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Painting a room is probably one of my least favorite things to do when it comes to DIY projects.  It is just so monotonous and usually, in my case, messy.  I am always looking for ways to make it more efficient and cleaner.  Of course, a high quality paint goes a long way in making it easier.  However, I have found a tool that makes the rolling go faster.  Painters will tell you that dipping the roller back into the rolling tray is about 1/3 of your time.  What if you could eliminate the back and forth?  Well HomeRight has come up with a handy dandy invention to do just that.


Homeright Paint Sticks and Homeright Paint Sticks Mini cut your rolling time in half.  Basically you assemble the paint stick and attach the fill tube to the can and suck the paint into the Paint Stick chamber.



Then you roll as normal except you use the end of the Paint stick handle to push the paint into the roller cover refilling as needed.


I used the original Paint Stick on a larger room and it worked great.  This time I used the Paint Stick mini since I was painting my mudroom which is only a 6’ x 8’ space.  The mini is perfect for a small space like a bathroom, closet, hallways, mudroom, etc.  There is no way painting with the larger one would work on a small room since the handle is longer.  It would make it super awkward to maneuver.


Honestly, the only con to this product is cleaning it out.  Similar to a paint sprayer cleaning it out sucks!  I timed myself the second time I cleaned it out and it took 13:26.  HA!  So you definitely want to keep that in mind when you are budgeting time for a project.  Also you have to use HomeRight covers which are pricier than regular covers.  Again it is a cost versus time thing.  Do you have more time or money?  It is definitely a time saver – it makes rolling go speedy quick.

Buy the HomeRight Original Paintstick on Amazon.

Buy the Homeright EzTwist on Amazon.

Buy the HomeRight PaintStick Mini on Amazon.

Home Right is hosting a fun little contest that I know one of you would love to win!  Using the HomeRight EZ Twist Paint Stick , Paint Stick or Paint Stick Minicreate a 30-60 second video of why you think it is so much easier to use than a traditional roller.  Someone is gonna win Ipad Air!EZTwistChallenge

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  1. having done a third of my house in the past two weeks including the ceilings and I have to do the rest, how AWESOME!!! I hope they’ll make them available to Australia

  2. It’s really awesome b/c it speeds things along and cuts down on the mess. What’s not to love about that???

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