5 wyas to upgrade your hospitality

Imagine you’re away from home and you walk into the place that you will be staying at for the next few days; a comfortable bed, a home cooked meal, and great company. Sounds great, right? When away from home there is nothing better than some good hospitality! With the holidays coming up I am sure that these five ways to upgrade your hospitality will come in great handy.


Hospitality Outside the Box


Feathers in Our Nest not only gives you some ideas of how to show hospitality but she shares 40 ways to show hospitality! One of my favorites that she shares is inviting friends over during the holidays for a gift wrapping party! After reading her post you’re sure to be a pro at hospitality.

 Radical Hospitality


The thing I love about the Life in Grace blog is that she is honest in that when people come to your home, it is not about your home at all. Hop on over to her post to find out why.

Fresh Flowers


Fresh flowers makes the entire room brighten up. They are happy and clean and not only does Imparting Grace give which flowers to avoid when having guests but also shows how to arrange your own flowers.

When Things Are Tight


We all know that it can be a bit pricey at times when hosting a Sunday dinner or having family or relatives stay at your house. Luckily for us Feminine Adventures shares that even if you are on a budget, you can still find ways to share your hospitality when money is tight.

Creative Ways


I like this creative key drop that Love Create Celebrate shares for your guests keys so they do not loose them while they are visiting. What a great idea! She has 11 other creative ideas for hospitality over on her blog.

Does anybody have any of their own hospitality ideas that they use that they would like to share? I would love to hear them!

Here are a couple posts from Infarrantly Creative that I have on entertaining your guests.



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