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Hello 2016!  How are YOU!?!?!  I have enjoyed my holidays and the hiatus from work, but I am sooooo excited about 2016.  I have some exciting business ventures I am jumping into and some pretty cool changes happening in my life.  I am bursting at the seams with excitement about what this year might hold.  I know some people will poo poo on New Years Resolutions, one-year goals, etc., but I love them.  I love fresh starts, new beginnings, and the next chapter. My word of the year is PURSUE!  I am reading to pursue new adventures, relationships, and ministry opportunities in my path.  Bring on 2016!


What are you hoping to pursue in 2016? I know I keep hearing friend after friend say they’d like to pursue a cleaner lifestyle and bring non-chemical cleaners into their homes.  Are you in that boat?  It seems like we are seeing more and more pushes for less toxic cleaners, detergents, and even paints for our walls.  While I am hardly a guru in this area, I did make the change to using non-toxic cleaners years ago and love that I don’t need a gas mask to clean my home. If you’ve been wanting to make this change, the time is now. Here is a great opportunity to stock your cleaning cabinet with non-toxic cleaners for SUPER CHEAP with Epantry.

If you haven’t heard of Epantry, let me be the first to introduce you to them!  They make it super easy and convenient to get natural products delivered to your doorstep.  And if you are new they are offering you something extra special to give them a whirl.  Check it out…

largerlist_mmcd_influencers If you are an existing Epantry customer, you can still get the kit for half off by using this link.  This is a great way to start being able to clean your house from top to bottom with natural products.


The kit comes with a plastic caddy to store them all easily under your sink.  This is a killer deal, People!  I have recently started using the Mrs. Meyer products just for a change of pace (I normally use the Shaklee Basic H.) and really love the scents and how well they clean. 

With Epantry, they send you an email each month and you can choose to skip or ship for the month. It’s easy and convenient, and you get products you can trust.


Click here if you are ready to take the plunge and want to take advantage of this awesome deal.

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  1. I’ve been meaning to do some “pre-spring spring cleaning” so this is pretty much exactly what I need. It’s always a pain when you wanna do some cleaning but you don’t have the right tools for it, especially when your motivation to clean comes and goes like mine does… haha.

    Time to clean! Oh I don’t have [insert cleaning chemical]… well… maybe next… week… or month…

  2. I feel ya. I definitely don’t have an inborn love for cleaning. I’m really loving the Mrs. Meyer’s products and definitely recommend them. Let me know what you think!

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