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YAY!!  Woohoo!  Celebrate good times come on!

Here is the final reveal of my DIY Mudroom Lockers I have been sharing about all last week.

My ceilings are 9″ tall so these extend all the way to the top giving us some great, but high, storage.

More importantly, it gives us a place for shoes and jackets.  So I am in full-on training mode to get my family to utilize these after throwing their stuff everywhere.  Momma is guilty too!

DIY Build a Mudroom for Under $400

I decided to go with an oil rubbed bronze finish on the hardware. 

Since I haven’t used that dark finish for a while and I thought it would look fabulous paired with the Dove White paint and Dark Walnut stain of the bench.


The hooks I used were the 3″ oil rubbed bronze hooks for $2.35 each at D Lawless Hardware, which is a steal compared to big box stores. 

You can get these Amazon Basics Coat Hook – Oil Rubbed Bronze which are very similar. Only a bit higher at $3.92 each.

I also got 4 of the octagon knobs at $2.00 each for the cabinets above at the same store. However, these on Amazon are really similar and spot on price Oil Rubbed Bronze Cabinet Hardware Octagon Knob.


I had a dilemma going on as to where to hang the hooks.

My daughter can’t reach those high hooks without climbing on top of the bench. I didn’t want to enable her to rely on me to hang her jacket up UGH!

But I really wanted the hooks to be symmetrical.  And many of my brilliant Insta followers suggested 3M Command Hooks at her height.  DUH! 

Why didn’t I think of that?  That was the perfect solution.  And they are easily removable when she gets a little bigger. 

I did this for Isaac too at the height he could reach.  But for beauty sake, I hung the oil rubbed bronze hooks at the same height in all four cubbies using three in each cubby.


The baskets at the top were the Dark Brown Byholma baskets from IKEA (dk. brown not available any longer). 

They are $7.99 a piece and matched the Dark Walnut stain on the bench.


I was going to make some pull out bins for our shoes. But after the build, I wanted something quick and easy so I went store bought. 

After a bunch of research, I found these galvanized bins at Wal-Mart

They are the perfect height since let’s be honest, we try and shove our shoes in without pulling them out anyway. 

And I love mixing the metals of the silver galvanized bins with the oil rubbed bronze hooks.

Note: They are not available anymore as per November 2022, but these on Amazon are similar and would do the job as well.

galvanized-bins galvanized-mudroom-bins

So Here is my Breakdown of the Total Cost:

Lumber Cost:

$93.85 for the bench

$24.48 for the upper storage since I already had those cabinets

$110.49 for the midsection

Total: $228.82

The other supply costs:

Caulk ($2.28), Wood Filler ($7.97), and Dark Walnut Stain ($7.88)

Total: $18.13

Byholma Baskets and Galvanized Bins: $73.43

Money spent to seal off plumbing: $8.47

Hardware: $36.20

Total: $365.05 plus tax/shipping


I certainly think that is a great deal to create what I created. 

The amount of storage and having a great drop zone is important to me.

I can’t handle backpacks and shoes everywhere – it is one of my biggest pet peeves.


In the top cabinets, I keep some overflow items – like extra paper towels, Ziploc bags, etc. 

I also keep water bottles for when I go on a bike ride or workout. 

The baskets are empty right now but I am guessing it will be where we keep mine and Tim’s gloves and hats in the winter since the kids have a bin in the Trones bins I hung.


Since this is the only room in my new house that is organized and functional sometimes I just sit on the floor and bask in it. 

Seriously.  I know, I am sick.


With the un-square walls, I was second-guessing the wood bench top and was thisclose to just painting everything white. 

I am so glad I pushed through the challenge and made it happen.  The contrast is beautiful.

mudroom-locker-bench mudroom-locker-with-bench If you missed any of the build posts click on the images below to go directly to the post. how-to-build-a-mudroom-bench mudroom-lockers-storage how-to-build-mudroom-lockers-where-the-coats-hang mudroom backpack wall board and batten

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  1. Beautiful work Beckie! Love everything. I also love oil rubbed bronze with white–and the wood bench–you can’t go wrong. You are so talented! Hope you are all settling in well and continuing to grow in your new area.

  2. Beckie, I’ve got some serious mud room envy going on! First for the mudroom, secondly for those lockers. You’ll love the Command hooks they are great! They even have metal finish look ones. I think the stained seat is so smart, it won’t who nicks and scrapes like a painted white finish would. Bravo, you killed it!

  3. Amazing transformation, Beckie! You knocked this out of the park practical, classic and lovely.

  4. Ooh, this looks so nice! It’s a happy coincidence that in my garage I have lockers cut out and partially painted to install this weekend. I’m really hoping it will be the answer to our organizational nightmare. I used Ana-white’s smiling mudroom pattern, but plan to paint and stain it similar to yours. I bought 2 Ikea green laundry tubs for each child and widened the bench just enough for them to slide under and above the locker area. I also added quite a few more bays, since we have 6 kiddoes to organize there.

  5. Wow, Angela! That sounds like quite the project. I know you must be chomping at the bit to get it done! I would love to know how it comes out when you’re done. Best of luck!

  6. Just curious if you wouldn’t mind sharing the dimensions of the space? Width, depth, height? They look great!

  7. I was browsing through Pinterest for mudroom ideas and came across yours. I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you for sharing! I’ll have to show my husband! Lol!

  8. How long is the bench? I am not sure my space is quite as long, so i am contemplating leaving out the little dividing walls between the lockers.

  9. Crazy finding this online – bless the Google gods. I am building something very very similar. Quick question – when you fastened both the bottom and middle sections to the wall studs (with your 3″ cabinet screws) where did you place these screws? It would seem relatively easy to hide the screws (high) in the bottom section, but hiding the screws in the middle section is trickier. Your finished piece is beautiful (and I don’t see any trace of those screws), nice work! I can only hope mine will turn out as nice.

    Definitely going to keep my eyes on future posts from you. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thank you so much, John! I am glad you found my site too! 🙂 I just painted over the screw so they look hidden. Please do let me know if you have any more questions and keep me posted on how the lockers come out!

  11. Oh, and if you scroll to the bottom you can see the links to the other posts on how I built the lockers (the bench, middle section for coats, upper cabinets, etc). Hopefully this will help too.

  12. Love it all! As I’m working on mine, I’m worried about the hooks being screwed into the mdf. Everything in reading says that (or plywood) is not strong enough, but I hate seeing a separate piece of wood on there. Thoughts?

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