Game Board Storage Art
If you have been around Infarrantly Creative for any length of time you know about my disdain for children’s game boxes.  They always get crushed and pieces get lost.  Well…here’s a little storage and a little art in one!  The game board storage art takes your love of games to a whole new level.  It displays it on the wall while serving as storage.
game board storage art
game board storage art decor
Do you want to see the best part?

game board storage diy plans

Storage!!!…LOVES! Are you FUH-REAKING out yet? Board games make the perfect art, in my humble opinion. They are beautifully designed and large enough to be substantial art pieces. Want to see how I did it? Basically, it is a reversed shadow box.


1” x 4” wood boards (I used poplar but you could use anything)

game board of your choice

spray paint

table saw

miter saw

3M Sticky back hooks

Finishing nails

Hammer or a nail gun


1. Pick out your game board of choice. Measure the length and width of your boards and add an inch. Example… If your board measures 21” x 15” you will cut two boards 22” x 1 1/2” and two boards measuring 16” x 1 1/2”. I used Cranium, Monopoly, Chutes & Ladders, and Candyland.

game board storage decoration

2. Purchase 1” x 4” boards from Home Depot or another home center. Set your table saw to rip them to 1 1/2” in width (you measure from the fence to the inside of the blade). You will get two equal pieces and a little scrap left over. I recommend doing it that way rather than trying to cut them in half exactly. It doesn’t work too well.

gameboard storage furniture plans A woman with power tools and pigtails? Hilarious!

3. Next, we are going to create a dado. That is fancy schmancy carpenter terminology for cutting into the board so that your game board will fit inside. What you do is set your fence at 3/8” inch from the edge of the blade. Lower the blade 1/4” above the table. The blade is thick enough that when you create the dado it will fit your board perfectly inside.

game board decor frame cuts

gameboard decor

4. Using a miter saw cut your pieces to the correct size mitering the corners at a 45-degree angle. You could also use a hand saw and miter box if you don’t have a powered miter saw.

gameboard decor storage tutorial

Here are all the cut boards waiting to be painted.

gameboard storage plans wall art

5. Spray paint your boards. I used Canyon Black by Rustoleum.

art storage painting

6. Slides the boards in place and with some finishing nails tack it in place. You can patch the nail holes if you want and touch up paint them.

decor storage framing

7. Now take some sticky back hooks and tack them on the back of the game board. Using a hole punch and some Ziploc bags hang them on the back of your board.

gameboard hidden storage gameboard decor

game board storage art diy

Now hang them on the wall and SMILE REALLY BIG. I want my whole house decorated in game boards now simply for storage sake. I am in love with this idea. What do you think?

game board storage ideas and plans


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    Seriously, your thought process fascinates me!
    Also, loved getting to hang out with you tonight! 🙂

  2. Yes – you are Freakin awesome! I love this! Maybe I should start hiding things behind all my pictures that I don't want my kids to find! LOL JK … but seriously this is amazingly awesome!

  3. You are my hero woman!!! That is the most fan-freakin-tastic thing I've ever seen!!! I will absolutely do this when we add on our playroom. I have one word for you. BRILLIANT!

  4. That is great! Where do you do all your woodwork? I'm definitely going to do this one day.

  5. I wonder if my neighbor would do all the cutting on his table saw if I bribed him with some homemade cookies….hmmm.

  6. WHOA! I love it! I'm definitely filing this away for when I have kids in 5 years 🙂 I love the playful color it adds to your gameroom. Function + Form!

  7. I LOVE this idea. I have seen before about putting the game boards on the wall as decoration, but not with the pieces. I love it!

  8. not only is it adorable, but the kids will actually think about playing the games more because they seeeeee them! brilliant! way cool set up for the power tools… is that your home?

  9. Amazing! By far my favorite idea you've come up with, I LOVE it!! I will definitely be using this one!

  10. This idea was fantastic! I LOVE IT! This put a smile on my face and I don't even have kids at home anymore to do this great idea (nor a room). You have to put this one in your e-book.

    Does your brain hurt from all the ideas floating around in there?

  11. I've seen gameboards used as art before but never with STORAGE behind them. That's just plain clever. Love the idea!

  12. I feel in complete shock right this moment. I can't even begin to explain how amazing this is. Who are you? Your like some adorable organizer from the future……..
    I love how cute they look as art too!

  13. That is an awesome idea!!! Perfect art for a game room…if only I had one of those. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  14. What an amazing idea! I never would have thought of doing something like this, but it makes so much sense. Thanks for the great idea!

  15. I am fuh-reaking out! LOVE that idea . . . a reno is in my near future of the "play-room" thanks to you!

  16. Beckie!!!! You are my FUH-REAKING HERO!!! I love this…was just fuh-rustrated last night over my game closet and pondering the questions over how to decorate my "gameing" loft…really? Who knew? I am still spazzing out over this….puttin' this at the top of my "to-do" list…right after my son's party this weekend, though my anxiety over the game board messes he and his friends will make is officially GONE cause I am sooooo doin' this! Thanks Beck!!!

  17. They turned out fabulous!!!! What an awesome shop you were able to work in….you need your new friend on speed dial. Now you have a great reason to drive right by my house….

  18. Becky, I have always liked you, since you were a baby! Your mom said you had become quite creative, but I had no idea you had taken it to the top! Love the game board idea, really ingenious! I just never pictured you with a power saw. Do you do any scrapbooking? Probably to quite and mild for your tastes.

  19. Those are adorable and I love that they're functional too. No more beige overload in your gameroom! 🙂 (I say "beige overload" with love because I'm experiencing that in my family room right now with my dropcloth drapes and beige walls–I need some wall decor, stat!)

    Unfortunately it wouldn't work for me because my children are game freaks and play everyday–and they get them out themselves (which I *love*!!)

    By the way, is that YOUR shop? Please tell me that is Home Depot or some place like that. Otherwise I think I might fall over with jealousy. 😉

    ~ Sarah

  20. OMG ~ why hasn't someone thought about this before. This is totally amazing and as jillyjill32 said so freaking ingenious! Very cool. Perfect art and perfect way to organize.

    Hugs….Tracy 🙂

  21. That is great. But, what do you do with the boxes? Under the Pin pong table? The games make great wall art. Love you site. Nancy P.

  22. You know what? This makes me want to create a Blog Awards and you win the Most Ingenious something or other; or Best Craft; or Most Artistic Storage; or . . . well, you get the idea.

  23. You know what? This makes me want to create a Blog Awards and you win the Most Ingenious something or other; or Best Craft; or Most Artistic Storage; or . . . well, you get the idea.

  24. You know what? This makes me want to create a Blog Awards and you win the Most Ingenious something or other; or Best Craft; or Most Artistic Storage; or . . . well, you get the idea.

  25. You know what? This makes me want to create a Blog Awards and you win the Most Ingenious something or other; or Best Craft; or Most Artistic Storage; or . . . well, you get the idea.

  26. I was just telling my husband yesterday about your amazing curtains out of drop cloths idea, now this confirms it – you are a decorating genius! Love it!

  27. WOW, you are a genious. I love this, too bad I'm terrified of power tools 🙂

  28. Wow, there is nothing that I can say that hasn't been said 60 times above me, but just… wow.

  29. One of the coolest ideas EVER! I dread taking the games out of the boxes – you are a life saver and time saver!

  30. Awesome! I'm so doing this. One question–when they are playing the game, how do you stabilize the game board where it usually folds? Doesn't it collapse some in the middle where the crease is? Or does the fact that all 4 sides are in a dado keep it level? I suppose you could fasten another board across the middle…

    Now you've got me thinking that maybe I could frame the picture on a puzzle box and hide the pieces on the back! Hummmm….

  31. You. SO. RAWK!!!!

    Just showed my hubby, and (as I was hoping) he was impressed. Said "That's a great idea! And I could DO that!" YESSSS!!!

  32. Janey no you do not have to worry about the fold in the middle of the board. Since it is locked in place in the dado that makes it perfectly level and does not crease when you play the game.

  33. This is so great! I just posted a link to this post on my blog so others can see your genius!! Thanks for the idea!

  34. My husband was just complaining about our board game storage situation (a.k.a. total disaster).


    Except I have no power tools.

    ANd we have about 20 board games.

    Where there's a will, there's a way, though!

  35. You take the phrase "thinking outside the box" to a whole new level. Absolutely "brilliant". 🙂

  36. LOVE this idea! Soooo Smart! I love that you just take them down, play with them and put them back! A Wonderful idea! Adds great colors to the room too… Fun

  37. WOW! This is GENIUS! I love this so, so much. I'll be linking. I'm so excited about this!

  38. Girl…You are a creative genius! I am so doing this. I HATE game boxes. Ours are literally in shreds! Brilliant!

  39. How do the boards stay flat when you're playing? Or do you have to replace the hooks each time?

  40. Mwahahaha. You couldn't do that with some of the games that I own! 😀

    Like: (six mats for a two player game!) or, especially because in the second game it's a modular board with hex pieces that change around every game to create a new landscape. Now for a game like it'd be perfect, or for a proto-type game board! Great idea though!

    By the way if you like board games with quality pieces (and boxes) you could browse through and find some great lists for kids' games that even adults can enjoy. Plus there are reviews and pictures and ratings to help decide what to buy.

  41. That's awesome that you like board games so much. Most of the time in the area where I live people only know of the typical Wal-mart games (Rook and Uno being favorites– everyone has his or her own home rules for Rook), and those aren't the only ones out there! 😀 I've been playing Eurogames since I was about sixteen, my first introduction being Bohnanza, Tikal, and Settlers as I recall. I'm lucky enough to have a family that likes to play games as well.

    I always like introducing people to Euro games so I thought I'd bring it up in my post, but I can see that wasn't necessary!

  42. Wow! You're total awesome Wonder Woman!!! Thanks for the idea–it's a definite MUST DO! I can't stand game boxes either!

  43. I think it's genious, I am super impressed! So cute, and nothing is worse than broken game boxes!

  44. Pam – you don't have to do anything to keep the board flat. Since it is in the wood it frames it out and you just take the bags of pieces off the back to play. I hope that helps.

  45. Wow. My husband is crazy for this idea…except we don't have enough walls (and we couldn't take them with us to friends' houses). Adding it to our "to-do when we build a house" list!

  46. I guess it's no surprise that this is a great idea since I'm comment 100. Seriously awesome.

  47. Love the looks of the games,Wow your making ideas for me for a kids game room love this idea!!!

  48. This is a GREAT idea! You could even do a piece that was just a board (and could decorate it however) but then put all those puzzles in ziplock bags on the back and have them in one spot, with a place to do the puzzles too! I so plan on doing this to my home! Thanks so much for the wonderful idea!


    where did you come up with this??? speachless. now i just need a gameroom to hang all our games in!

    items 6,745 and 6,746 have been added to THE LIST.


  50. Too Cool! I need more wall space or need to get around to finishing the basement. Maybe the ceiling? Thanks for sharing!

  51. I find a link to this article in LifeHacker and I find this idea terrific ! I will definitively try it !

    Kiss from France,


  52. This is a wonderful idea! But, what do you do with all the boxes from the games? Just throw them out? What if your kids outgrow the games and you want to pass them on to somebody or give it to Goodwill, wouldn't you need the box?

  53. love it! and I have a few solutions:

    I'd stick a piece of foam core behind the game board to give it a bit more stability. I'd also attach thin plastic boxes for pieces if possible. Also, I'd probably put a mat around the board to not cut off the edges of the board.

    Also…lots of cheap shadow boxes available in this world…cutting a mat to size and you could potentially have a lot of art in the same size frame. Yes it's cool to do your own woodworking, but I'm not.

    Grew up in a frame shop, can you tell?

  54. If you press down it will not move because all four sides are secured in about 1/2", so no worries. I throw the boxes away. But store them an attic…basement, etc. But can you really pass down the game boxes after your kids have used them anyway? Most of the time they end up in a bag anyway…at least mine do.

  55. I love this idea! I definitely will consider doing this myself.

    Too bad there's no obvious way to do this with Settlers of Catan or Carcassonne. Two of my favorite games.

  56. Sent to your site from BGG (, as a crafter and a gamer I found this truly awesome! For those that want to step it up, you could easily create little attached "boxes" with sliding or latching lids to hold the pieces instead of zip lock baggies.

    As for those that are looking at games like Settler's of Catan, here's an option for you:

    Follow Beckie's amazing plan, but add a sheet of 1/8-1/4 plexiglass or art glass at the front (the no-glare kind), a thin piece of plywood or foam core for the back and use the game board frame (from 4th edition or make one) to hold the pieces in place. On the top piece of the "picture" frame instead of nailing it down you could use a hinge and latch approach or two latches so that it was removable. Take it down slide it out, play, replace the hexes in a different pattern and you have "living" art that changes with each play! Would also work for games like Carcassonne, but a custom frame for the pieces would be required, unless you used pressure to hold the pieces in place.

  57. For Settlers- and Carcasonne-like games: what about you frame the top of the box and just store the pieces in the back as she did? OMG, I need more wall space ASAP!

  58. Dreg sent me here as he was so impressed with this idea. Me too! I would love for him to do this for us. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  59. absolutely love the idea! I am a consultant with a home party company called Simply Fun that sells board games and I love our artwork on our game boards, so this is such a great idea! (
    Thanks for sharing such a great idea…and I LOVE the storage concept!

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  61. I love this!! SO awesome! I am going to feature this on my blog tomorrow.

    Thanks for the amazing idea!!

  62. This is an amazing idea! I will have to use this when remodeling my gameroom in the near future!

  63. Well, I would like to see some men (who are not trying to impress girls over the Internet after this post) say this is awesome. This idea is terrible and tacky. Here kids, come down stairs and play your dangerous-GLASS incased snakes and ladders…and when you guys get into a fight and roll onto the game, you can use the shards of glass to stab eachother with. INGENIUS! FUH-REAKING stupid. just like saying FUH-REAKING.

  64. Chaylon – if you actually read the post there is no glass in it, so I have no idea what you are talking about.

  65. THANKS!!! Our dining room is actually an art room and we keep all the art supplies and games in the china cabinet. This is awesome. It will go a long way to helping me decorate this room and make it so cute. Can't wait to do it.

  66. I'm new to your blog. Love the framed board games. What I LOVE most is the table skirt for you ping pong table. Oh do I have some people to recommend that to!

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  68. YES! I am "FUH-REAKING" out… over the fact that you have a GAME ROOM! That in itself it SO COOL! What a blessing!
    And, the game board idea is priceless. Someday… I'll have space to do this same thing!
    Thanks for such a great idea!!!!!!

  69. Can I just say… WOW… WOW WOW WOW! That's AMAZING! Now, unfortunately, MY playroom offers ZERO wall space BUT… this idea is up in my top 3 for whenever I were to have some! I'm totally stalking your blog now!

  70. Beckie,

    I'm so excited about this idea! I blogged about your idea and pointed people here to your blog to get all the instructions. Thanks for a creative solution to a common problem!

  71. That is about fantastic and a half. I'll have to do this when I live somewhere we can put holes in the walls.

  72. O MY!!! I am so jealous of your work station!!!!
    I am a big fan of the glasses…yep I wear them too:) This is an amazing tutorial and idea! I stumbled it BTW. The world needs to know about this one!

  73. Love it! I collect Monopoly games! (15 so far) So this is wonderful. Thank you for sharing and for my daughter Desiree for bring this to my attention.

  74. I think you must be the coolest person I have never met! I am now a follower. THANK YOU! My kids love games and I have trying to find cheap wall art…problem solved. I am off
    to check out the rest of your blog!

  75. This is such a great idea. It could work for puzzles too. I love it!!

  76. This is impressive! I think this Wall art can be found almost anywhere online as well as in department and retail stores world wide.

  77. Such an awesome idea. *Rummages around in basement for Candy Land board*. I don't know if I'm capable of all that intense woodshop work, but I can definitely frame a game board! Thanks for the brainstorm!

  78. I love you. You just saved my sanity. I found you googling "board game storage" btw….that's how desperate I've become! Googling! 😉

    Thanks for this awesome tutorial! I can't wait to try it!

  79. I love this idea! I'll be moving in to a new house in a few months, and I definitely want to do this in our family room/play room.

  80. This is GREAT! I just wish I had more patience and skill with a saw… Might have to ask a friend for help! Thanks.

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  87. Everyone has taken the words right out of my mouth!!! You are amazing, ingeious, Pure genius, Freakin awesome, etc!!! This I have to say is the most crative idea I have ever seen! I linked it to my Facebook page for all my friends to see! You are fantastic! I will be making this for my game room for sure!

  88. Amazing idea! Definite air-five for that one. Now I want to go out and buy board games! I think I want to try vintage boards, I need the 1984 version of Candy Land- Classic!

  89. Hello,
    My name is Doug, I am a friend of Amber Lappin, she told me about this great idea you had with the frames for the game boards. I also thought it was a great idea but had to wonder how many of your readers would have the time, talent and tools to create the craft.
    I did some research and found the materials to create the frames with all the goods. I found a way that I can make one with a commertial finish for only about $39:00 not much more than going to the store and buying the raw materials and a whole lot less work for those who want one and do not have what it takes to make one.
    I would so much appriciate your input.
    Thanks Doug
    951 672-0236

  90. I saw your super-cool craft over on Pinterest, and had to come over here to check it out and say AWESOME!
    I love board games too, but our game cabinet is quickly running out of room. Perhaps I will turn a few of our flat, one-board games into something like this. I love it!

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  92. Your gameboard idea is truly genius! Several people mentioned needing a gameroom for this but you should be able to do it using just a portion of a wall in any room or several rooms, especially children’s bedrooms. I even envision 2-4 frames on both sides of my daughter’s china cabinet since the dining room table is where everything happens. I would be interested in alternatives to the dado since most people don’t have access to that kind of tool. Thanks so much!

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  94. Thanks so much! We made up five of these yesterday and they’re so cute. Have blogged them (still unfinished) if you’d like to see.

  95. Pingback: Idea to Store Board Games — Saving My Family Money
  96. This is sooooo simple and such an awesome idea! I wish I had this idea 40-50 years ago (or my parents did).

  97. You are amazing!!!! The most creative idea I’ve seen in a long time. 🙂 I must say, I’m very impressed!

  98. Thanks so much for the step by step. I want to do this with the games I have in my middle school library. I plan on keeping the game pieces in plastic storage boxes students can check out (this keeps them honest) and we can keep track of them.

  99. Cute idea! I personally wouldn’t be able to stand cartoons and primary colors on my walls 🙂 but I also disdain board game boxes, so I put all game pieces in thick freezer ziplock baggies and then place the game board and baggie of pieces in a clear zippered vinyl case (like what blankets and sheet sets come in) and then label the bag with my label maker. It has REALLY freed up mega-space in our games cabinet! and much easier for the kids to put things away NEATLY. 🙂

  100. I am glad you found a system that works for you. My game boards are in our game room so it makes sense for decor. My kids love it and I like the bright colors.

  101. I have a custom monopoly board that I had made for my husband as a gift and it just sits in it’s box. But I don’t have the tools to make a frame like you did 🙁

  102. I too had to pin you recently. This would be cool even if they weren’t “kids” games. Especially for vintage games like scrabble or your chutes & ladders. Is it dumb to turn my dining room into a game room? Hmmmm….

  103. the only thing that i..personally think it might make it better is a pain of glass or even plexi glass that shields the board form sun damage and wear and tear..seems like most people dont do this with a brand new why not a little extra barrier between the playing and the board..just have to use a router table to create a thicker dato peace

  104. How did you work Cranium? Did you just make an extra thick frame, or did you store the cards elsewhere?

  105. thos really dont look like 1″x 4″s looks more like a 1×3 but really like a 1×2 there is no way thos are sitting 3.5in. away from the wall..might want to change that

  106. sorry i was incorrect about the 1×4’s didnt see at the time of the post that you were ripping them.. im just going to buy 1×2’s insted.. thanks for the great ideas

  107. I LOVE this idea!! Do you happen to be selling them? I would LOVE to order them from you seeing as I am not skilled with wood and/or power tools 🙁

  108. I have the same question as Pam. What about the hook on the back of the board. I’m assuming that you have to remove the hook every time the kids want to play. I love the look of the framed games as decor. Not sure how practical this would be for families who play games weekly.

  109. The hook isn’t an actual hook. It is a command hook. They don’t come out past the wood so you cam just lay the wood on the table and the hooks don’t interfere. I hope that helps.

  110. Awesome! I found this through iHeart Organizing just after I did my new board game storage. This probably wouldn’t fit in our tiny house I’ll be building soon (it’ll be around 200sq feet) but I might end up using this idea one day.
    I put all of our board games together into two square game boxes and covered them with fabric so they’ll fit nicely in our tiny home and can be out on display if there isn’t a cupboard for them.

  111. Beckie help! I thought this was a fantastic idea as I’m a board game fanatic. I got all the materials and my dad cut everything to spec and …I’ve come up short! I added the extra inch for each piece and my corners aren’t lining up. I know this has been several years ago, but do you think I just measured wrong? Is there supposed to be an inch on each side of the tape 17 3/4 becomes 19 3/4? If you have any ideas, please let me know. It’s seriously one of the best ideas I’ve seen and I’d like mine to look as good as yours.

  112. You have to make your measurements to spec for each board. If you board measures 10 x 12, then cut them 11 x 13. I hope that helps.

  113. I am seriously in love with this idea and so excited that I have just bought my hubs a miter saw, so many great ideas.. !

  114. LOVE this idea! but I may be a bit thick- how did you attach the game board to the frame?

  115. I cut a little groove into the frame so the board slides in. Then I tacked it into place with some finishing nails. (See steps 3 and 6). I hope this helps!

  116. thank you so much for your reply. That’s what I had envisioned but didn’t see it in your directions. Makes total sense!

  117. I missed this too. Is the dado only cut into the top piece of wood? I guess I’m wondering how you get the board out.
    I have to do this. So cool!

  118. The boards don’t come out. The point is that they are framed and don’t ever need to come out since you can grab it off the wall and play the games anytime. That’s what makes it so cool! 😉

  119. I’m pretty sure its meant to be played with the frame still attached. the frame goes a long the border so its not really covering anything. Also I think the dado goes along all 4 edges and the board just slides in. 🙂 It’s a cool idea.

  120. Does the board game bend at all when it’s being played on? What I mean is, do you need to reinforce the back where the game board naturally folds? As it’s suspended in a frame, I envision little hands pressing the board from the top/surface while playing and it collapsing/folding. Does the dado keep it taut enough that this doesn’t happen?

  121. Yes, I haven’t had any problems with that. However, I did have a conversation with my kids about not doing that and treating our games with respect. Hope that helps!

  122. So, do you just take it down from the wall when you want to play? I know, my brain is not ready for the school year to begin yet, so I need a little help, lol.

  123. This is amazing! My fiancé’s parents have a ton of vintage (80s/90s) board games but the boxes are long gone. What a great way to display them while keeping them functional!

  124. Great idea!! Although I’m wondering if you might get the same effect by purchasing stretched art canvases and attaching them boards to the front of that? I’m thinking that because the back is already recessed for the game pieces. You could buy slightly larger ones and paint the edges black as well if you wanted that “look” … I don’t know if it would be cost effective or quite as sturdy but it seems like it would be… hmmmm

  125. I ran a scrap piece of wood along the back against the fold, attached at each end. No problem with bending on mine, but I had that concern.

  126. Sure, I definitely think that would work if it’s too much trouble to build the frames. You’d just have to find the right size canvases.

  127. I am SO in love with this too!!

    I will be making Christmas presents….thanks so much!

    …and more. I love game board art as well.

    Brilliant. Beautiful. EASY!!

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