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While I have immensely enjoyed the amazing organization my new mudroom lockers have given me I found some underutilized space behind the door that was begging to be used.  While the backpacks have worked fine being hung in the kids’ cubbies – with winter in full force I realized they needed more room for their snow pants and jackets.  Behind the door was a great spot to move the backpacks so that we could have more room in the cubbies.  I know it is great system when I never have to tell my kids to hang up their backpacks.  They have gotten in the habit of walking in the door from school and dropping their backpacks on their hooks.  YAY!

mudroom backpack wall board and batten

This was a really easy project and was completely done in about 4 hours.  I love quick, big-impact projects.h


Air nailer

MDF boards (I used 1 x 4 and 1 x 3)

white caulk

paint sprayer

Scotch Blue painters tape with Plastic film


miter saw

tape measure


2 hooks

Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze

pry bar

utility knife

So here is the wall before we started…

mudroom wall before

1.  My dear friend Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl has a great tutorial on how to remove baseboards without jacking up your walls.  Using a utility knife, flat head screwdriver and pry bar I removed the baseboard.

removing baseboards without ruining drywall

2.  Next I worked on all the cuts that were going to wrap around the mudroom lockers since those were the most tricky.  Then I added the top of the board and batten making sure it was level.

mudroom backpack wall

board and batten mudroom wall

3.  I then added a 1†x 4†for a new baseboard.  Then I added the 1†x 3†in between making sure to space them evenly.  I added one directly in the middle and then added the one to the left to make sure it looked okay with the mitered corners by the lockers and then I added the last batten to the right.

mudroom bookbag wall

4.  I filled all the holes and caulked all the seams to make it looks seamless and built-in.

5.  Using some Scotch Blue Tape with Plastic Film I taped off the wall and used my Home Right paint sprayer to give it two coats of paint (with adequate dry time between).

mudroom backpack wall

6.  Next I added two oil-rubbed bronze hooks from D. Lawless Hardware.  I also sprayed the door stop with Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze paint and reattached it to the new baseboards.  I just need to work on those brass doorknobs now!

backpack organization

Tomorrow I will show you the gallery wall above it.

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