The Swede Records crayon pumpkins

Halloween is just a few days away. Are you ready? If you like to participate in the spooky festivities, then there’s a lot to get ready: costumes, candy, bags or buckets to carry the loot, and jack-o-lanterns! And, of course, those Big Pumpkins!

I encourage you to read the Spiritual meaning of Halloween colors here. I promise you’ll get inspired. Great new ideas will pop up in your head for sure (like a Vintage Halloween, maybe?)

I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but carving the jack-o-lanterns isn’t exactly my favorite part of this holiday. While I love the effect of a glowing, scary-faced pumpkin on my porch on All Hallows Eve, I’m not exactly crazy about the slimy, seedy mess that goes along with carving pumpkins.  

Plus, a carved one only lasts for a few days. I’ve been saving great ideas for making pretty pumpkins without a single knife or slimy seed!

Take a look at these 5 Ways to Decorate with Pumpkins that will take you beyond Halloween and into the rest of the fall season.

1. Typography 

Fonts and typography have been a fun trend for a while, now (think subway art). But did you ever considering letting them wear the trend?  

According to The Swell Life, letters are what all the fun pumpkins are wearing this fall!

2.  Painted

Here’s a fun idea from Whatever that will get kids involved in decorating.

Use a rainbow of bright colors to paint them with vibrant shapes and patterns.

3.  Dotted

This has to be one of the best uses for puffy t-shirt paint I’ve ever encountered.

A Beautiful Mess used puff paint to add colorful dots to their pumpkins.  I like the way this adds texture to the design, too.

4.  Patterned

Lovesome taped off a chevron pattern before painting this pumpkin. The contrast of which and orange is really eye-catching, and the triangular chevron pattern is a fun nod to the classic “triangle eyes” of jack-o-lanterns.  

(Check out the other great ideas on this site, too–including glitter and chalkboard pumpkins!)

5.  Crayoned

If you’ve been loving the examples of melted crayon art making their way around Pinterest boards, lately, then you are going to die over these pumpkins!  

Who knew that you could melt crayons onto pumpkins for wildly colorful fall decor?

So, what’s your favorite way to display pumpkins: carved, decorated, or plain?

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