from my Ipad or Iphone or laptop wirelessly with my Canon PIXMA printer – oh stop you are just teasing me now.

I am definitely not one who is up on technology…so printing wireless has probably been around for 125 years and I just didn’t know it.  But now I do.  And me and my Canon Pixma MG7120 are new BFF’s.  Sometimes I just print just to see if she still works.  I know I am strange but it just rocked my world.

What I normally did was run over to printer and attach the cord and then print it out.  But sometimes I would send something to print and then get distracted and forget and then my print job would time out and it would be lost forever.  Especially annoying for coupons.

Now I can be lazy more efficient and print while sitting on my bum bum and grab the print job off the printer whenever I want.  You know what is even cooler than not having to get up to print?  Printing from my Iphone or Ipad!  Did you even know you could do that?  MIND.BLOWN. Think of all the saucy pictures I can print of myself for my husband and then quickly delete off my phone??  BWHAHAHA!  Did I get your attention now? No I haven’t done that and I certainly won’t tell you if I do. 🙂 I am more thinking how much easier school projects can be now that I can print pictures off my Iphone….at home…wirelessly.  Or how about when I am traveling away from home?  I can take a picture of myself and send it to the printer wirelessly and my kids can scoop the picture of mom right off the printer. Brilliance! The PIXMA has Cloud technology so you can print from anywhere in the world using cloud services.  Amazeballs!

Do you know what else it can do…it can scan.  I know that isn’t a new concept but there is an app (PIXMA Printing Solutions) that you can open up and then place your object on the scanner and it will scan into your Iphone and you can save it as a jpeg or PDF and then email it.  This would have been nice last week when I had to scan my license to send for a replacement Iphone 5c (yes I know they just came out a month ago –DOH!).


I am so thrilled with this new wireless printer.  And I have some awesome ideas to share with you as I test this bad boy out over the next 6 weeks.

Disclaimer:  This is a compensated campaign for Canon.  All opinions, ideas and brilliant thoughts only come from my brain and wasn’t told to say.

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