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My husband and I don’t travel a lot for business – thank goodness.  I feel for you whose hubbies are out of town for business every week, that is TOUGH!  I travel about 4-5 times a year for blogging.  But I somehow got into the habit of always buying my kids something while I am out of town.  Dang tradition!  But one of the things my kiddos love more than anything is notes from mommy.  Sometimes I leave them notes when I travel and I always come home to find them neatly saved in a drawer or basket.  I thought it would be a fun idea to send them a note via my new Canon PIXMA printer every day while I am gone.  How freaking cool is it that I can take a picture on my Iphone and create a cute little card to my kiddos and print it to my home printer wherever I am at in the world?  Amazing little technology this printer has!


Now you have to buy the Canon PIXMA MG7120 to do this if you don’t have the capabilities with your printer.  But here is what I did.

1.  First before you leave for your trip make sure to load some 4” x 6” photo paper in the top tray so it is ready to go.


2.  Snap a picture of you on location.

3.  Create a cute image with your picture.  I use a free Iphone app called Red Stamp.


4.  Save it to your camera roll.

5.  Open up your Pixma Print Solutions app and wirelessly send your image to your printer. 


6.  When the kids wake up or get home from school they can check the printer and see the little photo card you made for them.


You can even purchase inexpensive photo books from the Dollar Tree so they can store them in.

And you win Parent-of-the-Year!  Sometimes its the little things like this to keep you connected that mean the most.


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Disclaimer:  This is a compensated post through Canon.  My brilliant idea was my own though – awwww yah!

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  1. What a great idea! It’s so easy to lose touch when you’re out of town. This feature on the Canon is pretty cool 🙂

  2. This is a pretty awesome idea! I love Canon products and was gifted a wireless computer. Love the sleekness of it and its versatility! Going to check out this idea.

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