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Is it too early to start decorating for Halloween? I usually say September 15th in this house, what say you? This Halloween felt flower ruffle wreath could easily be made for any season with a different color felt and ribbon. 

It reminds me of those circle ruffle wreaths that were so popular (and still are!) are couple of years back. I love the ruffle-y texture that the flower shape gave on this one. 

felt flower ruffle wreath

Like yesterday’s flower felt headband tutorial I used my Sizzix die cut machine to help cut out all the flowers. 

I am telling you – put this on your crafting Christmas list. 

There are so many things you can make with it!


How To make the Halloween felt flower ruffle wreath

Step 1

Start by cutting strips of orange felt into rectangles the size of the die. 

I sent 4 layers of felt through the Vagabond machine at a time. 

Then just stack your flowers on top of each other biggest to smallest. 

You will have the three flowers nestled on top of each other.

sizzix vagabond machine
felt flowers

Step 2

Using the “tuck and scribe” tool that comes in the foam tools pack squeeze the middle of the flower stack into the wreath digging into the foam to make it grab the felt.

Do this over and over again until the entire wreath is filled. 

If there is any foam showing just stick one of the petals in to cover it.

felt flower wreath
ruffle felt wreath
halloween wreath

Step 3

For the fabric hangar I used a 5″ piece of plaid fabric I had in my stash and wrapped it around the wreath securing it to the top of my door with thumbtacks.

halloween felt wreath

Step 4

For the bow I cut a 3 1/2″ wide strip and then tied it into a bow. 

I used head pins to tack the bow into place and didn’t want to do anything permanent because I plan to change the fabric out for Thanksgiving to some autumn colors.

black and white plaid bow on wreath
halloween flower wreath

You could obviously add more to bling it up a bit but I love the simplicity of the ruffled orange flowers with the plaid bow.

halloween felt wreath
halloween flower wreath

Here is my Spider Infested Halloween wreath I made last year if you need more wreath inspiration.

Or here is another felt wreath to check out too. As well as my Ruffle Ribbon Flowers and Ruffle Pillows.

spider halloween wreath

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  1. For those who don’t have that cool machine to cut all that felt is there a way to still do this wreath without hours of cutting out the felt flowers? Seems like a craft I could tackle:)

  2. Ok…so cool! LOVE this wreath and the simplicity of it. The flowers look so beautiful on the wreath. I would have to get a cutter though…didn’t you mention yesterday they are pricey??? UGH! Well, maybe girls would make the flowers for their hair??? I’ll need to check. I am not too much into the decor for other holidays (besides Christmas–and like to keep it simple) but this would be a great item to make for each holiday. Oh, and being a fabric freak I have drooled over my felt sample board enough that I could be tempted to buy!

  3. Yah, they are a bit pricey. Mine retails for $250 but appears to be on sale for $153 on Amazon right now. It’s well worth the money for me though.

  4. How about making friends with someone with a machine? 😉 I can only really think of cutting them out by hand. You could probably cut several at a time, but it is a lot of flowers. You could also see if they sell pre-cut felt flowers at a local craft store. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  5. Oh my gosh Beckie- this is spectacular! So beautiful and so simple. The black plaid ribbon is just the right touch. I LOVE this and must make one. And thanks so much for using my dies to make it. Your project is an all time fave.

  6. Hi Lisa,
    Although the Vagabond might be out of your budget (don’t rule out sales), you might consider looking at the Sizzix Big Shot machine too! It is about 1/2 the cost of the Vagabond. The only difference between the two is that the Vagabond is electrical and has a different body while the Big Shot is a manual machine (easy to use) and is standard in shape. Both machines are able to feed in all the same dies. I work in the artroom at Sizzix and use them both all the time.

  7. It looks sooo fabulous Beckie! I don’t know if I could muster the patience…but I sure wish I could because look at the gorgeous results!

  8. Your crafts are FABULOUS! I sooooo wish I lived in the States! You have everything at your fingertips with dollar stores and craft shops the size of our supermarkets! Here in the UK everything you’ve used is so expensive! I’m green with envy!

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