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I once had a very wise friend with grown up children.  Upon looking at their child-rearing days I was so impressed by all the fun things and great adventures they had as a family.  When I asked them about how they cultivated so many memories they said their goal was “to create so many memories as a family that their children would have to jump over each one in order to turn their back on their family values.”  That has stuck with me for years now.  I remember walking away from that conversation and thinking I want our kids to feel that way.  So we, as a family, have set out to do that.  We want to create memories with my kids that bring them back, years from now, to the values and character traits we taught them as a child.  Which is why we do crazy stuff like this….


While this picture is bizarre enough that it could make a round-up on Huffington Post of Awkard Family Photos, and embarrass Tim and I for years to come, that is okay. Because what my kids will remember is not that it was cold outside and we froze for 30 seconds to take these pictures (a tripod and a friend snapping away helped with the quick time).  They will remember that mom and dad willingly did something crazy and different as a family.  They will remember how much fun we had, how silly our family can be.  They will remember that dad got teased at work for such a stunt but that he didn’t care.   Our family memory we created was worth it.


Because you see, you have to take advantage of moments like this.  They are not always there.  At age 8 and 6 they think this is the most wonderful thing our family has ever done.  At 18 and 16 they wouldn’t be caught dead doing this with us.  But believe me when they are 18 and 16 I will most definitely bring this picture out 😉


So is our family crazy?  Absolutely.  We are crazy about each other and are willing to do things outside of our comfort zone (brrrr!) in order to capture something in our hearts that will last a lifetime.

Just another memory our kids would have to jump over.

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  1. I love it I love it I love it!!! A million times over! I’m all about family memories, the more concrete and crazy, the better. It’s like our favorite dessert, it sticks with you, and you keep going back to it. Love what your friend said, and yes, the more we play together as a team, the more we will stick together in hard times.

  2. That is awesome. I was just having a dance party with my daughter before preschool this morning in the hallway and for a moment I thought, “I must look really silly to her teacher”, and then immediately shook it off and thought, “who cares, having fun usually looks silly, keep dancing”. I’m glad I did and I’m glad there are other people out there who are willing to have fun and be silly, appearances be darned.

    I sometimes find myself falling into the too serious adult mode when around my kids and I make it a point to shake it off and have fun instead. I think that’s how you build up those relationships and memories that carry you through the tough days and years that come up.

  3. I’m so glad that you do these things…and I’m even more glad that you remind others to do them, too! I agree with your philosophy and so far (fingers crossed) it seems to me working for our now 20-something sons. xo

  4. This is brilliant! Certainly, they won’t love it when they’re teenagers, but once they get past that age, they will love it again. I’ve got some horrible Halloween photos from when I was a kid, and I would have hated them if I had seen them as a teenager, but as I’m a bit older now, I’m glad to have them. My mom took the time to dress up for Halloween with me (though mid 90’s, it was horrendous!), and that’s all that matters about it. 🙂

  5. Definitely! I want to be a parent that doesn’t mind being embarrassed or doing something crazy in order to have fun and create memories with our kids. Like you said, that’s what matters most!

  6. being a crazy fun loving mother usually begets better more self confident teenagers. living thru all the crazy antics and funtimes helps them feel friendlier to supposed embarrassing situations.

  7. I absolutely love this! We don’t have kids yet, but we’ve already talked about how we want to have fun with our kids doing activities that we always wanted to do, or did, growing up that bonded us with our parents. I guess I knew it tied us to our family values, but seeing that phrase in print made it much clearer. Also, your snowman picture is perfection. I will back you up if you get selected by Huffington 😛

  8. I couldn’t help but smile while reading your post! It is so refreshing to see someone willing to do something out of the ordinary – when did it become such a bad thing to be different? I love it! Hope you and your family have many more memory making opportunities to come!

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