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If you have just found this post I recommend starting with post 1 here… this is My Daughter’s Health Story Part 6 (and last!).

So we left Dr. Eyrich’s office armed with a boatload of supplements to try and regulate her system and get her immunity strong again. 

I could tell within three days of her being back on the supplements that her body was getting stronger.


Within two weeks she was that happy, healthy little girl again. All of the supplements she took willingly and easily. 

She would open her mouth for the drops under her tongue and we would mix the probiotics with her applesauce and she would gobble it up like a champ.

IMG_0036 Kayla waiting in the AT&T store with mommy

So 6 weeks later we went back for the same Nano SRT test to see how well her body progressed.  Out of the 100 categories she came back being sensitive to black pepper, avocado oil, sunflower oil and coriander. 

So Dr. Eyrich sent those specific waves back through her body to desensitize her and said we will run the Nano test one last time in 8 weeks and she shouldn’t have any of those stressors anymore.

He also adjusted her and did some body work on her and he could tell just by touching her belly how much healthier her gut was. 

Fun fact: Did you know 80% of your immunity is in your gut? That is why it is so important to take care of your gut health.

Kayla has been off all antibiotics for about 3 1/2 years now and even though we had a blip (see post 2) where she was ill again we feel like the best course of action is to continue on with these supplements and not strip her immunity further by putting her back on antibiotics.

IMG_0034 Kayla fishing at papa’s lakehouse

Now I share this because it is our story. I am not an anti-antibiotic freak nor have I changed my whole philosophy on the fact that the medical profession is very necessary. 

We just have chosen a slightly different route because of our experience and it has worked amazing.

So to this day Kayla still takes daily probiotics and two immunity booster drops (see above photo) but not as high of a dosage each day as we did when we were getting her back to health. 

We are in maintenance mode you could say. We only give her the Allergy Liquescence when we feel her showing allergy like symptoms which hasn’t happened for about 3 months now. 

I really feel like these supplements as well as the body and chiropractic work that Dr. Eyrich did was what she needed to get healthy and whole again.

IMG_0035 Kayla holding our close friend’s new baby Jude


So where are we now? 

Kayla has been well for about 6 months now – which is a miracle. In addition to taking the supplements, we use the doTERRA essential oils when we are feeling under the weather. 

Dr. Tom warned us that we can’t let stuff go with Kayla. If we notice her slightly off we need to act. 

So if I see she seems worn down I will put a little On Guard on the bottom of her feet. 

There have been times she has been stuffy and I will mix coconut oil with the Breathe oil and put it over her nasal passages and it clears it up. 

We use Lavender a lot in the summer for mosquito bites and stuff like that. 

I only mention that because even the slightest of intruders with Kayla sends her downhill. 

So I am vigilant about applying the oils when she shows any sign of weakness.


DoTerra Essential Oils

Now here is my little commercial: I think every mother ought to own a doTERRA kit. 

But those 10 oils are what I use weekly to keep my family healthy (Lavender, Lemon, On Guard, Breathe, DigestZen, Melaleuca, Peppermint, Oregano, Frankincense, and Deep Blue).

I have used them on my own unwanted pathogens and use them to support the immune system. They relieve runny noses, coughs, night sweats, and throat discomfort.   

I tell everyone that having the doTERRA oils makes me feel like, for the first time, empowered to take care of my family. 

It is a slight investment but worth every penny.  

If you want to talk to me about it I WOULD LOVE TO share with you how much they have changed my family.  

Call me 317-215-5551 and let’s talk.


I am so passionate about these oils and would highly encourage you to consider making essential oils part of your healthcare strategy for your family.  If you want more information about email me and infarrantlycreative@gmail.com.

Well, that’s our story. Thanks for all of your comments, feedback, and concern for our family. 

Thank you to those who shared their stories with me.

That means a lot to me. 

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  1. That is quite a story. I am so glad you were able to bring her back to good health. I know so many people that have issues and the doctors are stumped. I too, use EO’s, and lots of people think it is quackery…but, I love them and they have helped ward off many aches, pains and accelerate healing. So glad you were able to find an alternative to the antibiotics and your daughter is well again. You will help many people with your story.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Thank you so very much for sharing your story with us! I have a friend who sells DoTerra oils and have been wanting to take a deeper look into them since we are struggling with allergies Thankfully it is no where near as bad here as it was in Alaska but I would like to see our family fully well and able to eliminate more OTC medications.

  3. I am glad to hear how well Kayla is doing! I admit freely I think this nano-thing to treat allergies is quackery, but I bet the essential oils do have healing/health properties. In any case, I totally understand what it is to help your kid be healthy at all costs, and what a relief it is when you find something that works. So I am really happy for you that you have found a doctor you can trust, and a treatment plan to keep Kayla healthy! I have an 8-year-old son with life-threatening food allergies to milk, egg, peanuts and tree nuts, and every day I am so grateful that we know how to keep him safe and healthy.

  4. Congrats to you(and family)-you’re an awesome Mom!! This is a story I hear repeated around work all the time from mothers of young children. We need as a society to think more organically-after all, we are organic. Could you put the story together some where on your blog as a reference? I’ve been unable to follow the links because they break after reading a couple and paging thru multiple blogs is a pain. I would SO like my daughter to read this, she’s a chiropractor and has a toddler with an egg allergy. Thanks. I’m going to check out the Doterra products.

  5. This story makes my heart swell. Kudos to you for being open-minded enough to give an alternative therapy a chance. And to think Kayla’s doctors were recommending another surgery!

    As a side note, my husband is an MD. After years of never seeing people get better and in many cases get worse (side effects from drugs often equals more drugs) he started studying homeopathy and nutrition. It has changed his life as a practitioner because he actually can cure people now. As he often says, medical school taught him about disease. He had to learn about health on his own.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your story! I have loved each update. We just go this Doterra kit at our house. I’d love to hear more of how you use each of the oils. What kind of coconut oil are you using to dilute? The same stuff you cook with?

  7. Thanks so much for reaching and your kind words. Sometimes we don’t see the valuable in things until we witness it firsthand. All I know is that the oils have made a huge difference for me and my family.

  8. I can imagine! And, yes, you are right… just having a doctor we can trust and a treatment plan that is actually working is such a blessing.

  9. You are sweet! And, yes, I will definitely get them all together and already have an email out to my coder. They will be put under Personal – My Daughter’s Health Story. Thanks!

  10. I am thrilled that Kayla’s health has improved. Through your research you have found a path that empowered you in your healthcare choices. Being lost in the world of medicine especially when your child is ill is not only frustrating but scary. Thank you for sharing your journey too answers for Kayla and your family. Cheers to a happy and healthy 2014!

  11. Thank you for the information, Beckie. I have become more and more concerned about antibiotics misuse, and have wondered what alternatives there might be. I spent two weeks fighting something that really had me worn out, need to check out the oils.

  12. My arsenal consists of Melaleuca, Frankincense, and Lavendar. Currently I am using them for a patch of dry skin that takes over the palm of my hand in the winter and you are a wise mama to take over your families health.

  13. I am thankful I clicked on over to your blog! My teen suffers from severe allergies to the outside elements. She plays club soccer as well. Living in the desert is horrible for allergies too. Asthma. Seasonal. Landscapers at school. It’s over. My girls suffer. My teen: allergy shots didn’t work. now onto another shot to stop reactions. not working. Breathing issues now. Stress/anxiety issues now. My poor girl. I want/need to try this. I have tried some in the past. I hate to see her suffer. Her face itches to no end and tears follow. No idea why. Crazy. Everything has been tried. Meds too. All seeming to be getting worse. Scary too. School is suffering bcuz of this all. Thx so much for sharing this!! xo

  14. I hate to hear your poor girl is going through that and can only hope that the oils offer a remedy for her seasonal threats. Please let me know if you do try them. I’d love to hear how she’s doing.

  15. I’m glad I stopped by to see your favorite things .. I had missed this last update on your daughter..I’m very happy things have greatly improved for Kayla. what a trial this has been for y’all.

  16. I thought I had already commented but just in case it got lost somewhere… Have you had her Immunoglobulins checked? It is a blood test. IgA deficiency is very common (1 in 500people). It means more susceptibility to respiratory infections, intestinal infections, and skin infections. It is important to know about because if a person with an IgA deficiency needs a blood transfusion that blood must be IgA deficient too or that person would have an allergic reaction to the blood. When sick with a bacterial infection it is best to treat it with 14 days of antibiotics instead of ten. That being said antibiotics are not needed most of the time and orthoptics afterwards is a great idea! Some young children have transient IgA deficiency and will grow out of it. Others don’t grow out of it and it is called selective IgA deficiency. I your daughter had been healthier in recent months and I hope it continues forever!

  17. I am sorry if I missed your comment before. I have not had her immunoglobulins checked. Thankfully, the oils have made a tremendous difference for Kayla, and she is much healthier. Thank you!

  18. I read your daughter’s story and I am so glad she is doing well. My
    youngest daughter has suffered with allergies, eczema and lactose
    intolerance her whole life and she is almost 18 years old. When she was
    born if she was awake she was screaming and sick! It was awful. I am
    going to look into those oils! That sound interesting to me and I agree
    about the probiotics! We need to get her on those again. So how is
    she doing now?
    By the way the healing of her nose area is really
    interesting and cool! So many of us just would have done the surgery
    and steroids though. It is amazing what naturopathic treatment can do!
    I kind of believe in doing both traditional and naturopathic together
    as it sounds like you do too!
    Love this story! Very inspiring!

  19. Thank you so much, Robin, for your encouraging words. Kayla is doing very well, and I definitely attribute that to the changes we made. The oils have been amazing for our family. I do hope you will check them out!

  20. Hi Leanne, I used 6 drops of lemon, oregano, and Onguard on the onset in a empty capsule 3 times a day for 5 days. I hope that helps!

  21. Can you please tell me where you buy the supplements your daughter takes? My sons have low immunity. My oldest has asthma and eczema and can go from a sniffle to pneumonia in the blink of an eye. Thanks in advance. We do use essential oils already, but they need more.

  22. I am so sorry to hear about your struggle with your sons. I understand it all too well. Many of those supplements can be ordered on Amazon. The other ones I got were from Dr. Tom when I lived in Indiana. I have since moved to Columbus, Ohio. I have found that my chiropractor can order them for me. So maybe you can check in your area and see if any area doctors or chiropractors can order Standard Process supplements or Professional Formulas. You might be able to find their websites and call them to see who you can purchase from near you. Best of luck.

  23. I love your story! Although I too use essential oils and alternative therapies I will never completely forgo traditional medicine. I think they are best when used altogether! I have seen the oils help with my asthma in a big way and love On Guard for the whole family. My husband was a total skeptic at first but has come around and will ask me for an oil to help with something. My daughter doesn’t always love the smells but she knows they help and doesn’t complain.

  24. I know I’m reading this pretty late, but great story! I am a doctor of chiropractic and I love hearing testimonials like this. (Apart from a sick little one!) it’s crazy to me how easy it is for a medical doctor to put youngsters on antibiotics and not suggest a probiotic! I see if often in my clinic. I’m glad you were able to find the help you need, And hopefully now show other friend a, family members, and New moms that there are great alternatives! I think you’ve done a great job! At one point you said you regretted giving her the antibiotics so young-well don’t! Its not your fault, you went to a professional for his medical opinion. I’m glad you are aware of options and sharing your story!

  25. I’ve been on a similar journey of healing. My first discovery was probiotics, after 10 years of allergy shots, corticosteroids, and antihistamines. My body was overrun with candida yeast and I have had heartburn as long as I can remember. Within a few months of making and consuming milk kefir, the candida was gone. After a few years of adding water kefir, kombucha and fermented veggies with good nutrition, I am free of all meds and have NO ALLERGIES!!! This is about year 5 or 6 now and I rarely ever get sick. I also use EOs and have had the same experience with moles drying up and going away. One keeps trying to re-appear, especially when I’ve been out in the sun. I apply Sacred Frankincense and it goes away again. I bought it because my husband has had 2 bouts of melanoma and I read good things about it.
    I suggest you graduate from the probiotic supplements (billions of counts of bacteria) to the real deal and get TRILLIONS of counts of bacteria! You’re baby girl will have a strong immune system and this will all be behind you! My grand babies love their milk kefir, fermented garlic and kombucha! They’re getting healthier all the time! My daughter in love took my advice after so many trips to the Dr for antibiotics, infection after infection. We kicked the ear infections at my house with garlic and she has never gone back!

  26. My daughter had ear infections every couple months until her doctor recommended we put oil (any but we do a mix of coconut/olive/teatree) in her ear daily (drop or tip of qtip). It keeps the wax soft so that it doesn’t harden & get infected. It works! I keep a baby food jar of the mix in the bathroom & apply every other day now. She hasn’t had an ear infection since & we did not have to do tubes (which would have been next if the infections continued.)

  27. Thanks for sharing your story. In one article you mentioned using “Thieves” and later Doterra Onguard. What made you choose doterra over young living? Thanks

  28. Honestly, at the time, I didn’t even know there were two companies. I just went with the one my friend recommended, but I recommend either one.

  29. Please do not put essential oils in the ears! They would have to be very diluted. I’ve heard of using them diluted in olive oil on the ear externally, but even then, use caution and seek advice from someone who knows it’s safety!

    For earaches/infections, try onion oil. Put a slice of onion in a small saucepan. Cover with olive oil. Heat on Low maybe 10 minutes, just to warm it up and let some of the onion juices into the oil. Put a few drops into the ear(make sure it is just warm, not too hot!) and you can also massage it in externally. You can do garlic instead, but onion has worked better for us. It really is easy, and it works! But if that’s too daunting, check a health food store for ready made ear oils for kids.

    My daughter had antibiotics for an ear infection. A month later it was back. After treating it this way, she quit being prone to ear infections. Now it’s my go-to for any earache. : )

  30. Thank you for the amazing story! I know how well essential oils can help, we use them around our church community. I also wanted to recommend a good immunity booster for kids and adults to drink during winter and especially spring when flu season usually hits. Its called elderberry syrup. I make it my own because I feel its more efficient and cheaper this way. I follow the recipe from wellnessmama.com. love to drink it and my kids too! Anyways, best of luck! God bless your family!

  31. Thank you so much for sharing! My daughters struggle with eczema and allergies as well. My girls and myself have been diagnosed with Lyme disease. It is interesting to hear about the method the doctor used for your daughter. The doctor I am seeing uses a sort of similar technique but with magnets and muscle testing. His website is http://www.craniobiotic.com . Thanks again for sharing. have a blessed day.

  32. I enjoyed your story. I am an avid user of frankincense oil and myrrh oil. It’s a great anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. My son is 6 and he has similar symptoms: eczema, a cough that resembles allergies because it doesn’t go away. I’m happy that people are using alternative methods for healthcare as the “traditional” way isn’t curing the problem it’s just putting a band-aid on it. Bravo….and thanks to the lady who gave you the sample.

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