5 Ways to Keep Kids Happy this Summer

The sound of a slamming screen door, flip flops littering the porch, the scent of spilled sunscreen….these are all signs of children home for the summer.   While spending extra time in the summertime sunshine with our kiddos can be delightful, every mother dreads hearing the three little words, “Mom, I’m bored.”   Keeping kids busy and happy during the long, hot days of summer is hard work!   You’ll love these five ways to bust boredom and have fun with your family, using supplies you might already have on hand.

1.   Cardboard Construction

Lorraine is ready to prove that having fun doesn’t need to cost a bundle, over at Ikat Bag.   She demonstrates more than 10 ways to transform the humble cardboard box into hours of imaginative play.

Don’t have any boxes at home?   Check with your local grocery store for extras.

2. DIY Sprinkler

At Homespun Threads, Tammy shows a stay-at-home alternative to the waterpark.   Using inexpensive and readily available PVC pipe, Tammy made a custom sprinkler for her girls to play in when the days get hot.

3. Arts and Crafts

When it is too hot or–heaven forbid!–too rainy to play outside, put kids to work on a craft project they can make themselves.     Ashley shared these simple, yet fun-to-make butterflies at Make it and Love It.

4.   Gross Goodies

Few kids can pass up the opportunity to play with slime….especially if it glows in the dark!   Amy from The Idea Room shares her recipe for this ultra-gross concoction that will appeal to children of all ages.

5.   Sensory Play

Children–especially preschoolers–learn through their five senses.   A rainbow rice table provides playtime that engages the senses of touch, sight, sound, and even smell.

{Share and Remember} shows how to combine rice and food coloring to make this colorful garden play box.   Bonus:   the rice table provide the same sensory experience as sandbox play, without the mess!

Keeping your kids happy this summer doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming.   What are your favorite boredom busting bargains?