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When school is out for the summer there are many ways to fill your kid’s days.  The internet has endless ideas of projects to do, experiments to try and meals to make for your kids during summer months.  I am betting a bunch of you also send your kids to camp.  It can be a church camp, sports camp, or some type of learning camp.  In fact, last week Isaac went to Apple Camp at our local Apple store for a free three-day camp where he learned how to make and edit videos.

apple camp

Every year, more than 11 million people in the U.S., both children and adults, head off to camp. With the amount of camps to choose from, that number is not surprising. Whether your kid wants to get better at coding, is dying to swim with sharks or likes pretending he is a secret agent, there is a camp out there for him.
1. Coding Camp

tech-savvy camps

This camp is certainly a nod to our tech-savvy times. During this camp, kids learn about robotics and programming at the TechKnowHow. One option for kids between the ages of 10 and 14 is to take the Game Design Coding Camp, during which they will create an action video game.

There are coding camps designed specifically for girls, too, which strive to give girls equal opportunities in the field of computer science. Girls Who Code lasts for seven weeks, during which high school juniors and seniors pair up with the best female engineers in the industry to learn about web design, mobile development and robotics.

2. Hollywood Stunt Camp

Hollywood Stunt Camp

Some kids will get bored of swimming, kayaking and stories by the campfire after just a day or two. For those adventure-seeking campers, the Hollywood Stunt Camp has plenty to keep them busy. Kids can stay at the camp for up to two weeks, during which professional stuntmen will teach campers a variety of action tricks, including parkour, jumping off buildings and swordplay.

3. Race Car Camp

Race Car Camp

The fastest camp in the U.S., Camp Motorsport, is in Virginia. This program can last up to two weeks, during which campers do on- and off-road driving in mini-cup cars and go-karts. Instructors teach campers when to accelerate, when to decelerate, and how to make precision maneuvers. Campers between the ages of 11 and 17, and who have attended two programs, can participate in competitions. There is also swimming and paintball available for campers.

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Yoga camp for kids

4. Yoga Camp

The Little Yoga House, located in Austin,Texas, teaches kids and their parents how to do yoga, along with providing nature walks and cooking classes. Campers have to bring along a swimsuit, sunblock and a nut-free lunch. The program strives to connect children with nature and a healthy lifestyles. Kids will also learn about animals, endangered species and recycling.
5. Secret Agent Camp


Kids train to be the next James Bond at the Secret Agent Camp by Pali Adventures. Campers will fight during paintball battles, decipher codes and learn how to perform martial arts, all during secret missions. This is the same company that runs the Hollywood Stunt Camp.

shark camp for kids

6. Shark Camp

During the 24-day Fiji Shark Studies program, kids learn about shark conservation while scuba diving with bull sharks and silver tip sharks. They also head to a local village for community service.

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