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Melissa, from Madison Reece Designs is graciously offering an Infarrantly Creative reader a $50 gift certificate to her shop.  To learn more about Melissa check out her Etsy feature here

Melissa has created each piece from fired silver clay.  They have a rustic, organic, free flowing shape that I love! She makes each piece individually and will customize any piece for you. I want to show you my favorite Madison Reece pieces.

Curly GirlRustic Silver - Curly Girl

Isn’t this a sweet gift for a bride-to-be?

Rustic Silver - Our Story

Look at this gorgeous monogram!

Rustic Silver - Cameo Monogram

Cherry Blossom Monogram

Rustic Silver - Cherry Blossom Monogram

As I Wait…

Rustic Silver - As I Wait

What is your favorite Madison Reece Design?  Check out Melissa’s shop and leave a comment telling me how you would spend a $50 gift certificate to her shop?

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  1. I love the bird in the tree necklace but also love the lovebirds. She has a lot of beautiful pieces.

  2. I love her stuff, its so different than all the other handstamped jewelry out there right now. I would get a monogramed necklace with a pearl and date charm for my friends upcoming wedding gift.-Marie

  3. I like the rustic silver identity bracelet. she has a lot of great pieces though (ps your last 2 links to her don't seem to be working)

  4. Love love love her stuff. I love the "I choose happiness" one. I think I would buy my mother a birthday present with it if I won!! LOVE HER. Thanks for the giveaway. Sure hope I win

  5. Adorable! I think I would get the As I Wait Necklace. Or the Just a Monogram Rustic Necklace. Or probably both (:

  6. It's very hard to pick from… so I've narrowed it down to 4 choices 🙂

    1. Rustic Silver – Cameo Monogram

    2. Rustic Silver – Orchid Bloom Bracelet

    3. Rustic Silver – Simple Flower Necklace

    4. Rustic Silver – Cherry Blossom Monogram

  7. I love the rustic silver mini monogram necklace. I'd have the initial of my 4 kids put on it!

  8. Not a an easy decision. I like pretty much everything on the Madison Reece Designs site. I liked the following neckaces: "it's not the destination", lotus blooms and little initials.
    jo (

  9. Oh my… I'm soo torn – I love SOO MANY of the pieces in her shop.

    The come fly with me one is up at the top of the list as well as the willows one!

  10. I love the girly monograms and the family necklaces. One of those would be my chose. Her stuff is awesome.

  11. Oh this one is easy for me… I have been crushing on the Rustic Mini Monogram for a long time!

  12. I like the family necklaces. I have been wanting one. Fingers crossed! Thanks.

  13. This is so hard to pick. I love the Rustic Silver – On the Vine but so many of them catch my eye.

  14. oh my gosh that pretty bird is AMAZING! I need to own that! hehehe

  15. I love the vintage monogram bracelet and the family jewels necklace. I could go crazy in her store! Love her stuff!

  16. The Rustic Silver – Cameo Monogram is my favorite. Beautiful!
    eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

  17. I would choose a bracelet, probably the vintage monogram or the ID. I love them both!
    Fingers crossed!

  18. I LOVE the Blessed necklace. Before I even opened it I was hoping it said, Blessed beyond measure and it did!!! 🙂 Love it!

    sunshinekmp at yahoo dot com

  19. All her work is beautiful….I would love a monogram..not sure which is my fave though…

  20. These are really cute and I love that they look like they've been around for a long time.

  21. I think my favorite (and what a hard choice!) is the long, slender willow necklace. Everything is so beautiful.

    This is a great giveaway. I hope I win!!

  22. Such neat stuff! I would like a monogram with a little pearl- that would be perfect!

  23. Haven't looked at the site yet, but I love the one of the bird. Awesome…. I also love the monogram. Didn't always have a great family life, but now that my hubby and I do…. well, I am partial to establishing a family heirloom feel. Want the kids to look back and know how much we enjoyed them and each other.

  24. I have several favorites but I think I would pick the Rustic Silver – Little Initals necklace. Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Oh wow, I'm impressed. There are so many shops doing similar things, but her's realllllly stand out and are unique and beautiful. I don't know if I could narrow it down, but the cherry blossom one catches my eye. I think I'd get the Family Branches one though

  26. Wow, what beautiful stuff! I love the Family Branches necklace – I would love to wear my babies' names around my neck. Thank you!

  27. They're all so beautiful it's hard to pick a favorite, but I love the Willows necklace!

  28. I'd pick either the cherry blossom monogram or the cameo monogram – love them both!

  29. I had not seen these before–thanks for sharing them. I love the family branches and the gift necklaces.

  30. What beautiful jewelry! I love the "Family Branches" bracelet…and the "Willows" necklace. Thanks for showcasing her jewelry!

  31. I love the Rustic Spring buds earings. Too cute! Thanks for having this giveaway.

  32. I would use the $50 towards either the 'As I wait' or the cherry blossom monogram – maybe both!

  33. WOW! What fabulous jewelry!

    I'd get delicate twig monogram necklaces for my sisters in law, and maybe a bracelet for their mom with names of kids/grandkids. That is far more than $50… I will have to either refine my list or persuade my husband!

  34. I think a set of Rustic Silver Curly Initials would look so cool!

  35. I love the "As I Wait" necklace…so appropriate during this season of waiting in my life.

  36. Wow! Such beautiful jewelry! I absolutely love the "Family Jewels" pieces! KierraElizabeth AT aol DOT com

  37. Hard to decide. I'd love to start my mom off on a grandmother's necklace, but… I'd love the monogram with the date charm for my own!

  38. I also love the bird in the tree necklace, and the monogram..and pretty much everything she's listed. I've got this Etsy shop on my watch list now…

  39. I love the 'H' monogram, I've never owned a monogramed piece of jewelry with my initial.

  40. I would choose "Each Day Is a Gift" and add the charm "I choose…".

    As a cancer overcomer it's a visible reminder of what I've been given and that each day is a choice.

  41. I like the family jewels with birthstones or rustic silver i the willows. All her jewelry is great.

  42. I would choose the Rustic Silver Cameo Monogram. I love the classic look and it will never go out of style

  43. I love the As i wait…, the one with the bird. All of her jewelry is wonderful. Great giveaway. Nancy P.

  44. I'd buy my BFF one of the necklaces since my BFF owns her own gift shop, she's terribly hard to shop for!

  45. So loving her handstamp charms–haven't seen a one on a neck around here . . . adorable. I squealed with delight when I saw I CHOOSE HAPPINESS. It is my mantra for 2010 though –so it would have to be that.

  46. my daughter and i just looked through and we like the rustic birdie the best- he's so cute!

  47. my daughter and i just looked through and we like the rustic birdie the best- he's so cute!

  48. my daughter and i just looked through and we like the rustic birdie the best- he's so cute!

  49. my daughter and i just looked through and we like the rustic birdie the best- he's so cute!

  50. Her stuff is wonderful! I was just browsinf there yesterday trying to decide what I want once I find out the sex of my baby. I still am undecided, I am having a hard time narrowing down my favorites – I like it all!

  51. I love her work. I ordered a necklace for a friend and I can't wait to give it to her. If I win the gift certificate, I would probably get the "As I Wait" bird necklace.

  52. I love, love, love those rustic silver spring bud earrings! I would love to spend the money on those.

  53. I love the rustic silver cherry blossom or the rustic silver orchid blossoms….can't really decide which one I love more!

  54. She has so many beautiful pieces… it is hard to pick a favorite. I love the rustic monogram and also the family jewels necklace.

  55. So many cute things, but I like Rustic Silver Collection – Cherry Blossom Necklace…..


  56. I am in love with the family tree charm … I've bookmarked her as a favorite Etsy seller … that is a necklace I will be keeping my eye on … looks like a great gift for my husband to get me for our anniversary 🙂

  57. we have three weddings this summer, and i would love to give something from madison reece as a gift to one lucky couple. thanks!

  58. I love the "I choose Happiness" charm on the first page…although I would like it to say "I choose JOY!" Melissa's pieces are beautiful!

  59. Lots of cool stuff, I would probably go with a family branches bracelet

  60. I love the simple flower necklace and the orchid blossoms. There are so many great pieces to choose from!

  61. She has some beautiful necklaces! I especially like the cameo monogram, the delicate twig, mini monogram, and simple flower necklaces…

  62. I would get the monogramed necklace and the my blessings charm! So classy looking.

  63. Wow. I am so glad you introduced us to her! I love the Our Story necklace. Thank you!

  64. I sing lead vocals in a Christian rock band and I'm always looking for beautiful and interesting crosses to wear. I try to wear conversation pieces that stand out and are unique. There are two pieces with crosses that I just adore…choosing which would be terribly hard! But I'd treat myself one of her breathtaking beautiful crosses=)

  65. Oh my, how I love her things!!! There are so many beautiful things! I LOVE the cherry blossoms, and then would probably get my kids initials on separate pieces!
    Love them!
    Thanks for the chance!

  66. I love the charms but the family jewels necklace was by far my favorite. Thanks for the contest!

  67. LOVE LOVE LOVE them all. Think I would have to do my childrens initials and possibly birthdates. I have no mom jewelry. Some really fabulous designs would be hard to decide.

  68. Such an easy answer…I LOVE the "Simply Initials" necklace for my Macie and Cole. I would also add birthstone charms for them and a cute charm just for me :0) Thank you so much for your cute site and the great giveaway!

  69. i LOVE the "i love you" necklace! i would like to give one to my mom!

  70. I love these! My brother and sister-in-law are expecting a baby girl in the next two weeks. It would be really cute to give my sister-in-law a necklace with the baby's initials on it. OOO pick me! 🙂

  71. I love the Cameo Monogram. But also the Cowgirl necklace would be perfect for my niece.

  72. I would love the vintage monogram bracelet. What a great giveaway!

  73. I love all the bird charms! Once our second baby arrives though, I think that the monogrammed initials of my kids names would be a sweet treat!

  74. I would get the necklace that says, "I'll love you till the day after forever." That was one of the quotes I put in my son's baby scrapbook. I'd love to have that around my neck to remind me how blesses I am each day.

  75. Love, love, love the As I Wait necklace. It's so earthy and natural. What a great collection.

  76. I love the Cherry Blossom Monogram, and the as I wait. They are so pretty. All of her stuff is so wonderful, It would really be hard to choose.

  77. I would love to check out her stuff, but her etsy store is currently closed!!

  78. I would get the Family Tree one and then splurge for one of the bracelets too! So pretty!

  79. I'll take one of each! They are all so beautiful! I would have to choose, "I love my blessed life." Thanks for such an amazing giveaway!

  80. Oh wow…
    I love the "blessed beyond measure" charm. That is so pretty…and so true.

    imisstx at comcast dot net

  81. I love Melissa and her cute creations. If I won I would get one of her rustic monogrammed necklaces with a "W" for my sister.

    Fun giveaway!


  82. I so admire people with so much talent!! I'd love to get three of the Curly Girl initial necklaces for my girly girl daughters!! They would be sooo tickled!!

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