Did you enter to win one of the five $50 gift certificates from My Design Guide

image4I will be picking a winner tonight.  All you have to do for a chance to win is take their free Style Finder quiz and leave a comment here telling me what your style is. 

I decided to try out their free quick fix.  I submitted my two tiered table to them to get an idea of how they suggest I might accessorize it..Focal Point

Here was their advice…

We love your wing chairs and the new upholstery. It brings so much pattern and texture to the seating area. What a great job you did on re-upholstering! The newly finished table is beautiful piece and is a nice addition to the seating area. The red window treatments provide a contrasting color to the space.

The challenge of this room is the lack of accessories on the table, which makes the area feel incomplete. While, we love the lamp shade you are using, we’d recommend a larger chunkier lamp to go with the scale of these furnishings. To address these problems we are recommending adding some accessories which will add balance and make the area feel more complete and inviting.

A new vase featuring cherry blossoms in black and white coordinates with your new upholstery. The vase is made of glass and is absolutely beautiful. Place on the top of the table to add some height.

The Avery Hurricane can be placed on the bottom tier, and can be used in a variety of ways. Fill the vase with the ruby decorative gems to incorporate the red from the window treatments or for a more romantic feel, add pillar candles to the vases. You can create any number of displays using these vases. Change candle colors seasonally or to match the colors in your room.

The new black and white throw pillow coordinates with the upholstery and adds more interest the the chairs. The red throw pillow again incorporates the red from the window treatments for a more complete and cohesive look.

The current floor lamp should be a part of the seating area, but is currently being hidden by the wing chair. A taller floor lamp will keep the lamp an integral part of the space. The black shade features an organic black and white pattern that coordinates perfectly with your wing chairs.

Along with that they showed me pictures of the accessories they recommended with a shopping list with links to the products…



Lamps Plus – George Kovacs B & W Brushed Nickel Lamp $315.00

Pier 1 – Decorative Ruby Gems $8.00

Pottery Barn – Avery Hurricanes $19.00-39.00

Pottery Barn – Decorative Speckled Eggs $14.00

Benetto – Cherry Blossom Vase – 14" $70.00

Everything Furniture – Large Ramsey Pillow – 17" x 17" $30.00

Floral Supply Store – White Pearl Vase Filler $2.00

Imagine Throw Pillows – Graceful Vine Throw Pillow – 18"x18" $20.00

One Way Furniture – Veratex Mia Throw Pillow – 16" x 16" $69.00

Pillow Decor – Royal Suede Throw Pillow 15" x 15" — Red $35.00

I am going to implement their design ideas “Infarrantly Creative style” over the next couple of weeks.  I really liked everything they suggested but of course want to spend about 1/100th of the price of everything.  So stay tuned to watch it unfold.

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  1. They put me as modern. I am really more eclectic as a result of my "finder's chic" style of decorating. =) It'd be fun to see what they say about my space!

  2. They put me as rustic. I was kind of surprised by it! Actually, I even posted about it on my blog!

  3. They put me as rustic. Hmmmm… Maybe as I do like the Arts & Crafts look. With strong leanings of country (NO way!) and modern (eh… a little bit).

    I'm not impressed with their test.

    I'll give the free advice thing a try and see what they have to say about that.

  4. i cannot wait to see what you do!

    They have me as modern and rustic which i do consider myself and a little bit coastal which i think it's my husband's influence.

  5. That's pretty cool! I want to head over and take their quiz. I love that they gave you some photos. 🙂

  6. Very cool! I have a even mix of Traditional, Country, and Rustic. Probably more traditional than anything though 🙂 I'm okay with that!

  7. The quiz results showed that I was traditional (extremely) with a moderate splash of modern which is exactly how I envision rooms!

  8. I am mostly Traditional. (Some romantic, tuscan & rustic – LOL)
    How fun. What a great site!

  9. You know I did this and wasn't too sure what to think until I asked my husband what he thought. You know he agreed with them, dead on! I'm supposively Rustic with leanings towards modern and tuscan. I guess that explains my love of old steamer trunks, old books, leather sofas, chrome, pottery, chunky wood cutting blocks, and all things Italian!

    We are going to have him take the "quiz" to see where his "tendencies" lie so that we can make better decorating decisions!

  10. They put me as modern, rustic and traditional. Interesting…Aren't those contradictory?!

  11. This was fun! I was mostly traditional with a little bit of modern…right on track.

  12. They put me as Traditional Country, which I agree. I decorate very conservatively. Fun Site!

  13. they put me as traditional, romantic and country which is pretty spot on! what a fun site, i can't wait to do the free quick fix thing too! what a fun site!

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