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If you are just beginning this story, you can start with the first installment.  I left you last week with a weird growth on my daughter’s face that we had just had surgically removed in February of this year, 2013. 

Within three weeks and $2200 later, the growth was back. I was so frustrated, discouraged, and I will admit- a little fearful of what the next step was going to be. 

Having just been told that they wanted to repeat the same surgery and also have her come in four to six times for six weeks to get steroid shots in that area, I was a little freaked. 

Of course, I was willing to do whatever it took to get the growth removed.  I just didn’t want to subject Kayla to all of that if it wasn’t the only option on the table. 

We decided to get a second opinion and we were in a month-long holding period until we could get in to see a specialist at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. 

Here is where we were…


Meanwhile, we went on with life, trying not to make a big deal about the growth on her nose and to being very careful not to talk about it in front of her. 

Other little kids and even adults would ask Kayla about it, and she was starting to become really self-conscious about it.

We obviously didn’t want to make her any more uncomfortable about it than she already was. 

One day Kayla came up to me after another person had asked her about it and said, “Mommy I don’t care if I have to have surgery on my nose again. I just want it to be gone.”  Heart.break.

I told her that Mommy and Daddy were working really hard to figure out how to get rid of it. Then I went into the bathroom and started bawling. 

I felt terrible that she was having to deal with curious kids and adults and that she was developing insecurities. I felt even worse that I couldn’t protect her from that.

Sidenote: During this time of waiting for our next appointment, Kayla had also gotten sick again. Her eyes were watery, she was very stuffy at night, and she started developing eczema again on the back of her knees, creases of her arm, and on her neck. 

I chalked it up to allergies and started giving her OTC allergy medicine at night. It allowed her to get to sleep, but it didn’t really help the problem.  She was waking up every night stuffy, miserable, and out-of-control. 

She literally would be screaming bloody murder and completely inconsolable. She would arch her back and flail. My husband or I would have to watch a show with her on our laps to calm her down and then lay with her until she fell back asleep. 

Needless to say, after two weeks of that, my husband and I were exhausted. Kayla seemed to be fine after about an hour of waking up in the morning. 

The stuffy nose would subside, and she would seem okay. She was still itching her eczema, but we were keeping that at bay with some Aquaphor.

Kayla was taking some private art lessons during this time with a girl from our church named Amy. I told her about it, and she knew about the surgery and everything. 

One day she very timidly started talking to me about some essential oils.  (At this point, Amy really wasn’t selling the oils. She was more just using them for her family’s health.)  

She said she wasn’t sure it would work on Kayla’s nose, but that she would give me a sample to try. I told her I was so desperate for a cure that I was willing to give it a try. 

She gave me a sample vial of pure frankincense oil and told me to put a drop directly on her nose three times a day. As soon as the conversation was finished, I was feeling hopeful. 

She brought it over that night, and I snuck a drop on Kayla’s nose while she was sleeping.

Within 24 hours, I could tell it was working. I was so blown away that a drop of this oil could bring such healing to the growth. 

I continued this regimen, putting three drops on daily. Every morning Kayla would run to the mirror and look at her nose and say, “Mommy, come look. My nose is getting better.” 

She was so excited, and we had no problem with her putting the oil on her nose. The oil smelled strong, but Kayla didn’t care because she saw it working.

Within one week, I was so shocked at the results from literally just DROPS of oil.

IMG_0018_2As you can see in the iPhone pictures, it looked a little worse before it got better. 

It started shriveling up and turning brown, red, and black before it literally fell off. We kept this up for about two months. 

It was gone in about a month but I was just scared to stop using it so I kept on until I was certain it wouldn’t come back.


These oils were such a miracle for us that I want every single one of them.  I started doing a bunch of research about these oils and realized how powerful they are.


So I called Amy after a couple of days of seeing the frankincense working and asked her if she had anything for Kayla’s seasonal threats.

Click here to read part 5

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  1. This is awesome! Becky…you know now that essential oils are God’s gift of healing to us! They are truly amazing and have transformed my family’s health, as well. I still can’t believe that they can heal just about any ailment! Thanks for talking about them. I have also shared my story of oils and organizing them, too!

    Becky B.

  2. Unbelievable! I had my massage therapist give me an oil in hopes of helping my migraines. No luck. She uses very expensive oils and massage and has shared some amazing changes in some of her patients. I do believe there are possibilities there! I can’t wait to hear what happens next! I hope you find an answer to the night time problems too. I can’t imagine the torture you describe!

  3. Wow! I’ve been checking every day for updates! Sarah deals with so much eczema I can’t wait to hear what you know. I do have a small arsenal of oils but so far haven’t come across the perfect one.

  4. I have just started with Young Living oils and I can not tell you enough the difference they make in everyday life with sickness and stress. Bergamot cleared my friend’s nephews eczema overnight! No joke.

  5. I’m curious if you have been able to share your photos and results with your doctor(s)?

  6. Wow, what an improvement! That is truly awesome! I’m also kind of floored; I’ve been keeping up with this series because my son’s story is similar to Kayla’s (and I just realized she is Kayla and his name is Caleb, weird ;), but I shared on my blog recently about having to get a hysterectomy and start hormone replacement therapy when I’m 35 because of a medical thing that I have, and one of my readers recommend the “Balance” blend of doTerra essential oils instead of hormone replacement. I am terrified at the thought of hormone replacement and its side effects, so after her recommendation and yours, I am definitely going to have to do my research on essential oils. Thank you so much for sharing. It is amazingly freeing to know that there are different options out there other than the standard way of going about things and the side effects that come with it. Hope you’re having a great week, Beckie!

    ~Abby =)

  7. I am so glad I have followed this story!!! I have a very irritating skin tag on my neck and have really been wanting to have it removed. I just ordered some frankincense to try. THANK YOU! I am already a believer in the healing power of essential oils so this was easy for me 🙂

  8. The oils are amazing. That’s all I can say. I too have been floored by their effectiveness and so grateful to find an alternative option to “traditional” medicine for my sweet girl.

  9. Thanks for sharing this! I got in touch with Amy right away and she’s sending me samples this week!!

  10. I wrote my health story on my blog today, then I popped over to read this! I had never considered essential oils – but I’m going to check them out. I did use Frankincense on a boil that my daughter had one time, and it worked amazing! Saved us a trip to the ER!

  11. How exciting! I’m jumping up and down on the inside. I know absolutely nothing about essential oils, but I’m in awe. My grown son has battled eczema since he was about 18 months old. The doctors kept saying he would grow out of it, but he hasn’t. I’m curious to learn more about the oils!

  12. My daughter uses essential oils all the time to heal all types of things. She has me using them as well. They are wonderful! Some are a little pricey, but most cost about $12. They last a very long time since you literally use a drop here, a drop there. Easy to look up on the internet what ails you and what essential oil can help you.

  13. Definitely check them out. I wish we had known about them before going through with the surgery but am grateful for finding them at all.

  14. There are oils for pretty much everything. Check in with my friend Amy, and she can give you more details. I hope you find something to help your daughter. The oils are amazing.

  15. No, I actually have never followed up with the ENT who did her first surgery. I had planned on writing a letter, but you know how that goes.

  16. What a blessing and savings of money. So glad your daughters health is better. I have also heared good things about young living essential oils. I know that in general essential oils gave amazing benefits. I like crafting with them in soaped!

  17. Awe my heart was breaking reading your post. I can’t imagine how hard that is. I’ll be thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers.. so glad that oil worked. Amazing!

  18. Wow! I am so happy for you guys, especially for Kayla. Really, truly miraculous–doesn’t it kind of make you wonder why doctors cannot come up with simple cures like this?

  19. Thank you so much for sharing this story Beckie!
    I am both honored and overwhelmed at the response I have received. I want each of you to know that I am working hard to respond to every email. If I haven’t gotten a response to you yet, I am working diligently to do so!
    Amy Hommell
    doTERRA Independent Product Consultant

  20. Wow -what a miracle oil! Thanks for sending me the follow up – I missed this one. I’m so amazed at the results and glad that it’s gone away for her. Having a 5 year-old myself – I can only imagine the heart break while she was struggling with it. Happy to see how well it healed!

  21. I am so glad for your daughter’s good outcome. Also, glad for the doTerra. we are using for a number of things too but nothing quite so dramatic.

  22. Katie, My kids had Molluscum and warts, 1 quite had them particularly bad, all over her face, hands and body. We used a product called DCP (Diphenylcyclopropenone it was recommended by a Dermatologist). And had fabulous results. Only took a couple of weeks for them all to disappear. It works by triggering the immune system into fighting the virus. The virus sits just under the skin, but not deep enough to be detected, so you have to alert the immune system to it. I would suspect much like the Frankincense did, it aggravates the growth, which alerts the immune system. The growths just shrivelled up and disappeared.

  23. That is amazing. I have a very large keloid on the back of my ear from a piercing gone bad. I also have a few on my body from acne scars. Go figure. I’m interested in checking out the same treatment. I’ll definitely bookmark this page for later. I’m pregnant now, so I don’t want to do anything just yet. Thank you so much.

  24. So happy for your daughter!! I know that must have been so hard on her (and you). I’ve never looked into essential oils but now I’m thinking I need to!

  25. It worked a miracle for Kayla, so I highly recommend trying it. The oils are natural, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt to wait or talk to someone like Amy to get more info since you’re pregnant.

  26. YAY!! I’m a doTERRA IPC and I’m not surprised at the marvelous healing on your daughter because I have seen the amazing healings from using doTERRA EO on my family, friends, myself and strangers. I’m so so happy that they worked for your daughter as well!!
    I’m curious to know what the doctors said if you went back to see them? Most doctors will still not believe in the healing properties of EO and some doctors actually use them.
    Keep sharing your wonderful testimony!! The one thing I’ve learned about EO is CONSISTENCY is key!!

  27. Reading this really shows the deep love you and your husband have for your Daughter. It is very refreshing to witness this in a world that isn’t so kind. I’m so happy you have found something that works for her. I completely understand naturalistic healing, my wife is a manager at Whole Foods and has instilled the culture in our family. There are sooo many natural remedies that will work in place of conventional medicine. There are Doctors that will encourage finding new methods as well as those that will discourage. Hopefully you can find a homeopathic Doctor in your area.

  28. If you drink diet soda or use sugar free products that contain Aspartame stop using them. My son suffered for two years and as soon as we cut off the Aspartame his symptoms never returned.

  29. Our family too discovered essential oils several years ago when my daughter was struggling with acid reflux. The doctor wanted to put her on Prevacid, and we did for a while, but I didn’t want her to have to take it for the rest of her life! She was only 6! Once we used the first oil (a mix called Di-Gize) I was sold! Frankincense is one of the best oils out there! It is also great for coughs! Just a drop on your chest, and you will sleep easy all night! So glad that it worked for your daughter’s nose!
    Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  30. Katie – My son also had Molluscum when he was 7. I used melaleuca oil and it was gone in about 2 weeks. This was after many doctor appointments and creams, including Retin A. He has never had a recurrance, which the doctor also told us would happen. I just put it on him each night before bed. I could tell a diffence after two nights! I called the doctor to tell her about it and she said it was probably just his body’s time to heal. Not true! We had been dealing with it for over 5 months and had been told it could take up to a year. Try melaleuca oil!

  31. Thanks! I was instructed by Beckie’s friend Amy to use the oregano oil, and I’m waiting for it to ship to me. If it does not work, I will try the melaleuca oil.

  32. I’m glad they cleared up. Thank you for offering another option. Things like this are so frustrating.

  33. Hello! 🙂
    Thanks to God it helped!
    To be honest, I’m in doubt about it. It’s not I woulnd’t believe in your words, it’s about what the industry could put in it. Or is it all natural?
    It seems that natural things are more helpful as chemical things are.
    Does Amy maybe know anything what could help for hanging skin after weight loss? And anything to get rid of keloid scars (from acne and earring?

    Hope your daughter will never get this thing on her nose back.

    Thanks in advance.

  34. Hi Lily, It’s been well over a year since we started using oils, and we have seen considerable change in Kayla’s health (and our entire family’s)! I would definitely recommend contacting Amy. I am sure she can make some recommendations to you.

  35. This type of story warms my heart I am a holistic therapist and aromatherapy never ceases to amaze me.
    I am so glad your wee girl is feeling better

    Love & Light

  36. Did you mix the Frankincense oil with olive oil or something or put it on full strength?

  37. Just wondering and desperately hoping that someone can suggest an essential oil to help with neuro-endocrine tumors. Have had chemo and radiation but now tumor is active again. Willing to try anything ! Would appreciate any information.

  38. I am so sorry you are going through this! You are welcome to call me to chat. Email me, and then I can send my number so I don’t post it here 😉 A friend of mine saw your comment and reached out to me… Or if you’re not a phone person, no worries. I can reply via email. Much love!

  39. I had something similar to this by the looks of it on my lip, it didn’t get quite as big as Kayla’s but it did look similar to the pics of the Friday, Sunday etc…I picked at it and managed to get rid of it myself the first time or so I thought and then it can back about a two months later I think it was. The second time I inquired about it to my doctor and they said I had to have it removed. It was very painful the second time because of course I played with it and when it protruded from my lip it got in the way so was glad to get it removed. I can’t remember what the doctor figured it was but did say it wouldn’t return….we will see, it’s only been about two weeks now and just finally healed up. I can relate to your daughters insecurities, I was feeling the same way. I hope it is gone for good and thankful for your story, to hear what worked for Kayla! Thank you

  40. Hi Kimberely, It never did come back, and it’s been a couple years now. I hope you have the same success, but if not, I definitely recommend trying the oils.

  41. Beckie,
    My daughter has many of the same issues including a large keloid that formed about a year after having her ears pierced. She is 10 and it is growing almost daily!! The dermatologist wants to cut it off but I am afraid of regrowth! I just ordered some essential oils and was wondering did you dilute the frankincense in a carrier oil? I am ready to try your method!

  42. I also use Young Living essential oils. I find them to be the best. I will try the bergamot on my eczema!!! Thanks.

  43. Hello, thank you so much for this story. My daughter has a wart on her foot that I tried everything for.. Including apple cider vinegar and other home & non-home remedies. I’m thinking of trying this oil. We have a podiatrist appointment this Thursday and our pediatrician said they might want to burn it off. She’s in pain because of it. I want to be sure to try everything I possibly can before making her go through something like that. After doing your research was there a specific oil you think would work best?

  44. Did she have a scar there before the growth? It almost looks like a keloid which is reverse scar tissue. I had the same type growth on my ear that was surgically removed. It hasn’t come back but I worry and watch to make sure it doesnt. This is great to know in case it does.

  45. Hi,
    I healed my daughters keloid with manuka honey. I would put bandages in the morning and at night with dab of manuka honey on the keloid…it took about 2-3 weeks, but it was gone, there is just small scar that’s barely visible…her keloid was from bicycle accident few years ago, above her ankle. It looked red, swollen, painfully bubbled. Manuka honey is safest way to remove them form babies to adults. It has to be 15+ enzymes and up…
    Try, won’t hurt.

  46. Wow, that’s awesome! I have heard a lot about the benefits of manuka honey. We were able to heal my daughter’s keloid with Frankincense essential oil. It’s been a couple of years, and it never came back!

  47. My son had more than twenty small warts on his hands. He was eight or nine and they appeared to be multiplying. The doctor suggested the usual freeze them off etc….then I read something and tried it and it worked- mix the oil from vitamin E oil filled capsules with the oil from vitamin A and D oil filled capsules (halibut liver oil capsules if you can’t find those). Apply to the warts in the morning, and in the evening apply again and cover with a bandaid overnight. They gradually got smaller and then cleared right up, They never came back. No scars, no mess. no fuss and all natural. I would always try natural remedies first if possible. What do you lose by rubbing on a little oil- just a few dollars to buy it.

  48. Just want to jump in and say that I struggled with warts on my heel which were there for 12 years (I’m pretty sure I got them from the showers at the Y). I tried absolutely everything–pennies with duct tape, duct tape alone, prescription ointment from the podiatrist, etc. Nothing worked and it was driving me crazy. I finally said something to a friend at work and she said her mom had always sworn by Thuja oil, which comes from coniferous trees. I started putting a drop of Thuja and a drop of Thieves oil on the warts once or twice a day, and within a week the cluster was down to just one wart, and within another week, that one was also gone. I would not have believed it except that I saw it with my own eyes. Essential oils are absolutely amazing–truly God’s gift.

  49. Do essential oils have fragrance? I’m guessing they do, and I can’t wear/use anything with fragrance.


  50. I know this is a really late reply, but doctors of traditional medicine tend to recommend treatments and medications that will make them and their affiliates money. Also, essential oils, while they have been used for centuries, have not been scientifically tested much, so there is not a whole lot of data or proof that they work or what specific benefits they provide. This is why so many people are immensely grateful (myself included!) that there are people like you who share their experiences, knowledge and associates.

    We actually recently bought a small bottle of Frankincense essential oil for our son who has ADHD, and it has already started to help him stay calm and focused. My husband and I both have skin tags, so we will be trying this. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  51. Does this frankincense works on a mole? Anyone has tried that effectively? Tks

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