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Greetings friends! Today I put together a quick project to help your family encourage one another.  While you may be good at affirming your kids, most siblings are not good at encouraging one another.  This idea makes it fun because what kid doesn’t like getting notes?  Now you don’t need to use clipboards for this project, you could use wood boards or something.  But at $1.00 a board it was pretty cost effective and has a built in hangar at the top so I went with it.



Clipboards (I got mine from Dollar Tree)

Spray paint

Spray primer

White spray paint

Vinyl letters

Flat head screwdriver

Small screws and nuts

Post-it Notes

Stick pin

Hot Tip:  Did you know that you can remove the clip part on a clipboard?  It makes it so much easier to paint, decorate or decoupage a clipboard.  I spent $.40 a board to get new screws and bolts to refasten it but it makes it so much easier to to embellish and totally worth it to me.


1.  Remove clip from clipboard using a flat head screw driver prying the rivets apart.  This worked great on the cheapo ones from Dollar Tree, you would have to check your clipboard to see if it is possible.


2.  Then I spray primed all the boards.  After dry, I gave it a coat of white spray paint.  Now you could just put vinyl letters or stickers down at this point.  But with as much as these boards will be used I figured stickers would peel off eventually.  So that is why I chose to use the vinyl as a stencil instead.

3.  I then designed “Incoming” and “Outgoing” and all our names on my  Silhouette Studio program.  

4.  I put the stickers in place and then sprayed each board a different color.


5.  Next I removed the stickers with a stick pin to reveal the white paint underneath.


6.  Then I added a pad of Post-it Notes to the right where it says “OUTGOING”. This will be where each member of the family can write notes to another member of the family and we all get our own color.


7.  To the left is where each person will put the note they wrote that person.  With the stickiness of the Post-it you can just layer the notes on top of each other. 

8.  Then refasten the clip with some new screws and bolts locking it in place.


This is a way to encourage sibling love and giving a receiving affirmation.  My kids are affirmation junkies and so they love it.  I love having a spot dedicated to this.  It isn’t that we don’t verbally affirm each other but sometimes you forget to do this with the people you love the most right?  Well now excuses are tossed out the window and we are trying to create a culture of encouragement.


I will keep you up to date on how it goes.


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Disclosure: This post is on behalf of Post-it Brand but this project and my opinions belong to me.

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  1. This would be a great solution for my twin boy/girl that have a love/hate relationship and the 16 year old that loves her siblings, but a certain red headed little boy drives her crazy. Such a sweet way to remind your kids that they need to appreciate each other too. Pinning, love this.

  2. Oh my goodness…post its and love notes in one super cute project! Two of my favorite things! Love, love, love it!

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