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I spotted this kitchen vignette at Liz Marie Blog.  I don’t usually go for a very rustic look, but something about this kitchen made me take a second glance.  There are so many different textures and interesting shapes in this small space.  It really has the look of something from another century.  I think it would be perfect in a little cottage tucked away in the trees near a lake….or on a sandy beach somewhere.  It’s a kitchen that says, “Stay a while,” isn’t it?


Well, if this is a look that you love, I have good new for you!  You don’t have to pay the price of waterfront property to get a kitchen like this one.  It’s possible to turn the kitchen you have into one that looks a lot like this.  It doesn’t take a big remodel, either–the rustic feel of this kitchen comes from the accessories just as much as it does from the structural elements.


I searched the blogosphere high and low to find ideas for getting the look of a homespun kitchen like this one.  Check out these five ways to make a rustic kitchen.


 1.  Dough Bowls


Smooth-worn antique dough bowls can be hard to find and expensive when you do find them.  This one, though, was a thrift shop find that had it’s aged look given to it by Setting For Four.

2.  Rustic Open Shelving


The shelf in my inspiration photo looks like a salvaged piece from an old farmhouse.  But you can give your existing cabinets this look by removing the doors and lining the back with wood shims.  Thistlewood Farms shows you how in this post.

3.  Faux Vintage Canning Jars


If you love the look of old fashioned canning jars, In My Own Style shows you how to get that look using new jars.  You can actually get the lids to look like zinc!

4.  Ironstone Pottery


Ironstone pottery is a favorite collectible, making a beautiful display in the rustic setting of my inspiration kitchen.  You can turn thrifted dishes into faux ironstone if you follow the tutorial at Cottage Charm Creations.

5. Wide Planked Walls


Shabby Creek Cottage put up plank walls very similar in width and color to the ones in my inspiration photo, and provides plenty of tips and guidance to plank wall tutorials.

Is your dream kitchen cozy and rustic, sleek and modern, or somewhere in between?  If you could make one change in your current kitchen today, what would it be?

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  1. I don’t think I would change a thing about my kitchen… It’s VERY rustic and cozy! Maybe too rustic for some but I couldn’t see it any other way!

    I do find myself attracted to a lot of these modern kitchens adding vintage and rustic touches though! Maybe I am biased in that department 🙂

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