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As fun as instant communication is via email, Facetime, texting, social media, etc., there is something so special about receiving mail in your mailbox. There is an element of surprise when you go to your mailbox and see a handwritten note from a friend or relative. With all the traveling we do in the summer I thought it would be fun for the kids to send postcards from our road trip adventures to some family members and friends. Add a little gold foil to them with the Minc machine for a little color and glam.

free printable road trip postcard


If you haven’t heard of the Minc machine it is a cool new product that when the foil comes in contact with a laser printed piece, the toner reacts with the foil and leaves behind a colored foiled image.  It is really pretty and simple to use.

So I created a printable U.S. map to send through the Minc machine. Click here for the postcard file.  Click here for the notecard file. I printed it out with my laser printer, and as you can see, there are four to a page.

printable road trip postcards

So I cut them into fourths so they were 4.25” x 5.5”, perfect for postcard mailing.

road trip postcards

Next I used two different color foils on each one, cut to fit the postcards, and sent it through the Minc.

minc machine postcards
colored foil postcards

I removed the foil to reveal a foiled image. It is so brilliant in the light.

printable map postcards
gold foil postcard

gold foil us map postcards

This would be a fun gift to give the grandkids to take along on a road trip to pass time and to keep in contact with you during the summer.  Grab some mini heart stickers to add to your map to mark the location, along with stamps and a pen.

road trip printable postcards
road trip post cards

If you would like to purchase the Minc machine you can find it Jo-Ann Fabrics and Craft Stores.

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Disclaimer:  This is a compensated opportunity with Minc.  All opinions and project ideas belong to me.

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